Marian Thougths of Pope Francis I
June 2014

Jun. 1 – On the Ascension of Christ: “The Father always forgives because He looks at the wounds of Jesus, looks at our sin and forgives it.” – Translated conclusion of the Regina Coeli address (June 1, 2014,

And together with Jesus Mary our Mother accompanies us. She is already in the house of the Father; she is the Queen of the World and so we invoke her now. But like Jesus, she is with us, she walks with us, she is the Mother of our hope.

… May Mary, Queen of Peace, help us all with her maternal intercession. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Jun. 1 – Pope Francis’ Comments and Address at Charismatic Renewal Convention: “You are dispensers of the grace of God, not controllers! Don't be a customs office to the Holy Spirit!” – Translated excerpt (June 3, 2014,

Look, when Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple there were two elderly there; and four if not five times – I do not remember well – the Gospel says that they “were led by the Holy Spirit.” Instead, of Mary and Joseph it says that they were led by the Law.

Jun. 2 – Pope's Address to Zimbabwe Bishops: “However dark things are, goodness always re-emerges and spreads. Each day in our world, beauty is born anew; it rises transformed through the storms of history.” – Translated conclusion (June 2, 2014,

I commend you, with the clergy, religious and lay faithful of your Dioceses, to the intercession of Mary, Queen of Africa and Mother of the Church, …

Jun. 5 – Pope’s Address to Aram I, Catholicos of Armenian Church of Cilicia: “I am convinced that on our journey towards full communion we share the same hopes and a similar sense of responsibility as we strive to be faithful to the will of the Lord Jesus Christ.” – Translated conclusion (June 5, 2014,

Upon all of us I invoke the protection of Mary, the All-Holy Mother of God, who was present in the Upper Room with the Apostles, that she may be for us the Mother of Unity.

Jun. 5 – Pope’s Message to Conference on the Church and Gypsies: “May gypsies be able to find in you brothers and sisters who love them with the same love with which Christ loved the most marginalized.” – Translated conclusion (June 6, 2014,

I invoke upon you and your work the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary.

Jun. 6 – Pope Francis Pays Tribute to ‘Heavy Sacrifice’ of Soldiers on 70th Anniversary of D-Day Landings – Translated conclusion of message to France (June 6, 2014, Vatican Radio).

In conclusion, the Pope entrusts to the path of peace to the protection of … the Virgin Mary.

Jun. 7 – The Pope Telephones Pilgrims from Macerata to Loreto
– Translated excerpt (June 8, 2014, VIS)

The Holy Father urged the pilgrims to pray for the intercession of the Madonna of Loreto for a good outcome to the prayer encounter for peace in the Holy Land and Middle East convoked in the Vatican, …

Jun. 8 – Francis’ Pentecost Homily: “Christ glorified at the right hand of the Father continues to realize His promise, sending the Church the vivifying Spirit, who teaches us and reminds us and makes us speak.” – Translated excerpts (June 8, 2014,

And that day, with the Apostles, was the Woman of memory, she who from the beginning meditated on all those things in her heart. It was Mary, our Mother. May she help us along this road of memory.

… Let us remember the other Mother, our Mother who departed promptly in order to serve. Mother Church and Mother Mary: both are virgins, both are mothers, both are women.

Jun. 8 – On Pentecost: “A Church that does not hesitate to go out to meet people to proclaim the message that she has been given, even if that message disturbs or upsets consciences, even if this message leads, perhaps, to problems and at times also to martyrdom.” – Translated conclusion of the Regina Coeli address (June 8, 2014,

We turn now to the Virgin Mary, who, on that morning of Pentecost was in the cenacle, and the Mother was with her children. In her the power of the Holy Spirit truly accomplished “great things” (Luke 1:49). She herself said so. May she, Mother of the Redeemer and Mother of the Church, obtain by her intercession a renewed outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God upon the Church and the world.

