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Healing Plants of the Bible

Vincenzina Krymow
Illustrated by A. Joseph Barrish, S.M.
Meditations by M. Jean Frisk.
Cincinnati: St. Anthony Messenger, 1999

Healing Plants of the Bible: History, Lore and Meditations invites you to consider not only the lilies of the field, but dozens of other flowers, herbs, trees and plants mentioned in the Bible. This unique and beautiful book offers  information about the healing plants mentioned in hundreds of Bible verses, their scriptural context, their use in biblical times, present-day uses and their role in healing body, mind and soul. This book will help you learn the origin of the manna that sustained the Israelites in the desert, of the balm with which Jesus' feet were anointed, of the gall that was offered to him on the cross. It will tell legends of miraculous healing properties possessed by plants mentioned in the Bible. It will help you design your own Scripture garden if you choose and offer you pages of beauty while you wait for your garden to bloom.

With lavish illustrations and exhaustive research, this volume will acquaint you with thirty-eight of the plants most often appearing in Scripture, the lore behind their medicinal properties and meditations that focus on their ability to heal the spirit.

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