Marian Thougths of Pope Francis I
November 2014

Nov. 1 – Pope’s Angelus Address on All Saints Day – Translated extract (November 3, 2014,

It is a source of great consolation to think that they are in the company of the Virgin Mary, the apostles, the martyrs and all the saints of Heaven!

… In the great assembly of the saints, God wanted to reserve the first place for the Mother of Jesus. Mary is at the center of the communion of saints, as a unique custodian of the bond between the universal Church and Christ. For those who want to follow Jesus on the path of the Gospel, she is a safe guide because she is the first disciple, an attentive and caring Mother, to whom we can entrust every desire and difficulty.

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Nov. 2 – On All Souls Day– Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (November 2, 2014,

…, we turn now to Our Lady, who suffered under the cross the tragedy of the death of Christ and took part in the joy of His resurrection. May She, the Gate of Heaven, help us to always understand more the value of the prayers of repose for the dead. … May She sustain us in our daily pilgrimage on this earth and help us to not lose sight of the final goal of life which is Paradise.

Nov. 3 -- Pope Francis’ Homily at Mass for Deceased Cardinals and Bishops– Translated extract (November 3, 2014,

We are called to be first in front of Jesus’ cross, as Mary, as the women, as the centurion; to listen to Jesus’ cry, and His last breath and, finally, the silence – that silence that is prolonged for the whole of Holy Saturday.

Nov. 7 – Pope’s Address to the Ecumenical Meeting of Bishops, Friends of the Focolare Movement– Translated conclusion (November 7, 2014,

May the Virgin Mother sustain you in this commitment and in your whole ministry.

Nov. 7 – Pope’s Address to the National Assembly of Italian Religious Superiors– Translated extract (November 7, 2014,

However, this fraternity presupposes the paternity of God and the maternity of the Church and of the Mother, the Virgin Mary. Every day we must go back to this relationship, and we can do so with prayer, with the Eucharist, with adoration, with the Rosary. Thus every day we renew our “being” with Christ and in Christ, and in this way we are in an authentic relationship with the Father who is in Heaven and with Mother Church, our Holy Hierarchical Mother Church, and Mother Mary.

Nov. 8 – Pope Francis’ Message to the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Italian Bishops Conference – Translated conclusion (November 11, 2014,

I accompany you with my prayer and my Blessing, which I extend, through the intercession of the Virgin Mother, to all the priests of the Church in Italy and to all those who work at the service of their formation.

Nov. 8 – Pope’s Address to Salesian Sisters
– Translated conclusion (November 10, 2014,

With the maternal help of Mary Most Holy, whom you venerate with the title Help of Christians, may this be the commitment of each one and of your whole Congregation!

Nov. 10 – Pope’s Address to Bishops of Senegal, Mauritania, Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau
– Translated conclusion (November 10, 2014,

… I entrust you, as well as all the priests, men and women religious and lay faithful of your dioceses, to the protection of the Virgin Mary, …

Nov. 10 -- Pope Francis Sends Condolence Telegram to Coach Bus Accident Victims in Spain: Tragedy Claims the Lives of 14 People, Including Local Priest– Translated conclusion (November 10, 2014,

In these moments of profound sadness and consternation, the Holy Father, while invoking the maternal protection of Mary Most Holy over the children of these noble lands, urges them to find in faith the encouragement and the strength of spirit to overcome these painful circumstances, …

Nov. 11 – Pope’s Message to French Seminarians – Translated beginning (November 11, 2014,

I rejoice greatly, knowing that you are gathered around Mary, the Lord’s Mother, in that Shrine of Lourdes, so loved throughout the world.

On thinking of your gathering in that lofty Marian place, there comes to my mind and heart the Word of God said to the disciples after the Risen Lord asked them to await the Holy Spirit: “They went up to the Upper Room where they were staying (…) All these with one accord devoted themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the Mother of Jesus, and with his brethren (Acts 1:13-14).

