Mater Creatoris
Mother of Our Creator

The customary and imposing half-figure representation of Mother and Child is resting on a bank of clouds, Mary holding a scepter, the Christ child the whole of the universe.  The halo-shaped inscription over Christ's head says, "He sustains everything through his mighty word," (Hebrews 2).

Jesus Christ is hailed by the two figures kneeling at his feet.  Saint Paul on the left proclaims, "So whoever is in Christ is a new creation," (2 Corinthians 5:17).  King David expresses the despair and longing of the Old Testament, "Ad nihilum redactus sum, et nescivi" (Psalms 72); I am nobody, and did not even know it.  The sentiment of nothingness of the Old Testament is overcome by the reality of being a new creation in Christ. 

What is Mary's place in all of this?  She exclaims with the Ecclesiastes, "He who created me has deigned to dwell in my womb" (Sirach 24).

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