Marian Thougths of Pope Francis I
August 2014

Aug. 3 – Pope’s Angelus Address, Sunday, August 3rd: “Compassion, sharing, the Eucharist. This is the path that Jesus shows us in this Gospel.” – Translated conclusion (August 03, 2014,

May the Virgin Mary, Mother of Divine Providence, accompany us on this journey.

[Comments after the Angelus] I greet [the participants of] the relay race of the Stella Maris Parish … , and I bless the torch that will remain lit during the month of August as a sign of devotion to Our Lady.

Aug. 5 -- Pope Francis’ Homily and Address to 50,000 German-Speaking Altar Servers in Rome: “Dear youth, do not use your freedom badly! Don’t spoil your great dignity as children of God, which He gave you! If you follow Jesus and his Gospel, your freedom will blossom as a flowering plant, and will bear good and abundant fruits!” – Translated conclusion (August 06, 2014,

[Homily] To carry out this plan, God had needed only one human person. He had needed a woman, a mother, who would bring His Son into the world. She is the Virgin Mary, whom we honor this evening, at this celebration. Mary was totally free. In her freedom, she said “yes.” She always did good. Thus, she served God and men. She served God and men. Let us imitate her example, if we want to know what God expects from us, His children.

[Address] May the Virgin Mary, who recognized herself as “handmaid of the Lord” (Luke 1:38), be your model in serving God. May she, our Mother, help you to be, in the Church and in society, protagonists of good and peacemakers, youngsters and young people full of hope and courage.

Aug. 6 – Pope Sends Message for Latin American Family Congress: Reminds Faithful That Against All Despair, a Co-Existence Based on Respect and Trust Is Possible – Translated conclusion (August 06, 2014,

May Our Lady of Guadalupe obtain from God abundant blessings for the families of America and make it the seed of life, harmony and a strong faith, nourished by the Gospel and by good works.

Aug. 10 – Pope’s Angelus Address, Sunday, August 10th: “What saves [the Church] is not the quality and courage of its men, but the faith, that allows to walk in the darkness, in the midst of difficulties.”– Translated conclusion (August 10, 2014,

For this we always call upon our Mother, Our Lady. To Her, we turn our confidence towards.

[Comments after the Angelus] Let us pray to the God of peace, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary: Give peace, Lord, to our days and make us builders of justice and peace. Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us.

Aug. 11 – Pope Francis Sends Video Message to Koreans: Young People Are Bearers of Hope and Energy for the Future – Translated conclusion (August 11, 2014,

May … the Virgin Mother will protect you.

Aug. 14 – Pope’s Discourse to Korean Bishops: “Today, I would like to reflect with you as a brother bishop on two central aspects of the task of guarding God's people in this country: to be guardians of memory and guardians of hope” – Translated conclusion (Seoul, August 14, 2014,

May the prayers of Mary, Mother of the Church, bring to full flower in this land the seeds planted by the martyrs, watered by generations of faithful Catholics, and handed down to you as a pledge for the future of your country and of our world.

Aug. 15 – Pope’s Address to Young People of Asia: “Today Christ is knocking at the door of your heart, my heart. He calls you to rise, to be wide awake and alert, and to see the things in life that really matter.”
– Conclusion (Seoul, August 15, 2014,

May Mary, our Mother, watch over you and keep you ever close to Jesus her Son.

Aug. 15 – Pope’s Homily at Mass for Feast of Assumption in South Korea: “In her, all God's promises have been proved trustworthy” – Translated beginning (Seoul, August 15, 2014,

In union with the whole Church, we celebrate the Assumption of Our Lady, body and soul, into the glory of heaven. Mary’s Assumption shows us our own destiny as God’s adoptive children and members of the body of Christ. Like Mary our Mother, we are called to share fully in the Lord’s victory over sin and death, and to reign with him in his eternal Kingdom.

For more about what the Pope said about Mary:

Aug. 15 – On Mary Who Watches Over the Korean Nation: Regarding the Sinking of the Sewol Ferry, “May this tragic event which has brought all Koreans together in grief confirm their commitment to work together in solidarity for the common good” – Beginning (Seoul, August 15, 2014 (

At the end of our Mass, we turn once more to Our Lady, Queen of Heaven. To her we bring all our joys, our sorrows and our hopes.

We especially entrust to her all who lost their lives in the sinking of the Se-Wol ferry, as well as those who continue to be affected by this great national disaster.

