The Mary Page offers you biblical passages that either directly include Mary, make reference to Jesus' family and relatives, are used in the sacred liturgy in reference to Mary, or imply the blessedness that is bestowed upon those who are intimately linked to Jesus Christ.
Pauline Foreshadowing of a Jewish Woman
Mark: The First Gospel Image of Mary
Matthew's Sketch of Mary
Luke's Portrait of Mary, the Mother of Jesus
The Gospel of John and the Mother of Jesus
The Vision of the Apocalypse: A Woman Clothed with the Sun: Revelation 11:15-12:17

The Bible testifies to a living tradition which venerates the Mother of the Lord and hence offers the believer the basis for an authentic devotion to Mary unencumbered by exaggerations in the direction of either too much or none at all. Mary is a 'fact', a 'given' of Divine Revelation and a 'maternal presence' always operative in the life of the Church. [Mary of Galilee, backcover]

This material, adapted for this page by Sister M. Jean Frisk, was compiled by Rev. Bertrand Buby, S.M. in his book, Mary, of Galilee: Mary in the New Testament, Alba House, 1994. Father Buby, a member of the Society of Mary, is associated with the International Marian Research Institute.
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