Jun. 8 -- Pope Francis’ Address at Invocation for Peace: “Lord, defuse the violence of our tongues and our hands. Renew our hearts and minds, so that the word which always brings us together will be ‘brother,’ and our way of life will always be that of: Shalom, Peace, Salaam! Amen.” – Translated excerpt (June 8, 2014,

To him, the Father, in the Spirit of Jesus Christ, I now turn, begging the intercession of the Virgin Mary, a daughter of the Holy Land and our Mother.

Jun. 8 – Francis’ Message for 88th World Mission Day: “Let us not be robbed of the joy of evangelization!” – Translated excerpt (June 15, 2014,

2. … We readily think of Mary, Joseph, the fishermen of Galilee and the disciples whom Jesus called as he went preaching.

3. … Luke also alludes to the similar exultation of Mary: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord, and my spirit exults in God my Savior” (Lk 1:47). This is the Good News that leads to salvation. Mary, bearing in her womb Jesus, the evangelizer par excellence, met Elizabeth and rejoiced in the Holy Spirit as she sang her Magnificat.

For more about what the Pope said about Mary:

Jun. 11 – Pope’s Remarks to the Sick before General Audience: Says Better Not for Them to Be Under ‘That Sun That Cooks.’”– Translated excerpt (June 11, 2014,

Now, we will all pray together to Our Lady … [Ave Maria].

Jun. 14 – Francis’ Address to the Mercies, Italian Volunteers: “We have heard plenty of words! What is useful is doing, your doing, Christian witness, going to people who are suffering, getting close to them as Jesus did.” – Translated conclusion (June 15, 2014,

May … Our Lady protect you!

Jun. 15 – On the Holy Trinity: “The devil always tries to make us hate because he is always sowing the discord of hate; he does not know love, God is love!” – Translated conclusion (June 15, 2014,

May the Virgin Mary, perfect creature of the Trinity, help us to make our whole life, in the little gestures and most important choices, a hymn of praise to God, who is Love.
[Comment after] Let us all together pray to Our Lady for the Iraqi people. Hail Mary...

Jun. 15 – Pope’s Discourse to Rome's Community of Sant’Egidio: “Go forward on this path: prayer, poor and peace.” – Translated beginning and conclusion (June 16, 2014,

We are gathered here around Christ who, from the height of the mosaic looks at us with tender and profound eyes, together with the Virgin Mary, who puts her arm around us.
… May the Lord Jesus, who from the height of the mosaic embraces his Most Holy Mother, sustain you everywhere and embrace you all together with her in His mercy.

Jun. 16 – Pope’s Address to Diocese of Rome: “Jesus gave us a great promise: ‘I will not leave you orphans.’” – Translated conclusion (June 17, 2014,

… we say to our Mother Church what Elizabeth said to Mary when she became Mother, in expectation of her son: “Happy are you, because you have believed!”

Jun. 18 – Pope’s Audience Address: On the Church: “God forms a people to take His blessing to all the families of the earth.” – Translated comments after the address (June 18, 2014,

Let us think that Jesus was a refugee, He had to flee to save His life, with Saint Joseph and Our Lady, … Let us pray to Our Lady, who knows the pains of the refugees, to be close to these, our brothers and sisters. Let us pray together with Our Lady for refugee brothers and sisters. [Ave Maria] Mary, Mother of refugees, pray for us.

Jun. 20 -- Pope Imparts Apostolic Blessing to 5th Annual Global Rosary Relay for Priests: 85 Shrines, 46 Countries Participating in Event – Translated excerpt (June 20, 2014,

With great affection and appreciation for priests, the Pope commends them and those joining in this event to the loving intercession of Our Lady of the Rosary.
He prays that our Blessed Mother may always guide and protect priests who are consecrated to the joyful and indispensable mission of proclaiming the Gospel and offering God's people, through the celebration of the sacraments, the closeness, the word and the strength of Christ" (cf. Evangelii Gaudium,121).

Jun. 21 – Pope’s Discourse to Detainees in Rosetta Sisca Penitentiary in Calabria: “I too have my mistakes and I have to do penance.” – Translated conclusion (June 21, 2014,

I … entrust you to the protection of the Madonna, our Mother.

