Q: Should we be praying "Rejoice, Mary" instead of "Hail, Mary"?

A: Scripture scholars agree with Pope John Paul II that the Greek word chaire in Sacred Scripture would be rendered more closely to the original with rejoice rather than hail, when translating the angel's greeting to Mary. A suggestion is to render the wording: Rejoice, Mary, the Lord is with you! [See: IDU, 28:1996] There is a similar issue in the title used to greet Mary [gratia plena, or 'full of grace' in the Latin Vulgate - kecharitomene, or 'highly favored one' in the Greek]. We've posted material on this second issue under "Your Questions"

We invite you to ponder this Scripture passage of the angel's message to Mary, and to tell us what you think about the use of either word. You are welcome to use our email address below.


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