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The following information about the Journey of the Holy Family to Egypt has been compiled from various Eastern and Western resources, predominantly the Apocryphal Gospels of Pseudo Matthew and St. Thomas, as well as from the Arabic and Armenian Infancy Gospels. Moreover, the Vision of Theophilus by the twenty-third Patriarch of Alexandria from the fourth century as well as the Homily of Zachariah, Bishop of Sakha, seventh century were consulted. Finally, we have made use of the Coptic and Ethiopic Synaxaria (calendar of the saints) and several Muslim traditions.


It has proven to be rather challenging to present the reader with authentic information about first-century Egypt since most traditions relating to the Holy Family’s Flight to Egypt were rendered between the tenth and thirteenth centuries.

For more information we recommend the very comprehensive and invaluable study The Holy Family in Egypt by Otto F.A. Meinardus, The American University in Cairo Press 1986.

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