Q: Is Mary mentioned in the Koran?

A: The Koran does indeed speak of Mary, that is Maryam, as the virginal mother of Jesus, whom Muslims consider to be a great prophet, although inferior to Mohammed. Chapter 19 of the Koran bears the name of Mary as its title. She is also mentioned in chapters (Suras) 3, 4, 33, 43, 57 and 66.

For example, the Koran says explicitly:
"And she who had remained a virgin ... We have breathed our Spirit upon her. We have made of her and her Son a sign to the world." (Sura 31, v. 91)
[Mary is] "chosen over all women in the world."

Scholars believe that the source for the Koran's Marian references are derived from Christian apocrypha rather than from canonical Scripture. For a more detailed description, see Reader Contribution at Your Question


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