Marian Thougths of Pope Francis I
September 2014

Sep. 3 – Pope Francis’ Message for 2015 World Day of Migrants and Refugees: “Migration movements call us to deepen and strengthen the values needed to guarantee peaceful coexistence between persons and cultures.” – Translated conclusion (September 23, 2014,

Let us think of the Holy Family during the flight in Egypt: Just as the maternal heart of the Blessed Virgin and the kind heart of Saint Joseph kept alive the confidence that God would never abandon them, so in you may the same hope in the Lord never be wanting. I entrust you to their protection ….

Sep. 3 – On the Motherhood of the Church: Pope Francis’ General Audience, Sept. 3: “The Church has the courage of a mother who knows that she must protect her own children from the dangers resulting from the presence of Satan in the world, to bring them to the encounter with Jesus.” – Translated extract (September 03, 2014,

In this, her motherhood, the Church has as its model the Virgin Mary, the highest and most beautiful model that can be. The first Christian communities have already highlighted this and the Second Vatican Council expressed it in an admirable way (cf. Const. Lumen Gentium, 63-64). Mary’s motherhood is certainly unique, singular, and was accomplished in the fullness of time, when the Virgin gave birth to the Son of God, conceived by the Holy Spirit. And yet, the Church's motherhood places you right in continuity with that of Mary, as its prolongation in history. … The birth of Jesus in Mary's womb, in fact, is a prelude to the rebirth of every Christian in the womb of the Church, since Christ is the firstborn of many brethren (cf. Rom 8:29). And our first brother is Jesus, born of Mary, who is the model for all of us born into the Church. We understand, then, how the relationship that unites Mary and the Church is as deep: looking to Mary, we find the most beautiful and tender face of the Church; looking to the Church, we recognize the sublime features of Mary. We Christians are not orphans, we have a mom, we have a mother and this is great. We are not orphans. The Church is mother, Mary and mother.

For more about what the Pope said about Mary:

Sep. 3 – ‘You Are In the Heart of the Church’, Pope Tells Iraqi Christians: Expresses Closeness to the Persecuted, Says They Are Witnesses to Church's Strength – Translated extract of comments after the Angelus address (September 03, 2014,

We invoke the gift of peace for all the nations of Europe and the world, through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Peace.

Sep. 6 – Pope’s Message to Cameroon Bishops on Their ‘Ad Limina’ Visit: “To develop the dialogue of life with Muslims, in a spirit of mutual trust is indispensable today to maintain a climate of peaceful coexistence, and to discourage the development of violence.”– Translated conclusion (September 09, 2014,

I entrust you all, as well as your dioceses, … and to the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary.

Sep. 7 – New Appeal for Peace in Ukraine – Translated comment after the Angelus (September 7, 2014, VIS).

Mary Queen of Peace, pray for us. …

It means it would be her birthday. And what do we do when our it is our mother's birthday? We greet her and offer her our best wishes. Tomorrow remember, in the early morning, to greet the Virgin from your heart, and say to her, 'Best wishes!'. And say a Hail Mary from your heart, as a son or a daughter.

Sep. 7 – Pope’s Angelus: Don't insult! Insulting isn't Christian – Translated extract of comment (September 8, 2014,

Early in the morning, remember to honor Our Lady through our words and heart by saying: Congratulations! Pray a Hail Mary that comes from the heart of a son or daughter.

Sep. 8 – Pope’s Letter to Bishops of Cuba on Patroness’ Feast Day: “If we imitate Mary, we cannot remain listless, just lamenting ourselves, or perhaps letting the burden slip from our hands so that others will do what is our responsibility.”
– Translated beginning (September 09, 2014,

A few days ago, the venerated image of the Virgin of Charity of Cobre was placed in the Vatican Gardens. Her presence is an evocative reminder of the affection and vitality of the Church that pilgrims in those luminous lands of the Caribbean that, for more than four centuries, has addressed the Mother of God with that beautiful title. From the mountains of El Cobre, and now from the See of Peter, that small and blessed figure of Mary enlarges the soul of those who invoke her with devotion, as she leads us to Jesus, her divine Son.

