Marian Thougths of Pope Francis I
December 2014

Dec. 1 – Address of His Holiness Francis to the Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Switzerland on Their “Ad Limina” Visit– (

Entrusting the future of the evangelization of your country to the Virgin Mary ….

Dec. 3 – General Audience: On the Apostolic Visit to Turkey– Translated extracts (December 03, 2014,

Now we will pray to Our Lady to ask for Her blessing. Hail Mary…

… we pray, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, that the Holy Spirit will render this apostolic journey fruitful and foster in the Church missionary fervor to proclaim to all peoples, in respect and in fraternal dialogue, that the Lord Jesus is Truth, Peace and Love.

Dec. 4 -- Pope Francis’ Address to International Voluntary Christian Service Organizations– Translated conclusion (December 04, 2014,

I entrust each of you and the organizations of your Federation to the protection of Mary Most Holy.

Dec. 5 – Pope’s Address to International Theological Commission– Translated conclusion (December 05, 2014,

The Immaculate Virgin, as privileged witness of the great events of the history of salvation, "kept all these things, pondering them in her heart” (Luke 2:19): Woman of hearing, woman of contemplation, woman of closeness to the problems of the Church and of people. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and with all the resources of her feminine genius, She did not cease to enter ever more “into all the truth” (John 16:13). Thus Mary is the icon of the Church that, in the impatient awaiting of her Lord, progresses, day after day, in the intelligence of the faith, thanks also to the patient work of men and women theologians. May Our Lady, authentic teacher of theology, obtain for us with her maternal prayer that our charity “abound more and more, with knowledge and all discernment” (Philippians 1:9-10).

Dec. 7 – On the Lord's Consolation– Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (December 07, 2014,

The Virgin Mary is the “path” that God Himself has prepared to come into the world. Let us entrust to Her the expectation of salvation and peace for all men and women of our time.

Dec. 7 -- Popes Video Message to Iraqi Refugees – Translated conclusion (December 07, 2014,

Dear brothers and sisters, you are … in the hearts and prayers of all Christian communities, whom I will ask to pray in a special way for you on 8 December, to pray to Our Lady to protect you: she is our mother and will protect you.

… May … Our Lady protect you.

Dec. 8 – Pope Francis pays homage to the Immaculate Conception in Piazza di Spagna
– Translated beginning (December 9, 2014, VIS).

Mary our Mother, today the People of God celebrate you and venerate you as Immaculate, preserved forever from the stain of sin.

Accept the homage I offer you in the name of the Church in Rome and throughout the world.

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Dec. 8 – On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception
– Translated beginning of the Angelus address (December 08, 2014,

The message of today's feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary can be summed up in these words: everything is a grace, everything is a free gift from God and his love for us. The Angel Gabriel calls Mary "full of grace" (Lk.1,28): in Her there is no room for sin, because God has always chosen Her as the mother of Jesus and has preserved Her from original sin.

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Dec. 7 – Pope Francis: “God has bestowed on me a healthy dose of unawareness”– Translated extract of a newspaper interview (December 7, 2014, El Mundo).

Walking this road has also aroused great interest in studying the Guadalupe message. The amount of studies of the Virgin of Guadalupe, of her image, her mixed ancestries, of Nican Mopoua, is amazing, constituting fundamental theology. This is why, when we celebrate the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Patroness of the Americas, on December 12, as well as the 50th. anniversary of Misa Criolla, we are celebrating the road walked by the Latin American Church.

Dec. 8 – Pope Francis Sends Christmas Message to Prisoners– Translated conclusion (December 14, 2014,

May the Blessed and Immaculate Virgin Mary keep you under her maternal mantle.

Dec. 9 – Pope’s Letter for World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia– Translated conclusion (December 10, 2014,

… I invoke the intercession of the Virgin of Guadalupe and of Aparecida, …

Dec. 10 – Pope’s General Audience Address of Dec. 10: On the Family– Translated conclusion (December 10, 2014,

We entrust it [the Synod of Bishops] to the protection of the Virgin our Mother. May she help us to follow the will of God, making pastoral decisions that help the family more and better.

… Today we celebrate the Memoria of the Blessed Virgin of Loreto. Dear young people, imitate Jesus’ Mother to prepare yourselves joyfully for Christmas; may her heavenly protection support you, dear sick, in carrying your daily cross; and may her abandonment to the will of the Father remind you, dear newlyweds, of the fruitful presence of Providence in your family.

Dec. 12 – Pope’s Homily for Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe: "Through her intercession, the Christian faith became the richest treasure of the soul of the American peoples" – Translated beginning (December 15, 2014,

They are the peoples and nations of our Great Homeland, Great Latin American Homeland, who today commemorate with gratitude and joy the feast of their “Patroness,” Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose devotion extends from Alaska to Patagonia. And from the Archangel Gabriel and Saint Elizabeth down to us, our filial prayer is raised: “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you …” (Luke 1:28).

