Auxilium Christianorum
Help of Christians

The meek and mild mannered representation of Mother and child contrasts sharply with the amassed military paraphernalia surrounding them.  Coat of arms (cross and half-moon) and armament are reminiscent of the opposition between Christians and Turks, and the naval battle featured evokes the October 7, 1571 victory of the Holy Ligue under Don Juan of Austria against the Turks.  The victory of Lepanto was given a special Marian meaning because of its connection with the month of October and the rosary. Commemorative coins bear the inscription:  “The Lord’s right is raised, the Lord’s right hand strikes with power” (Psalm 118:16), and the date of the victory on October 7 was chosen by Gregory XIII as the annual feast of the rosary.  The lemma hails God’s support and warns the enemies of the faith: “Woe the nations that rise against my people! The Lord Almighty will requite them” (Judith 16:17). Pope Pius V officially added this invocation to the litany of Loreto in 1571.

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