Mater Inviolata
Mother Inviolate

This title is defined with regard to the Sun.  There exists reciprocity between Mary and the Sun, Sol in Virgine and Virgo in Sole.  The Sun, symbol for Jesus Christ, dwells in her virginal person, just as much as Mary has meaning only in and through the Sun Jesus Christ.  See the Jesus (IHS) monogram on Mary's chest.

Mary's position with regard to the Sun places her in the center or beyond the changing seasons and times, symbolized by the signs of the Zodiac.

Mary, the inviolate mother, is the mirror without stain (Wisdom 7).  The light and power of the Holy Spirit traverses her heart and is perfectly reflected; she is inviolately passing on the Spirit's grace so as to bring light into the world (the burning candle) by virginal birth (virginea generatio).

"Because she has loved chastity, she will be blessed in eternity" (Judith 15:10).

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