Q: What resources are available on the topic: Mary as Daughter of God the Father?

A: Check the topics on our page: http://www.udayton.edu/mary/resources/documents/themes.html

This is a list of topics that fits to Mary's relationship to the Father. The quotes are from Magisterial documents on these topics since Vatican II.

Topics: Mary and God the Father - General

The Father

Daughter of the Father
Immaculate Conception
Mother of God
Ever Virgin

We also have a review of a document called, God the Father of Mercy. This has a Marian reference: The book contains an entire chapter devoted to Mary, the Holy Trinity's Sign of Mercy. Mary is the object of God's mercy. She is God's lowly and poor one. As the document states: "Mary becomes the prophet of God's mercy, as well as its icon. She as no one else knows the mystery of mercy that reaches its climax on Calvary. The Virgin who became the Mother of Jesus at Christmas, enabling God's mercy to become incarnate, on Calvary becomes the Mother of the Church, expanding her bowels of mercy toward all of her children."

According the to tradition Mary has been called upon as Mother of Mercy since the third century. Several examples from the writings of the Fathers are given wherein Mary is noted for her mercy in imitation of God who is mercy. In Ethiopia, a devotion developed known as Mary, covenant of mercy. This devotion is explained in greater detail.

In general, the theme is discussed in a new feature called, Mary, Beloved of the Trinity. Often the theme is approached from the perspective: Mary is chosen by the Father, loved by the Father, prepared by the Father. Another aspect is to search her relationship to the Father in her Magnificat, addressed to the Father and in the Abba of Jesus, if we follow the catechetical line of Catechesi Tradenae that speaks of Mary as the one who teaches Jesus to pray.

Other bibliographic sources may be approach the aspect from particularly spiritualities. There is for instance, a small, but rich booklet of quotations by the founder of the Schoenstatt Movement, Fr. Joseph Kentenich. There is a section in the book which speaks of Mary's relation to the Father – especially under the aspect of spiritual childhood toward the Father and trust in his providence. A copy of that book can be obtained by sending an email the Schoenstatt Retreat Center in Waukesha, Wisconsin at: srjessica@juno.com


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