Q: Explain the symbolism of the statue of Our Lady of the Trinity in Blois, France.

A: The Church of Our Lady of the Trinity in Blois was built in 1937. Its main sculpture featuring Our Lady with three rings intertwined on her chest, as well as the representation of the three privileges in the narthex of the church, are the work of Mrs. Roux-Colas. It is believed that the symbolism of the narthex rings was inspired by the Borromeo Family coat of arms. Symbol of the Trinity, highlighting the distinctive unity of the three divine persons, the three rings are also reminiscent of the so-called privileges of Mary as first perceived in a vision by Mechtild of Hackeborn. According to the medieval visionary, Our Lady was endowed by the Trinity with power, wisdom, and love. These three privileges led to the devotion of the Three Hail Marys ratified by Pope Benedict XV on July 20, 1921.

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