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Sep. 8 – Pope’s Morning Homily: God Walks With Saints and Sinners: He Walks With Us Because He Wants Us All to Conform to the Image of His Son – Translated extracts (September 08, 2014,

The Pope noted that the Gospel brings this century-long story to an end "in a tiny thing, in a small village" with Joseph and Mary. …

“…we come to Mary.”Today, the Pope said, “we are in the antechamber of this story: the birth of the Virgin Mary. …

Today we can look at Our Lady, the small, holy child without sin, pure and predestined to become the Mother of God and also look at the story that lies behind her, so long, over centuries and ask: ‘How do I journey in my story?...’

Sep. 10 – May the Lord Reward and Give Courage to Christians in the Middle East and Syria – Translated remarks after the General Audience (September 10, 2014, VIS).

… let us pray to the Virgin to bless us.

Sep. 12 – Pope Francis’ Address to Italian Biblical Association: “It is necessary, naturally, that the exegete himself be able to perceive the divine Word in the texts, and this is possible only if his spiritual life is fervid, rich in dialogue with the Lord.”– Translated conclusion (September 12, 2014,

The model is the Virgin Mary, of whom Saint Luke says that she meditated in her heart the words and events regarding her Son Jesus (cf. 2:19). May Our Lady teach us to receive fully the Word of God, not only through intellectual research, but in our whole life.

Sep. 12 – Pope Francis’ Ad Limina Address to Bishops of the Democratic Republic of Congo: “The most effective means to overcome violence, inequality as well as ethnic divisions, is to give the young a critical spirit and to propose a course to allow them to mature in Gospel values.” – Translated conclusion (September 12, 2014,

While entrusting you to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary, Queen of the Apostles, I give you my heartfelt Apostolic Blessing …

Sep. 14 – Pope’s Angelus Address: Sunday, September 14th: “Through the cross of Christ, evil is overcome, death is defeated, life is given to us, hope is restored.”– Translated conclusion (September 14, 2014,

On Calvary, at the foot of the Cross, was the Virgin Mary (cfr. John 19, 25-27). She is the Sorrowful Virgin, who we celebrate in tomorrow’s liturgy. To Her I entrust the present and the future of the Church, so that we may all discover and receive the message of love and salvation of the Cross of Jesus. I entrust to Her in particular the newlywed couples who I had the joy of uniting in marriage this morning, in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Sep. 15 – Pope at Santa Marta: Learning from Our Lady of Sorrows – Translated extracts (September 15, 2014, Vatican Radio).

The Holy Father said that in the liturgy of the day first we are shown the glorious Cross, then the meek and humble Mother. … Even the Mother, ‘the New Eve’, as Paul himself calls her, in order to participate in her Son’s journey, learned, suffered and obeyed. And thus she becomes Mother.

For more about what the Pope said about Mary:

Sep. 19 – Pope’s Address to Evangelization Conference: “How many persons live in great suffering and ask the Church to be a sign of the Lords closeness, kindness, solidarity and mercy”– Translated conclusion (September 25, 2014,

Let us pray to Our Lady, Mother of Evangelization: Ave Maria …

Sep. 20 – Pope’s Address to Bishops in Conference Held by Evangelization of Peoples Congregation: The Church is called to “shorten the distances, to abase herself to the point of humiliation if it is necessary and to assume human life, touching in the people the suffering flesh of Christ” – Translated conclusion (September 25, 2014,

May the Virgin Mary, Star of Evangelization, accompany you with her maternal tenderness.

Sep. 21 -- The Pope arrives in Albania, example of fruitful co-existence between people of different beliefs – Translated conclusion (September 21, 2014, VIS).

I invoke upon Albania the protection of Mary, Mother of Good Counsel, entrusting to her the hopes of the entire Albanian people.

Sep. 21 – Pope’s Angelus Address at Conclusion of Mass in Tirana: “I invite you to build your lives on Jesus Christ: the one who builds on Christ builds on rock, because he is always faithful, even if we sometimes lack faith” – Translated conclusion (Tirana, September 21, 2014,

Let us turn to the Virgin Mary, whom you venerate above all under her title of “Our Lady of Good Counsel”. I stand before her, spiritually, at her Shrine in Scutari, so dear to you, and to her I entrust the entire Church in Albania and all the people of this country, especially families, children and the elderly, that are the living memory of the people. May Our Lady guide you to walk “together with God towards the hope that does not delude.”

