Findings of German Mariological Consortium on
influence of Mary on Pope John Paul II

During their annual convention in 2001 the German Mariological consortium/study group (Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft fŁr Mariologie) focused on John Paul IIís Mariology. The presentations highlighted the pope's Polish background, his association with the Marian consecration of Louis de Montfort, Mary's cooperation in the work of redemption, the interrelation of the popeís image of Mary and of women, as well as Mary's role in the ecumenical dialogue. They are published in Mariologische Studien volume XVIII: Totus Tuus--Maria in Leben und Lehre Johannes Pauls II (Mary in the life and teachings of John Paul II).

The thirteen contributions are arranged in three categories. The first entitled Spiritual Background includes three talks:

1. "Karol Wojtyła and Polandís Marian Tradition" by Joachim Schmiedl
2. "The True Devotion to Jesus through Mary according to Louis Marie de Montfort" by Anton Ziegenaus
3. "The Influence of Louis Marie de Montfort (1673-1716) on John Paul II's Mariology" by Gerda Riedl.

The second group of seven talks is headlined Mary in the Ministry of John Paul II:

1. "John Paul II's Pastoral Visits to Christianity's Marian Shrines: cultural-scientific and theological analysis" by Klaus Guth
2. "Fatima in Life and Thought of John Paul II" by Ursula Bleyenberg
3. "The Systematic Aspect of Marian Consecration in Life and Teaching of John Paul II" by Leo Cardinal Scheffczyk
4. "Motherly Mediation" by Manfred Hauke
5. "The Ecumenical Litmus Test: A Mariological Re-lecture of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification of October 31, 1999" by Michael Kreuzer
6. "Marian Devotion as Integration of Contemplation and action; The Significance of The Rosary for Bartolo Longo and John Paul II" by Imre von GaŠl
7. "Mary as Paradigm of the Woman According to John Paul II" by Simone Twents.

Finally, the third cluster of three presentations appears under the heading The Implementation of the Marian Quest in the Life of the Faithful:

1. "The Implementation of the Marian Quest in the Life of the Faithful--Mary and Youth" by Klaus Dick, Auxiliary Bishop.
2.  "Mary and Members of the Consecrated Life" by Johannes Nebel FSO
3. "Mary, Mother of Priests--Maryís Spiritual Union with Ordained Priests in the Teaching of John Paul II" by Achim Dittrich.

Click into the links below for abstracts of these presentations. Sister M. Danielle Peters provided the abstracts below from the original German talks given at the consortium.


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