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The beginning of this sanctuary is shrouded in legends. The Mother of God appeared to a condemned person who carved a most beautiful figure of the Holy Mother and the Holy Babe. A jury, seeing the figure, released the condemned. He hung the figure on a linden tree. People started to pray before it and received miraculous answers to their prayers. "Before this beautiful figure, even the animals kneel." Today the wooden figure is in the basilica of Swieta Lipka along with a miraculous picture of Mary.

For a full description of Swieta Lipka, see Sanktuaria Polskie, Grzegorz Jankowski, pp. 90-101.

Additional information about Swieta Lipka can be found in the Polish Collection in the Marian Library at the University of Dayton.


Świeta Lipka

Sanktuarium Maryjne Świeta Lipka Matko Jedności Chreścijan Módl sięza Nami – Shrine of Our Lady of Świeta Lipka, Mother of Christian Unity
Klasztor OO. Jezuitów
Świeta Lipka 29
1-440 Reszel woj. Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Web Site: