Q: What are the origins of the title "Our Lady of the Rosary"?

A: Regarding the title, Our Lady of the Rosary, it is opportune to remember not only that Marian titles evolve over time, but also that there is no supreme tribunal like the French Academy to regulate the exact wording and content of these titles ... with one exception: Holy Liturgy. It is in and through the liturgy that advocations and titles coined by convention receive their specific wording and content. This can easily be verified in the following retro-active listing of the various descriptions of what basically is one and the same idea: Our Lady honored under the title of, or reference to the rosary.

Thus the supreme consecration of a Marian title is the liturgy. According to this principle the exact wording of the title, Our Lady of the Rosary, was officially coined in 1969.  However, if you are looking for more generic references, meaning not this exact title, then we can tell you that the first mention of a feast of the rosary is dated 1547 (Spain); the title "Queen of the Rosary" appears in the litanies of Loreto in 1883; representations of Our Lady with or within the "rosary" (wreath, garden, beads) go back to the second half of the fifteenth century.

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