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Below you will find a list of books reviewed in The Marian Library Newsletter.  The entries are listed in alphabetical order, by author.  Follow the links to read the review on each book.

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Listed by Title

Celebrations for the Millennium: 1997- 1999

Commentary on the Rule of Life of the Society of Mary

The Family Rosary Crusade Handbook: Guidelines for Diocesan Sponsored Family Rosary Crusade

God Alone: The Collected Writings of St. Louis Marie De Montfort

Jesus Living In Mary: Handbook of the Spirituality of St. Louis Marie de Montfort

Mary Is for Everyone: Essays on Mary and Ecumenism

Mary, Mother of God

The Mother of the Lord: Memory, Presence, Hope

New Religious Movements in the Catholic Church:  Grass Roots, Mission and Evangelization

Praise for All Seasons: The Hymns of James Quinn S.J.

Servants of the Magnificat: The Canticle of the Blessed Virgin and the Consecrated Life


The Hail Mary: A Verbal Icon of Mary

    by Nicholas Ayo


Encounters with God, In Quest of the Ancient Icons of Mary

    by Sister Wendy Beckett

Mexican Phoenix, Our Lady of Guadalupe: Image and Tradition across Five Centuries

    by D. A. Brading

Mary: The Virgin Mary in the Life and Writings of John Henry Newman.

    by Philip Boyce

Mother, Behold Your Son: Essays in Honor of Eamon R. Carroll, O. Carm.

    by Donald W. Buggert, O. Carm.; Louis P. Rogge, O. Carm.; Michael J. Wastag, O. Carm.

Empress and Handmaid: On Nature and Gender in the Cult of the Virgin Mary

    by Sarah Jane Boss


    by Dr. Remigus Bäumer

The Miracle Accounts of Our Lady and the History of Mentalities

    by Paul V. Beterous

The Sacred Memory of Mary

    by Walter Brennan

A Western Way of Meditation: The Rosary Revisited

    by David Burton Bryan

Mary of Galilee (Volume I): Mary in the New Testament

    by Bertrand Buby, S.M.

Mary of Galilee (Volume II): Woman of Israel-Daughter of Zion A Biblical, Liturgical, and Catechetical Celebration of the Mother of Jesus

    by Bertrand Buby, S.M.

Mary of Galilee (Volume III): The Marian Heritage of the Early Church

    by Bertrand Buby, S.M.

Sourcebook About Mary

Edited by J. Robert Baker and Barbara Budde

With a Listening Heart: Biblical and Spiritual Reflections on the Psalms

    by Bertrand Buby, S.M.

The Greatest Marian Titles: Their History, Meaning and Usage

    by Anthony Buono


Totus Tuus: John Paul II's Program of Marian Consecration and Entrustment

    by Arthur Burton Calkins

"Should We Sing of Mary on the Fourth Sunday of Easter?"

    by James Chepponis, Pastoral Music (December-January 2003):18-20.

In Search of Mary: The Woman and the Symbol

    by Sally Cunneen

The Significance of Mary

    by Agnes Cunningham

One Hundred Names of Mary: Stories and Prayers

    by Anthony F. Chiffolo


Stabat Mater: Noble Icon of the Outcast and the Poor

    by Peter Daino, S.M.

Mary Woman of Nazareth: Biblical and Theological Perspectives

    by Doris Donnelly

The Assumption Dogma

    by Paul E. Duggan

Mary in the Plan of God and in the Communion of Saints

    by the Dombes Group and Alain Blancy and Maurice Jourjon


Guadalupe: Mother of the New Creation

    by Virgil Elizondo


Lord, I Believe

    by Austin Farrer

Joyous Expectation: Journeying Through Advent with Mary

    by M. Jean Frisk


Mary and the Fathers of the Church

    by Luigi Gambero, S.M.

Mary, Mother and Disciple

    by Joseph and Carolyn Grassi

Mary, Mother of God, Mother of the Poor

    by Ivone Gebara and Maria Clara Bingemer

A Still, Small Voice A Practical Guide on Reported Revelations

    by Benedict J. Groeschel

Blessed One: Protestant Perspectives on Mary

    Edited by Beverly Roberts Gaventa and Cynthia L. Rigby

"La Vraie Spiritualite de Saint Grignion de montfort"

    by B. Guitteny, S.M.M. Nouvelle Revue Theologique 125 (2003) 99-114.

