Q: What does Mary have to do with indulgences?


The teaching on indulgences was revised and published on January 1, 1967 by Pope Paul VI under the title Indulgentiarum Doctrina (On the Revision of Indulgences).

The document contains the following paragraph:

The Treasury of the Church

The "treasury of the Church" [Cf Clement VI, Jubille Bull Unigenitus Dei Filium: Denz. 1025, 1026, 1027. Cf Sixtus IV, Encycl. Romani Pontificis: Denz. 1406. Cf Leo X, Decree Cum postquam: Denz. 1448; cf Denz. 1467, 2641] is explained like this. We certainly should not think of it as being the sum total of the material goods which have accumulated during the course of the centuries. On the contrary, the "treasury of the Church" is the infinite value, which can never be exhausted, which Christ's merits have before God. They were offered so that the whole of mankind could be set free from sin and attain communion with the Father. In Christ, the Redeemer himself, the satisfactions and merits of his Redemption exist and find their efficacy. [Cf Heb. 7:23-25, 9:11-28] This treasury includes as well the prayers and good works of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They are truly immense, unfathomable and even pristine in their value before God.

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