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Nov. 14 – Pope’s Morning Homily: Celebrates Mass with Children from Local Roman Parish– Translated extract (November 14, 2014,

Posing a question to the little ones, he asked, “Is prayer a sacrament? ... Out loud now! ... No! That’s right, it is not! Prayer is not a sacrament, but we must pray,” while reminding them to turn to Jesus and Mary to help them pray.

Nov. 14 – Pope’s Address to Participants of the World Congress of Accountants Marialis cultus– Translated conclusion (November 14, 2014,

I entrust each of you and your work to the protection of the Virgin Mary.

Nov. 16 – On the Parable of the Talents – Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (November 16, 2014,

The Virgin Mary embodies this attitude in the most beautiful and fullest way. She received and accepted the greatest gift: Jesus, and in turn has offered Him to humanity with a generous heart. We ask Her to help us to be “good and faithful servants”, to participate “in the joy of our Lord.”

Nov. 16 –Pope Francis’ Address to Association of Italian Catholic Doctors– Translated conclusion (November 16, 2014,

May the Blessed Virgin Mary, Salus infirmorum, support the intentions with which you intend to continue your action.

Nov. 17 – Francis: Christians remember where they came from– Translated extract from homily of daily Mass (November 17, 2014,

“How many times,” he asked, “do we find simple people, how many old ladies who can barely walk,” but who make the trip, “to pray at a one of Our Lady’s shrines.” … Such as these, he continued, are “the faithful people” who know how to “waste time with the Lord,” and, “to follow the Lord, without asking special privileges,” and who, above all else, remember the “Church on the margins,” comprised of children, of the sick, of the imprisoned.

Nov. 17 – Pope’s Address to Bishops of Zambia– Conclusion (November 17, 2014,

Dear Brothers, … commending you – along with all priests, religious and lay faithful in your Dioceses – to the intercession of Mary "Mother of the Church which evangelizes" (Evangelii Gaudium, 284), …

Nov. 19 -- Full Text of Pope’s General Audience Catechesis, Nov. 19– Translated extracts (November 19, 2014,

Our Lady, so good, so beautiful, I take up the Rosary and pray. This is a step towards holiness.

… On Friday, November 21, liturgical Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we will celebrate the Day pro Orantibus, dedicated to cloistered religious communities.

Nov. 20 – Pope’s Address to Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity – Translated conclusion (November 20, 2014,

Therefore, … on entrusting you to the maternal intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, I ask you, please, to pray for me and for my ministry, ….

Nov. 20 – Pope’s Message to Public Session of Pontifical Academies: “We must not tire of learning from Mary, of admiring and contemplating her beauty.”– Translated beginning (November 27, 2014,

I give my cordial greeting to all those taking part in the 19th Public Session of the Pontifical Academies, dedicated to the theme “Mary, Icon of the Infinite Beauty of God. The Marialis Cultus and the Marian-Mariological Teaching of Blessed Paul VI.”

Your meeting, prepared by the International Marian Pontifical Academy, recalls the unforgettable figure of my Venerable Predecessor, Blessed Paul VI, and his great love for the Virgin Mary, expressed in so many instances of his Pontificate as well as in numerous Documents.

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Nov. 21 – Pope at Santa Marta: Keeping God’s Temple clean – Translated conclusion of homily (November 21, 2014,

Today the Liturgy celebrates the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin in the Temple: as a young girl ... A simple woman, like Anna, and in that moment the Blessed Virgin Mary enters. May she teach all of us, pastors and those who have pastoral responsibility, to keep the Temple clean, to receive with love those who come, as if each one were the Blessed Virgin

Nov. 21 – Pope’s Address to World Congress for the Pastoral Care of Migrants – Conclusion (November 21, 2014,

I invoke upon you the protection of Mary, the Mother of God, and Saint Joseph, who themselves experienced the difficulty of exile in Egypt.

Nov. 21 – Pope Francis’ Message for the Year of Consecrated Life– Translated conclusion (November 29, 2014,

I entrust this Year of Consecrated Life to Mary, the Virgin of listening and contemplation, the first disciple of her beloved Son. Let us look to her, the highly beloved daughter of the Father, endowed with every gift of grace, as the unsurpassed model for all those who follow Christ in love of God and service to their neighbour.