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Dec. 12 – Pope’s Address to Synod of Syriac Catholic Church– Translated conclusion (December 12, 2014,

… I entrust each one of your communities to the protection of the Mother of God, …

Dec. 13 – Pope’s Address to French Charity: Friends of Gabriel Rosset– Translated conclusion (December 16, 2014,

At this time of Advent when we turn our gaze to the Virgin Mary who has given the Savior to the world and took the greatest care of him, I will suggest this counsel to you: the counsel to remain well attached to the name that your founder wished to give to his work: Notre Dame des Sans Abri [Our Lady of the Homeless]. What a beautiful name: the Mother of Jesus who gives a roof to her children! The Marian dimension of your dedication to others seems essential to me. Mary’s heart is full of compassion for all men, especially the poorest and the most destitute, those who are in greatest need; and it is also her maternal tenderness – together with that of the Church – which is manifested through you.

I pray to Our Lady of the Homeless to keep you on your way, to render your dedication fruitful and to give faith and hope to all those whom you meet.

Dec. 14 – Angelus Address: On the Joy We Have in Jesus– Translated conclusion (December 14, 2014,

The Virgin Mary, “cause of our joy” always brings us back to joy in the Lord, who comes to free us from so many interior and exterior slaveries.

Dec. 14 -- Text of Pope’s Homily at St. Joseph all’Aurelio Parish in Rome– Translated extracts (December 15, 2014,

The greatest suffering, Jesus’ martyrdom: He had that peaceful face and was concerned about the others: his Mother, …. May Our Lady accompany you on this path to Christmas.

Dec. 14 -- Text of Pope’s Words to Various Groups at Roman Parish of St. Joseph all'Aurelio – Translated extract (December 15, 2014,

[Meeting with Nomads] We pray to Our Lady and then a blessing. Hail O Mary…

[Meeting with the Sick] Let us pray to Our Lady: Hail O Mary, …

[Meeting with Recently Baptized Children] Let’s pray to Our Lady: Hail O Mary …

Dec. 15 – Pope’s Address to Staff of TV Channel of Church in Italy– Translated conclusion (December 16, 2014,

I entrust you to the protection of Our Lady …. And now we pray to Our Lady to bless us. Ave O Mary, …

Dec. 17 – Final 2014 General Audience Address: On Jesus’ Choice to Be Part of a Family – Translated extract (December 17, 2014,

The Evangelist Luke summarizes this period thus: Jesus “was obedient to them [namely, Mary and Joseph]. … His Mother kept all these things in her heart, and “Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man." (2:51-51). … the Mother cooked, and did all the things of the house, ironed shirts … everything a mother does. … They were great Saints: Mary, the holiest woman, immaculate, ….

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Dec. 18 – Pope’s Address to Children of Italian Catholic Action – Translated extract (December 18, 2014,

A little word is enough: “Here I am.” We are taught it by our Mother, Our Lady, who answered the Lord’s call this way: “Here I am.” Together we can ask for it with a Hail Mary. […]

Dec. 18 – Pope’s Morning Homily: God Saves Us In Worst Moments– Translated extract (December 18, 2014,

Francis noted how Joseph suffered and would see village women gossiping, but knew Mary was “incapable of infidelity" and trusted her.

Dec. 19 – Pope’s Address to Those Who Gave Crib, Tree for St. Peter’s – Translated conclusion (December 19, 2014,

I invoke upon each one of you the maternal protection of the Holy Virgin, …

Dec. 20 – Pope’s Angelus Address: On Christ’s Call to Our Hearts: “Each one of us is called to respond, as Mary did, with a personal and sincere ‘yes’”– Translated beginning (December 21, 2014,

Today, the fourth and last Sunday of Advent, the liturgy wants to prepare us for Christmas, which is “already at the gates,” inviting us to meditate on the passage of the Annunciation of the angel to Mary. The Archangel Gabriel reveals to the Virgin the will of God that she become the mother of his only begotten Son. “You will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you shall name him Jesus. He will be great and will be called Son of the Most High.”

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Dec. 20 – Pope Francis’ Address to Pope John XXIII Community Association– Translated conclusion (December 22, 2014,

I entrust you all to Our Lady, may she grant you a Christmas full of love and joy, … We pray all together to Our Lady to receive the blessing: Hail Mary …

Dec. 21 – Francis: must the Middle East suffer the lack of peace? – Translated conclusion of letter to Christians in the Middle East (December 23, 2014, VIS).

May the Virgin Mary, the All-Holy Mother of God and our Mother, accompany you and protect you always with her tender love.

