Mater Admirabilis
Mother Most Admirable

Mother and child in the medallion are reminiscent of the Salus Populi icon at Saint Mary Major.  The medallion is flanked by two pyramid-shaped constructions from which ex-voto type objects are hanging.  Both pyramids are crowned with a burning heart.

Between the two pyramids there is a representation of the burning bush, traditional symbol of Mary's inviolate virginity (Exodus 3:2-5).  Moses kneeling in front of the burning bush articulates the following: "Bring me to your holy mountain, to the place of your dwelling," (Psalm 42, III, 3). 

Mother and child are symbols of this divine dwelling place.  The two pyramids are like ardent monuments of intercessory prayer addressed to Christ through Mary.  The figures at the base of the two pyramids may be allegories of the elements, for example, wind, earth, water. . . .

"Her name will be called 'admirable!'" (Isaiah 9)

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