Jesus Redeeming in Mary

    by Rev. Judith Marie Gentle, Ph.D.


Lourdes: Body and Spirit in the Secular Age

    by Ruth Harris

Ex Abundantia Cordis ...

    by José Hernandez Martinez

Mary in the Church

    by John Hyland

The Mystery of Mary (Gracewing-Hillenbrand Books, 2004)

    by Paul Haffner



Truly Our Sister: A Theology of Mary in the Communion of Saints

    by Elizabeth Johnson

The Virgin of Guadalupe: Theological Reflections of an Anglo-Lutheran Liturgist (Roman & Littlefield, 2002).

    by Maxwell E. Johnson


Mary's Flowers: Gardens, Legends, Meditations

    by Vincenzina Krymow

Healing Plants of the Bible

    by Vincenzina Krymow

My Soul Magnifies the Lord: A Scriptural Journey with Mary

    by Jeanne Kun

Consuming Visions: Mass Culture and the Lourdes Shrine (Cornell University Press, 2005)

    by Suzanne K. Kaufman


The Collected Works of Donald Charles Lacy

    by Donald Charles Lacy

A Short Treatise on the Virgin Mary

    by Rene Laurentin

A Doorway to Silence: the Contemplative Use of the Rosary

    by Robert Llewelyn

The Annunciation to Mary: A Story of Faith, Luke 1:26-38

    by Eugene LaVerdiere

Stories from Mary's Touch. Real Life Accounts from the Mary's Touch Radio Program Volume I

    by Cheri Lomonte


The Lost Gospel of Mary: The Mother of Jesus in Three Ancient Texts

    by Frederika Matthewes-Green

The Vision of the Beloved Disciple: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John

    by George T. Montague

Mary for All Christians

    by John Macquarrie

Our Father, Our Mother

    by George T. Montague, S.M.

The Woman and the Way: a Marian Path to Jesus

    by George T. Montague, S.M.

Mary's Song: Living Her Timeless Prayer

    by Mary Catherine Nolan, O.P.


At Worship with Mary: A Pastoral and Theological Study

    by Christopher O'Donnell


Why Did She Cry? The Story of the Weeping Madonna

    by Father George Papadeas

Praying by Hand

    by M. Basil Pennington, O.C.S.O.

"Mary in Vietnamese Piety and Theology"

    by Peter Phan, Theology Digest 49:3 (Fall, 2002)

Our Lady, the Mother of Jesus in Christian Faith and Devotion

    by Norman Pittenger

Our Lady of Guadalupe: the Origins and Sources of a Mexican National Symbol, 1531-1797

    by Stafford Poole

Mary in the Mystery of the Covenant

    by Ignace de la Potterie, S.J.



Behold Your Mother: Priests Speak About Mary

   Edited by Stephen J. Rossetti


Mary, Model and Mother of Consecrated Life: A Marian Synthesis of the Theology of Consecrated Life Based on the Teachings of John Paul II

    by Fidelis Stockl, O.R.C.

Missing Mary: The Queen of Heaven and Her Re-Emergence in the Modern Church

    by Charlene Spretnak

Hail Mary: A Marian Book of Hours

    by William G. Storey

The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of the Beauty: Art, Sanctity, and the Truth of Catholicism

    by John Saward

Redeemer in the Womb

    by John Saward

Adele: A Biography of Adele de Batz de Trenquelleon

    by Joseph Stefanelli, S.M.

Experiencing Saint Thérèse Today

    by John Sullivan


El Secreto de sus Ojos: Estudio de los Ojos de la Virgen de Guadalupe

    by Jose Aste Tonsmann

The Forthbringer of God: St. Bonaventure on the Virgin Mary

    by George H. Tavard

The Thousand Faces of the Virgin Mary

    by George H. Tavard

The Magnificat: Musicians as Biblical Interpreters

    by Samuel Terrien


Mary in the Church: A Selection of Teaching Documents

    USCCB Publishing, 2003


The Beauty of Mary

    by Rosemary Vaccari Mysel, Andrew J. Vaccari, and Peter I. Vaccari


Stories of the Rose: The Making of the Rosary in the Middle Ages

    by Anne Winston-Allen

Ponder These Things: Praying with Icons of the Virgin

    by Rowan Williams

The Virgin Mary in Recent Ecumenical Dialogues

    by Jared Wick



Mary for Time and Eternity

    by Frances M. Young, William M. McLoughlin, and Jill Pinnock


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