Regina Patriarcharum
Queen of Patriarchs

The portrait of Mary, here depicted as queenly figure in typical baroque style, is surrounded by two horns of plenty overflowing with crowns and scepters on one side, with ecclesiastical emblems and the crucifix from the other horn.  These scattered symbols of power are contrasted with Mary's scepter and crown which are unshaken and dominant.

There are two groups of Patriarchs at Mary's feet.  The one on the right represents patriarchs of the Old Testament: Moses and the Tables of the law, Abraham and Isaac with the bundle of wood for the sacrifice, as well as Jacob and other Old Testament figures.   The group on the left depicts some of the important founders of religious orders, notably Saint Ignatius (clothed with liturgical vestments marked by the Jesus monogram), Saint Francis (with Franciscan habit showing his stigmatized hands), possibly also two figures representing the Dominican and Augustinian traditions.  Saint Benedict, patriarch of monastic life in the West, is sitting and holding a chalice, his most popular attribute.

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