Sep. 21 -- In the Cathedral of Tirana: “Today we have touched martyrs” – Translated conclusion of the prepared text for the clergy of Albania (September 21, 2014, VIS).

I entrust each one of you and your communities – your plans and your hopes – to the holy Mother of God.

Sep. 21 – Pope Francis Meets With Children of the ‘Betania’ Center in Albania: Says that “the secret to a good life is found in loving and giving oneself for love's sake”– Translated conclusion (Tirana, September 21, 2014,

May the Lord Jesus and his Mother, the Virgin Mary, bless your Association, this Bethany Centre and the other centres which love has initiated and providence has built.

Sep. 24 – On the Trip to Albania: “Peaceful and fruitful coexistence among persons and communities belonging to different religions is not only something to hope for but concretely possible and practicable”– Translated extracts (September 24, 2014,

I entrust the fruits of my visit to Our Lady of Good Counsel, venerated in the Shrine of the same name at Scutari, that she may continue to guide the path of this martyred people.

… We pray to Our Lady for these sick brothers and sisters. [Ave Maria]

Sep. 24 – Pope’s Message to Bishops of Ghana: “We must be men who are thoroughly transformed by the grace of being ever more truly sons of the Father, brothers of the Son, and fathers of the community guided by the Holy Spirit”– Translated conclusion (September 24, 2014,

I commend all of you to the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Word of God and Our Lady of Africa, …

Sep. 26 – Pope’s Address to Focolare Movement: “This Work flowed from a gift of the Holy Spirit the charism of unity that the Father wishes to give to the Church and to the world”– Translated conclusion (September 26, 2014,

May Mary, our Mother, help you to walk always with confidence, with courage and with perseverance, with creativity, gratuitously and in communion with the whole Church, on paths of light and life traced by the Holy Spirit.

Sep. 27 -- Pope Francis’ letter: Pope Francis’ letter to Mons. Javier Echevarría, Prelate of Opus Dei, on the occasion of the beatification of Alvaro del Portillo– Translated conclusion (September 27, 2014, Opus Dei).

… may the Holy Virgin watch over you.

Sep. 27 – Pope’s Address to Pontifical Committee for International Eucharistic Congresses: “Today there is a lack of hope in the world; therefore, humanity needs to hear the message of our hope in Jesus Christ”– Translated conclusion (September 29, 2014,

I entrust the next International Eucharistic Congress to the Virgin Mary. May Our Lady protect and support each one of you, your communities and render fruitful the work you are doing in view of the important ecclesial event of Cebu.

Sep. 28 – Pope Francis’ Homily at Today’s Mass With Grandparents and the Elderly: “Experts in faith, experts in God, experts in the hope that comes from him”– Translated beginning (September 28, 2014,

Mary is young, very young. ….

Here too, Mary shows us the way: she set out to visit her elderly kinswoman, to stay with her, to help her, of course, but also and above all to learn from her – an elderly person – a wisdom of life.

For more about what the Pope said about Mary:

Sep. 28 – Pope’s Angelus Address, Sunday Sept. 28th: “I encourage everyone, individuals and communities, to pray for this [Synod on the Family] and I entrust this intention to the intercession of Mary, Salus Populi Romani.”– Translated conclusion (September 29, 2014,

… I entrust this intention [the Synodal Assembly on the theme of family] to the intercession of Mary, Salus Populi Romani.

Now let us pray together the Angelus. With this prayer, we invoke Mary's protection for the elderly throughout the world, especially for those who live in situations of greater difficulty.

Sep. 28 – Pope’s Homily at Vespers With Jesuits: “Row then! Row, be strong, even with the headwind! We row in the service of the Church. We row together! But while we row - we all row, even the Pope rows in the boat of Peter - we must pray a lot, ‘Lord, save us! Lord save your people’”– Translated conclusion (September 28, 2014,

The bull of Pius VII that restored the Society was signed on August 7, 1814, at the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, where our holy father Ignatius celebrated his first Mass on Christmas Eve of 1538. Mary, Our Lady, Mother of the Society, will be touched by our efforts to be at the service of her Son. May she watch over us and protects us always.

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