Nov. 22 – Telegram for the death of Cardinal Fiorenzo Angelini – Translated conclusion (November 22, 2014, VIS).

I raise fervent prayers to the Lord that, by the intercession of the Mary Salus Populi Romani, He may receive this generous and distinguished man of the Church in joy and eternal peace, …

Nov. 22 – Pope’s Address to Autism Conference– Translated conclusion (November 24, 2014,

I entrust you all to the protection of the Virgin Mary, and I thank you for your prayers. Now, all together, let us pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary for all health care workers, for the sick, and then receive the blessing. Hail Mary …

Nov. 23 – Pope’s Homily at Canonization Mass of six New Saints– Translated conclusion (November 23, 2014,

And may Mary, our Mother and Queen of all Saints, guide us on the way to the kingdom of heaven.

Nov. 23 – Angelus: On the Newly Canonized Saints – Translated conclusion (November 23, 2014,

With filial love, we turn now to the Virgin Mary, mother of the Church, Queen of Saints and model of all Christians.

Nov. 26 – On the Church’s Journey Towards Heaven – Translated conclusion (November 26, 2014,

Let us then ask the Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, to always watch over our way and to help us to be, as she is, a joyful sign of trust and hope in the midst of our brothers.

Nov. 27 – Pope Francis’ Address to Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life – Translated conclusion (November 27, 2014,

May the Virgin Mary accompany you and obtain for you a new revived ardor and the holy audacity to seek new ways.

Nov. 27 – Pope’s Address to the Pauline Family – Translated conclusion (November 27, 2014,

… may the Holy Virgin, Mother of the Church, protect you, help you and be the sure guide of the path of the Pauline Family, so that it can bring to fulfilment every plan of goodness.

Nov. 27 -- Pope’s Address on Ministry in Big Cities – Translated conclusion (November 29, 2014,

May their example and their intercession, with that of our heavenly Mother, help us to realize a fruitful change of mentality, to increase our capacity to dialogue with the different cultures, to appreciate the religiosity of our peoples, and to share the Gospel and bread with the poorest of our cities.

Nov. 28 – Pope’s Address to Turkish Authorities– Translated extract (November 28, 2014,

This land is … also renowned for the site near Ephesus which a venerable tradition holds to be the “Home of mary,” the place where the Mother of Jesus lived for some years. It is now a place of devotion for innumerable pilgrims from all over the world, not only for Christians, but also for Muslims.

Nov. 29 -- Pope Francis’ Homily at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit in Istanbul – Translated conclusion (Istanbul, November 29, 2014,

… let us turn our thoughts to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. With her, who prayed with the Apostles in the Upper Room as they awaited Pentecost, let us pray to the Lord asking him to send his Holy Spirit into our hearts and to make us witnesses of his Gospel in all the world.

Nov. 29 – Pope’s Video Message at Vigil for Beginning of Year of Consecrated Life – Translated extracts (November 30, 2014,

I greet affectionately all the members of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life, and all those present in the Basilica of Saint Mary Major, under the tender gaze of the Blessed Virgin, Salus Populi Romani, for this Vigil of Prayer.

… May Mary, woman in contemplation of the mystery of God in the world and in history, diligent woman in helping others with haste (cf. Luke 1:39) and, therefore, model of every missionary-disciple, accompany you in this Year of Consecrated Life, which we put under her maternal gaze.

… may Our Lady protect you.

Nov. 29 – Mass in the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit – Translated conclusion (Istanbul, November 29, 2014,

let us turn our thoughts to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. With her, she who prayed with the Apostles in the Upper Room as they awaited Pentecost, let us pray to the Lord asking him to send his Holy Spirit into our hearts and to make us witnesses of his Gospel in all the world.”

Nov. 30 – Pope Francis' Press Conference on Flight from Turkey (Part I) – Translated extract (December 02, 2014,

The Mufti explained this well to me, showing me great meekness, and quoted the Koran, when talking about Mary and of John the Baptist;

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