Bibliography for History of Mariology

Bibliography is organized by date

This bibliography works toward an updated, expanded, contextualized extension of Hilda Graef’s Mary: A History of Doctrine and Devotion (New York: Sheed and Ward, 1963), 2 vols. Over time, the bibliography will be further developed.

 I.  Old Testament pre-figuration

I.  Mary in the New Testament

    I.1.  Mary in Scriptural Studies (General)


     I.2.  Infancy Narratives

    I.3.1.  Mary in Pauline Literature

    I.3.2.  Scriptural Studies – Pauline Literature

    I.4.1.  Mary in the Gospel of Mark


    I.4.2.  Scriptural Studies – Gospel of Mark


    I.5.1.  Mary in the Gospel of Matthew


    I.5.2.  Scriptural Studies – Gospel of Matthew  

    I.6.1.  Mary in Luke-Acts


    I.6.2.  Scriptural Studies – Luke-Acts

    I.7.1.  Mary in the Gospel of John


    I.7.2.  Scriptural Studies – Gospel of John


    I.8.1.  Mary and the Apocalypse


    I.8.2.  Scriptural Studies – Apocalypse


    I.9. Scriptural Studies within the context of Marian Themes


    I.10.  The Virginal Conception of Jesus

    I.11.  Mary in Popular Religion and Art


    I.12.  Mary and Literature


    I.13.  Cultural


    I.14.  Patristic Interpretations of Marian themes in Sacred Scripture


    I.15.  Jewish/Christian Perspectives


    I.1.6. Other Religions


    Dogma: Divine Motherhood of Mary

    Mary in the Life of the Saints




    Through the centuries


    Dictionaries and Commentaries: Mariology


    Dictionaries and Commentaries: General


    Dictionaries and Commentaries: Theology


    Dictionaries and Commentaries: Sacred Scripture


    Dictionaries and Commentaries: Philosophy


    Dictionaries and Commentaries: Art


This research was created by Sr. M. Isabell Naumann. The first stage of the project was completed on August 31, 2000 and includes all the French journals, the Canadian journal and the International Mariological Marian Congresses (up to Kevelaer, 1987).


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