Q: Do we really have to call Mary Mother of God? Isn't it correct just to call her mother of Jesus?


  • The expression, Mother of God, may hurt and seem preposterous. It is, if by using this expression we make of Mary a super-goddess or the creator of God.
  • Mary is an exceptionally graced creature, not a goddess. God wanted her to be the mother of his son according to his humanity. She does not form in her womb his divine nature. This is pre-existent and comes into her womb with the power of the Spirit to coalesce in the god-human person of Jesus Christ.
  • To call Mary the Mother of Jesus may be correct if by saying so we do not want to reduce Jesus to a mere human being and strip him of his divine origin and nature.
  • To avoid linguistic difficulties official documents based on long standing words carry meanings which are not always explicit and co-extensive with their word-carriers. They need explanation. In this case, both Mother of God and Mother of Jesus need explanation.

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