Virgo Veneranda
Virgin Most Venerable

The figure of Mary, holding a lily in her hand, is encapsulated in a medallion inscribed, "Venerable and Saint" (Numbers 28).  Above and to her right, her risen Son is sitting on a throne, pointing with a gesture of invitation to a second throne, next to this own, reserved for his mother.

The medallion rests on the replica of the house of Loreto, itself placed on a rock.  At the foot of the rock a group of devotees is standing or kneeling in prayer.  This group is seemingly contrasted with another group of people threatened by the snake (devil) hiding in a tree.  The central figure, with his back to the onlooker, seems to petition Mary's help in the combat against evil.

"All generations will call me blessed"  (Luke, 1:48).

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