For more about what the Pope said about Mary:

Aug. 16 – Pope’s Address to Korean Laity: “In all that you do, I ask you to work in complete harmony of mind and heart with your pastors, striving to place your own insights, talents and charisms at the service of the Church's growth in unity and missionary outreach” – Translated conclusion (Seoul, August 16, 2014,

I invoke … the loving protection of Mary, our Mother. … And now all together we pray to the Madonna

Aug. 16 – Pope’s Address to Korea's Religious Communities: “Do all that you can to show that the consecrated life is a precious gift to the Church and to the world. Do not keep it to yourselves; share it, bringing Christ to every corner of this beloved country.” – Translated conclusion (Seoul, August 16, 2014,

Commending all of you, and in a special way the aged and infirm members of your communities, to the loving care of Mary, Mother of the Church, ….

Aug. 16 – Pope’s Homily at Mass of Beatification of Paul Yun Ji-Chung and Companions: The martyrs “challenge us to think about what, if anything, we ourselves would be willing to die for”– Translated conclusion (Seoul, August 16, 2014,

May the prayers of all the Korean martyrs, in union with those of Our Lady, Mother of the Church, obtain for us the grace of perseverance in faith and in every good work, holiness and purity of heart, and apostolic zeal in bearing witness to Jesus in this beloved country, throughout Asia, and to the ends of the earth.

Aug. 17 – Pope’s Homily at Concluding Mass for 6th Asian Youth Day: “Let Christ turn your natural optimism into Christian hope, your energy into moral virtue, your good will into genuine self-sacrificing love!” – Conclusion (Seoul, August 17, 2014,

Now, as we approach the table of the Eucharist, let us turn to our Mother Mary, who brought Jesus to the world. Yes, Mother Mary, we long to have Jesus; in your maternal affection help us to bring him to others, to serve him faithfully, and to honor him in every time and place, in this country and throughout Asia.

Aug. 17 – Francis’ Address to Asian Bishops: “We cannot engage in real dialogue unless we are conscious of our own identity”– Translated conclusion (Seoul, August 17, 2014,

I commend all of you to the intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church, ….

Aug. 20 – On Francis’ Visit to Korea: “Christ does not abolish what is good, but carries it on, and brings it to fruition.” – Translated conclusion of the General Audience (August 20, 2014,

This trip was illuminated by the feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven. From above, from where Christ reigns, the Mother of the Church accompanies the journey of God's people, supporting even the most tiring steps, comforting those who are undergoing trials and keeping open the horizon of hope. Through her maternal intercession, may the Lord always bless the Korean people, the gifts of peace and prosperity; and bless the Church in this land, because it is always fruitful and full of the joy of the Gospel.

Aug. 23 – Pope’s Message to the Rimini Meeting For Friendship Among Peoples: “In the desert, one turns to discover the value of what is essential to live; so in the contemporary world there are innumerable signs, often manifested in an implicit or negative way, of thirst for God, of the ultimate meaning of life” – Translated extracts (August 25, 2014,

And, in the fullness of time, He chose a young woman, the Virgin Mary, to become flesh and to come to dwell in our midst. Nazareth was truly an insignificant village, a “fringe” on the political and religious plane; but God looked precisely there, to bring His plan of mercy and fidelity to fulfillment.

… Pope Francis invokes the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary and sends his heartfelt Apostolic Blessing to Your Excellency and to the Meeting’s entire community.

Aug. 24 – Sunday Angelus: On Peter’s Profession of Faith: “Each baptized person is called to offer to Jesus their own faith, poor but sincere, so that He can continue to build his Church, today, in every part of the world.” – Translated conclusion (August 24, 2014,

But above all let us pray to God the Father, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary; let us pray that He may give us the grace to respond, with a sincere heart: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

[After the Angelus] We entrust the entire nation to the Lord Jesus and Our Lady and let us all pray together for the victims, their families and all those who suffer.

I have received a letter from a bishop and he recounted all this pain. Let us pray together to Our Lady for this beloved land of the Ukraine on the day of their national feast. Hail Mary…

Aug. 25 -- Pope sends telegram to Methodist-Waldensian synod – Translated extract (August 25, Vatican Radio).

The Holy Father “prays that the Lord, through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, grant to all Christians progress on the path towards full communion, to witness to the Lord Jesus Christ and to offer the light and strength of His Gospel to the men and women of our time.”

Aug. 31 -- Sunday Angelus: On the Gospel, Eucharist and Prayer: “Thanks to these gifts from the Lord, we can conform not to the world, but to Christ, and to follow Him on His path, the path of ‘losing ones own life’ in order to find it” – Translated conclusion (August 31, 2014,

The Virgin Mary always precedes us on this path; let us be guided and accompanied by Her.

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