Marian Book Reviews Praise for All Seasons: -The Hymns of James Quinn S.J.
New Brunswick, NJ: Selah Publishing Co, 1996

Fr. James Quinn, a Jesuit in Edinburgh, Scotland, is one of the finest writers of English hymn texts of our times. This collection contains over 270 of Quinn's hymns. In addition to original hymns, Quinn has written paraphrases of psalms and other verses of Scripture. His works are found in the Liturgy of the Hours and in hymnals of many denominations. (In Dakota: A Spiritual Geography, Kathleen Norris speaks of the attractive simplicity of Quinn's evening hymn, "Day is done, but Love unfailing dwells ever here," as sung in a Benedictine monastery in South Dakota.) 

This collection contains thirty Marian hymns; in addition, Marian references occur in a second or third verse of a hymn directed to some other religious theme. The translations of the Salve Regina and the Alma Redemptoris Mater capture well the sense of the original. There are hymns showing Mary's relation to the paschal mystery: "The new Eve stands before the Tree,/ /the sinless mother of our race;/ /this is the hour when Adam gives/ /at Eve's request the wine of grace." 

No music is given, but the meter is indicated together with suggestions for the hymn tune. The collection is a great resource for those planning liturgy, and it could also serve as a book of prayer. "All that you made is gift and grace,//by which you raise us up to you:/ /help us to know what is your will,/ /to see the false, to choose the true." 

--Thomas A. Thompson, S.M.

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