An Introduction to the
2012 Marian Bibliography

General Characteristics

This year’s bibliography of 722 entries has the usual range of languages and formats but also catches up on the missing entries of the foremost Marian journals, and, for the first time, lists separately the articles of Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mariologie.  The format of an item is presumed to be print, unless noted otherwise; the Document Online Identification (“DOI”) number is provided when available.

This year’s 21 languages start with Africaans and end with Vietnamese, all presented according to The Chicago Manual of Style.  English once again has the most entries, this year with 235 items.  German shifts up to second place with 114 entries, followed by Italian’s 98 entries.  The only other languages with the number of entries in the double digits are Spanish with 90, French with 40, and 21 for Latin.  Cataloging determines the use of accent marks for books, while database entries or a journal’s table of contents is the standard for articles.  This bibliography is truly multi-lingual.

More Comprehensive Journal Entries

This year’s listing of articles catches up some issues that had been missed in previous years.  Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Mariologie is a new addition for this year.  Since 1995 was the first year that The Mary Page began its bibliography, the books and articles produced by their Congresses since 1995 are included.  This bibliography fills in five years of Marian Studies—volumes 55 (2004) to 59 (2008).  For Ephemerides Mariologicae, the rest of volume 46 and 60 are included as well as the first issue of 62.  The list covers Marianum: Ephemerides Mariologiae, volumes 53, 58, 68, and 72.  The first issues of Theotokos:  Ricerche Interdisiplinari di Mariologia, volume 20, and Ephemerides Theologicae Lovaniensis, volume 87, are incorporated.  The next volumes of Estudios Marianos and Marian Library Studies have not yet been received.  Thus, the bibliography comprises both present and the lacunae of the past as much as possible.
By Gloria Falcão Dodd, as of 2-28-13

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2012 Marian Bibliography