Mater Purissima
Mother Most Pure

Mother and child are represented in the circular shield of the full moon, inscribed, "Pulchra ut luna," beautiful as the moon.

The two astronomers sitting atop of the observatory are gazing heavenwards with their telescopes, only to reach the conclusion, "Tota pulchra es, macula non est in te" (You are most beautiful and there is neither fail nor stain in you).

Beauty is assimilated with the moon as stated in the Song of Songs: ". . .beautiful as the moon, resplendent as the sun" (6:10).  Beauty is synonymous of purity.  As the moon receives light from the sun, so the human person (Mary) receives beauty and purity from God.  In this sense we understand the following lemma,

"What God has made clean, you are not to call unclean (profane)" (Acts 10:15).

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