Jun. 21 – Pope’s Address to Calabrian Priests: “If we are open ‘channels,’ His abundant love can flow through.” – Translated conclusion (June 21, 2014,

May Our Lady protect and accompany you.

Jun. 21 – Pope’s Homily at Mass in Calabria's Piana di Sibari: “We ask the Lord to convert us, so that we truly adore only Him and so we can renounce evil in all its forms” – (June 21, 2014,

Mary, Eucharistic Woman, whom you venerate in many sanctuaries, especially at the one in Castrovillari, precedes you in this pilgrimage of faith. May she always help you to stay united so that, even by means of your witness, the Lord may continue to give life to the world.

Jun. 22 – Pope’s Angelus Address: “He did not come into this world to give something, but to give Himself, His life, as nourishment for all those who have faith in Him.” – Translated conclusion (June 22, 2014,

Jesus, bread of eternal life, came down from heaven and was made flesh thanks to the faith of Mary Most Holy. After having borne him with ineffable love, she followed him faithfully to the cross and to the Resurrection. Let us ask Our Lady to help us to rediscover the beauty of the Eucharist, and to make it the center of our life, especially in Sunday Mass and in Adoration.

Jun. 25 – Audience Address: On Belonging to the Church: “There are those who think they can have a personal, direct, immediate relation with Jesus Christ outside the communion and mediation of the Church. These are dangerous and harmful temptations.” – Translated conclusion (June 25, 2014,

Dear friends, let us ask the Lord, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, for the grace not to fall into the temptation of thinking that we can do without others, that we can do without the Church, that we can save ourselves on our own, that we are laboratory Christians.

Jun. 26 – Pope Francis’ Address to Aid Agencies for the Oriental Churches: “Your works of relief and assistance in nations most affected by these crises respond to basic needs, particularly of those who are powerless and most vulnerable, as well as the many young people tempted to leave their homeland.” – Translated conclusion (June 26, 2014,

For the Holy Family of Nazareth, “which knew anxiety... as well as the pain of persecution, emigration and hard daily labour” teaches us “to trust the Father, to imitate Christ and to let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit” (ibid., 59). May the Mother of God accompany all families with her prayers, so that through them the Church, filled with the joy and strength of the Gospel, may always be a fruitful mother, anxious to strengthen the unity of the whole family of God.

Jun. 29 – On the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul: “Saint Peter and Saint Paul, so different from each other on a human level, were personally chosen by the Lord Jesus and they responded to the call, offering their whole lives.” – Translated conclusion (June 29, 2014,

May the Virgin Mary help us to receive this grace as they did, with open hearts, and not to receive it in vain!

[After the Angelus] Let us pray to Our Lady that she protect the people of Iraq. Ave Maria...

Jun. 29 – Angelus: God Is Always Capable of Transforming Us – Translated extract (June 29, 2014, VIS).

May the Virgin Mary help us to welcome it as they did, with an open heart, and not to receive this grace in vain! And may she support us in the hour of need, to give witness to Jesus Christ and His Gospel.

Jun. 28 – Pope’s Words to Young People Searching for a Vocation: “When a Christian says to me, not that he doesn't love Our Lady, but that it doesn't occur to him to seek Our Lady or to pray to Our Lady, I feel sad.” – Translated introduction (July 01, 2014,

… this visit to Our Lady who is so important in our life. And she accompanies us also in our definitive choice, our vocational choice, because she accompanied her Son on his vocational path which was so hard, so painful. She accompanies us always.

For more about what the Pope said about Mary:

Jun. 29 – Pope Francis’ Address to Delegation from the Patriarchate of Constantinople: “If all of us can learn, prompted by the Spirit, to look at one another in God, our path will be even straighter and our cooperation all the more easy in the many areas of daily life which already happily unite us.” – Translated conclusion (June 29, 2014,

Through the intercession of Mary, the Most Holy Mother of God, … may Almighty God bless us and fill us with every grace.

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