Mater Amabilis
Mother Most Amiable

Mary's amiability is directed first of all to the Christ child as is shown in the Eleousa (tenderness) expression of the medallion.  The hearts of Mother and son are burning in reciprocal love.

Mary is the most amiable.  To attest this superlative, Mary is compared to prominent  Old Testament women figures, for example to:

Esther, who is of elegant aspect 
(Esther 2)

Judith, who is also of elegant aspect 
(Judith 8)

Rebecca, who is of exquisite beauty (Genesis 24)
Rachel, who is well formed and beautiful (Genesis 29)

However, the verdict of the little angel is irrevocable, Mary is "amabilis super omnes." She is more lovable than all four of them.

"You exceed through your amiability the love of all other women" (2 Kings 1).

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