Marian Thougths of Pope Francis I
March 2014

Mar. 2 – On Divine Providence: A heart that is preoccupied with the desire to possess is a heart that is full of this desire to possess, but it lacks God – – Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (March 02, 2014,

… we invoke the Virgin Mary as Mother of Divine Providence. We entrust our existence to her, the path of the Church and of humanity. In particular we ask for her intercession so that we can all make an effort to live in a simple and sober way, with our eyes open to the needs of our brothers who most require our help most.

Mar. 3 – Pope Francis' Address to Italian Federation of Spiritual Exercises (FIES)-
Translated conclusion (March 03, 2014,

May Our Lady assist you always in this work.

Mar. 5 – English Translation of Pope Francis' Corriere della Sera Interview: "To paint the Pope as if he is a sort of Superman, a sort of star, I find offensive. The Pope is a man who laughs, cries, sleeps peacefully and has friends like everyone else. He is a normal person." –Translated extract (March 05, 2014,

Theologian Urs von Balthasar worked a lot on this topic: the Marian principle guides the Church by the hand of the Petrine principle. The Virgin is more important than any Bishop and any of the Apostles.

Mar. 5 -- On the Season of Lent: "Lent comes to us as a providential time to change course, to regain the capacity to react in face of the reality of evil that always challenges us" – Translated extracts (February 25, 2014, VIS).

I would like to ask you: your children, … Do they know how to pray to Our Lady with the Hail Mary?

…On this journey we wish to invoke with particular trust the protection and help of the Virgin Mary: may She, the first believer in Christ, accompany us in our days of intense prayer and penance, to be able to celebrate, purified and renewed in the Spirit, the great mystery of the Easter of her Son.

Mar. 6 – Pope's Address to Bishops of Spain on Ad Limina Visit: "An evangelized family is a valuable agent of evangelization" – Translated conclusion (March 06, 2014,

I ask you, please, to take to our beloved children in Spain a special greeting from the Pope, who entrusts them to the maternal care of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, …

Mar. 16 – On the Transfiguration: "We are called to bring to these brothers who are enduring hardships the fruits of our experience with God, sharing the grace we have received" - Conclusion of the Angelus address (March 16, 2014,

And now let us turn to our Mother Mary, and entrust ourselves to her guidance to make this Lenten journey with faith and generosity, learning a little more to “ascend” with prayer and listen to Jesus and to “descend” with fraternal charity, announcing Jesus.

Mar. 19 – On St. Joseph: "St. Joseph is the model of the educator and of the daddy, of the father" – Translated excerpts of the general audience (March 19, 2014,

Today, March 19, we celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, husband of Mary and Patron of the universal Church. Therefore, we dedicate this catechesis to him, who merits all our gratitude and our devotion for his having been able to take care of the Holy Virgin and her Son Jesus. …

We begin with age, which is the most natural dimension, physical and psychological growth. Joseph, together with Mary, took care of Jesus especially from this point of view, namely, he “brought him up,” taking care that he did not lack the necessary for a healthy development. …

For more on what Pope Francis said about Mary:

Mar. 21 – Pope Francis' Address at Prayer Vigil for Mafia Victims: Convert, Stop Doing Evil– Translated conclusion (March 24, 2014,

Let us pray together to our Mother Mary that she help us: Hail Mary..

Mar. 24 – Pope's Address to Members of Media Association “Corallo”: "The greatest sins [of the media] are those that go on the path of darkness, of lies, and they are three: disinformation, calumny and defamation." – Translated extract (March 24, 2014,

… who is most important in the Church, the Pope or the little old woman who prays the Rosary every day for the Church? Let God say who it is, I can’t say it

.…I invite you to pray an Ave Maria to Our Lady to give you the blessing. Ave Maria…

Mar. 24 – Pope Francis: Christian Humility Means to Recognize Oneself a Sinner: Calls on Faithful to Place Themselves on Margins to be Saved – Translated extracts (March 24, 2014,

In her Canticle, Mary does not say she is happy because God was looking to her virginity, to her kindness or to her sweetness – all of them virtues that she possessed. … No, because the Lord was looking to her humility, the humility of His servant, her smallness.

Mar. 25 - Pope Francis: “Salvation Cannot Be Bought Or Sold, It Is a Gift”: Celebrates Solemnity of the Annunciation During Morning Mass – Translated extract (March 25, 2014,

… in order to receive this salvation, we need a humble heart, a meek heart, an obedient heart. Like that of Mary.

Mar. 25 – On the Feast of the Annunciation, Pope Praises Mary’s Meekness: In order to receive salvation through Jesus’ free gift of himself, the Holy Father emphasized on the solemnity, it’s necessary to have an obedient heart like Mary’s. – Translated extract (March 25, 2014,

… it was Mary who untied this knot of disobedience with her own act of obedience.

Let’s look at the icon of Eve and Adam; let’s look at the icon of Mary and Jesus.

Mar. 25 – The Pope Entrusts to Mary All the Citizens of Lebanon – Translated extract of message to the 8th Interntaional Christian Muslim prayer (March 26, 2014, VIS).

The Holy Father shows his joy at seeing “Christians and Muslims united in their devotion to the Virgin Mary”, and comments that “the shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon in Harissa is a blessed place where everyone can go to invoke her”. He also … entrusts the participants in the meeting “and all the inhabitants of Lebanon to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace and Protectress of Lebanon”.

Mar. 26 – On the Sacrament of Holy Orders: "We must help Bishops and priests to pray" – Translated conclusion of the General Audience (March 26, 2014,

Yesterday we celebrated the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord to the Virgin Mary. Dear young people, particularly the scouts present, be able to listen to the will of God like Mary;

Mar. 28 – Pope Francis' Address to Apostolic Penitentiary: “Confession is not a court of condemnation, but the experience of forgiveness and mercy!”– Translated conclusion (March 28, 2014,

We entrust to the Virgin, Mother of Mercy, the ministry of priests and all Christian communities, so that they understand increasingly the value of the Sacrament of Penance. I entrust all of you to our Mother and bless you from my heart.

Mar. 29 – Pope's Address to Apostolic Movement for the Blind and the Little Mission for the Deaf and Mute: “The sick or disabled person can become, from his fragility and his limitation, a witness of encounter” – Translated conclusion (March 31, 2014,

And now we look to Our Lady. The first encounter was great in her: the encounter between God and humanity. Let us ask Our Lady to help us to go forward in this culture of encounter. And we pray to her with the Ave Maria.

Mar. 31 – Francis' Address to Salesians' General Chapter: “To go against the marginalization of young people requires courage, maturity and much prayer. And the best must be sent to this work! The best!” – Translated conclusion (March 31, 2014,

Mary Help of Christians has never failed to give her help in the life of the Congregation, and she certainly will not fail to do so in the future. May her maternal intercession obtain for you from God the expected and awaited fruits.

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