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每月祈禱意向 Monthly Prayer Intentions--April 2015

四旬期:有福的童貞瑪利亞,和好之母 Mary, Mother of Reconciliation
Personal Faith Sharing 聖母領報與耶穌復活 The Annunciation of Mary and the Resurrection of Jesus
瑪利亞,我們救世主的母親 (Mary, Mother of the Redeemer)
Pope Francis and the Litugical renewal after Vatican II, 50 years
天主教會台灣地區主教團 News from Catholic Church of Taiwan , Easter  wishes

教宗方濟各宣佈特殊禧年:慈悲聖年 Pope Francis proclaims the Jubilee year , year of Mercy

Prayer intention for April, Ecological Consciousness: Justice and Peace