Dec. 22 – Pope Francis’ Address to Vatican Employees – Translated conclusion (December 22, 2014,

Let us pray to Our Lady: Hail Mary …

Dec. 23 – Pope’s Address to Roman Curia – Translated conclusion (December 23, 2014,

Therefore, in order not to fall in these days in which we prepare for Confession, we ask the Virgin Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church, to heal the wounds of sin that each one of us bears in his heart and to support the Church and the Curia so that they are healthy and restored; holy and sanctifying, to the glory of her Son and for our salvation and that of the whole world. We ask her to make us love the Church as Christ loved her, her Son and our Lord, and to have the courage to acknowledge that we are sinners and in need of His Mercy and of not being afraid to leave our hands between her maternal hands.

Dec. 24 – Pope Francis’ Midnight Mass Homily – Translated extracts (December 24, 2014,

This light is born in Bethlehem and is welcomed by the loving arms of Mary, …

Let us look to the crib and pray, asking the Blessed Mother: “O Mary, show us Jesus!”.

Dec. 24 – Pope Makes Satellite Call to Iraqi Refugees –(December 26, 2014,

… God manifests Himself through tenderness, the tenderness of a child and a mother.

Dec. 25 – Pope Francis’ Urbi et Orbi Message–(December 26, 2014,

Jesus, the Son of God, the Saviour of the world, is born for us, born in Bethlehem of a Virgin, fulfilling the ancient prophecies. The Virgin’s name is Mary, the wife of Joseph.

… Dear brothers and sisters, may the Holy Spirit today enlighten our hearts, that we may recognize in the Infant Jesus, born in Bethlehem of the Virgin Mary, the salvation given by God to each one of us, to each man and woman and to all the peoples of the earth.

Dec. 28 – Pope Francis’ Address to the Italian Association of Large Families – Translated extracts (December 28, 2014,

Today's gospels shows us Mary and Joseph who bring the Child Jesus to the Temple, and there they find two elderly people, Simeon and Anna, who prophecy on the Child.

… I place you all under the protection of the Holy Family of Jesus, Joseph and Mary.

Dec. 28 – Pope’s Angelus Address: On the Feast of the Holy Family – Translated beginning (December 28, 2014,

In this first Sunday after Christmas, while we are still immersed in the joyful climate of the celebration, the Church invites us to contemplate the Holy Family of Nazareth. Today's Gospel presents the Madonna and St. Joseph in the moment in which, 40 days after the birth of Jesus, they go to the temple in Jerusalem. They do it in religious obedience to the Law of Moses, which prescribes to offer the firstborn to the Lord (cfr. Lk. 2,22-24). We can imagine this little family, in the midst of so many people, in the great courtyard of the Temple.

For more about what the Pope said about Mary:

Dec. 29 – Pope Francis’ Message to the Taizé Community – Translated extract (December 29, 2014,

You are also invited to open paths of freedom, by giving yourselves with the willingness that Mary had at Nazareth, when she received in herself the life of the Son of God.

Dec. 30 -- Wisdom of the heart to recognise the image of God in the sick – Translated conclusion (December 30, 2014, VIS).

I entrust this World Day of the Sick to the maternal protection of Mary, who conceived and gave birth to Wisdom incarnate: Jesus Christ, our Lord.

O Mary, Seat of Wisdom, intercede as our Mother for all the sick and for those who care for them!

Dec. 31 – Pope’s Homily at Vespers on Eve of New Year– Translated extracts (December 31, 2014,

Therefore, today manifests to us how time was – so to speak –“touched” by Christ, the Son of God and of Mary, and received from Him new and surprising meanings: it became the “salvific time,” namely, the definitive time of salvation and grace.

… No one else rescues us from that essential slavery except Jesus, who assumed our flesh from the Virgin Mary and died on the cross to free us from the slavery of sin and to restore us to our lost filial condition.

… May the Holy Virgin, who was in fact at the heart of the temple of God, when the Word – who was in the beginning – made Himself one with us in time; she who gave the Savior to the world, help us to receive Him with an open heart to truly be and live freely as children of God.

Dec. 31 – Pope’s Message to Brazilians as Rio Marks 450th Anniversary– Translated extract (January 02, 2015,

… placing these wishes at the feet of Our Lady of Aparecida …

Dec. 31 – Pope Reiterates His Closeness to Victims of '04 Argentina Fire– Translated conclusion of message to the archbishop of Buenos Aires (January 02, 2015,

May … the Holy Virgin look after you.

Dec. 29 – Pope’s Letter of Condolences for Death of Archbishop Giuseppe Pittau – Translated conclusion (December 29, 2014,

I entrust his soul to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary …

Dec. 29 – Pope’s Letter of Condolences for Death of Archbishop Giuseppe Pittau – Translated conclusion (December 29, 2014,

I entrust his soul to the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary …

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