Date of Exhibit Thanksgiving 2006 - Thanksgiving 2007

Below are the Quilts from St. Simon's Quilting Group in Cincinnati which formed a discrete but rich backdrop for the drawings from "The Nativities through Children's Eyes" and also for the crθches.

Life Is Crazy Red

Linda M. Chapman

41” x 40”
Mixed textiles

This Is Christmas

Mary Brady

Mixed Textiles with Gold Thread

22" x 27"

Christmas Tree
Victoria Parker

43” x 12”

Mixed cottons with green backing

A Mother's Love

Joyce Coleman

43 Ύ” x 36”

Printed image on cotton backed

with purple flowers and stars

All About Life

Grace Glover

47” x 41”

Multi-textile with gold backing

Christmas Gifts

Victoria Parker

48” x 55”

Cotton backed with candy-strips

Christmas Gifts

Victoria Parker

48” x 55”

Cotton backed with candy-strips

Golden Life

Marian Clay

53 ½” x 52 ½”

Cotton backed with yellow

Life in the Desert

Joyce Coleman

34” x 41”

Mixed textiles backed in off-white


Rudena Williams

52” x 52”

White and gold percale with beige back


Emma Richardson

47” x 53”

Cotton backed with holly & white

Out of the Dark

Linda Chapman

Mixed textiles and buttons

56” x 60”

Serenity Prayer

Joyce Coleman

34 ½” x 44”

Printed image on cotton back with yellow star pattern

Christmas Squares

Victoria Parker

35 ½” x 16”

Mixed cottons with white backing


St. Simon's Quilting Group

38 ½” x 15 Ό”

Mixed cottons with white snowflake backing


Victoria Parker

37” x 13 Ύ”

Mixed cottons


Christmas Trees

St. Simon's Quilting Group

50” x 51”

Cotton patterns backed with white


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