Virgo Clemens
Virgin Most Merciful

Her hands folded and head inclined, Mary suggests meekness and compassion. The various inscriptions highlight this advocation, "The law of mercy is on her lips" (Proverbs 31).  Illustrating the image of the heart at the bottom of the medallion, we read,  "My heart is like melting wax" (Psalm 21).  Right and left of Mary's portrait we discover two allegorical animals emphasizing mercy: one is the Pelican feeding his brood, with its own blood; the other is the mother-hen protecting her chicken.  The bottom half of the illustration pictures the wedding feast of Cana, a further reference to Mary's attentiveness to human needs and her merciful intercession.  The scene is flanked by two additional inscriptions and symbols.  "Mercy is like the evening rain,"  says one of them (Proverbs 16). The motto is visualized with an abundantly growing plant contrasting a broken column.  The second scene, to the right, shows Rebekah with the jug offering a drink to people and animals, "I will draw water for your camels, too" (Genesis 24:20) says the inscription.

"I will be merciful to you for you have found favor with me" (Exodus 33).

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