Regina Apostolorum
Queen of Apostles

Mary is hovering over the group of apostles gathered in the Upper Room.  Her posture and countenance are those of the Immaculata.  Her outstretched arms suggest intercession and mediation.  Stars and rays of light, as well as the wheel of time marked by the signs of the Zodiac  surrounding her figure point to the woman clothed with the Sun (Revelation 12:1).  The crown held by the little angel confirms her title as Queen of the Apostles.  Meanwhile the tongues of fire, symbols of the Holy Spirit’s (dove) light and zeal, are descending upon the apostles.  The whole scene, which stresses the fullness of Mary’s grace, is reminiscent of Acts 1:14, “They persevered in prayer, Mary, the mother of Jesus, being in their midst.”

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