September 2012



Sep. 1 - Cardinal Martini: Faithful Servant and Distinguished Pastor – Translated conclusion of condolences (Sep. 1, 2012, VIS).

… I lift fervent prayers to the Lord that, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, He may welcome this faithful servant and distinguished pastor to the heavenly Jerusalem…

Sep. 2 - On the Law of God: "It leads man out of the slavery of egoism and brings him into the 'land' of true freedom and life" – Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (Castel Gandolfo, Italy, Sep. 3, 2012,

…May the Virgin Mary, to whom we now turn in prayer, help us to listen with an open and sincere heart to the Word of God, so that it might direct our thoughts, choices, actions every day.

Sep. 8 –Pope's Address to Marian Congress: "The singular figure of the Mother of God must be developed and studied from diverse and complimentary perspectives" – Translation (Castel Gandolfo, Sep. 10, 2012,

With great joy I welcome all of you here to Castel Gandolfo as we near the conclusion of the 23rd International Mariological Marian Congress. It is quite appropriate that you are reflecting on the topic "The Mariology from Council Vatican II: Receipt, Result and Perspectives" since we will soon be remembering and celebrating the 50th anniversary of the opening of that great assembly on October 11, 1962.…

To read the entire article visit: Pope's Address to Marian Congress..

Sep. 8-Pope's Message on Ten Commandments: "God has given us the Commandments to educate us to liberty and genuine love" – Translated conclusion of video message (Sep. 10, 2012,

… May the Virgin Mary support this path …

Sep. 9-On a One-Word Summary of Christ's Message and Work: The heart "is what Jesus has come to 'open,' to free" – Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (Castel Gandolfo, Sep. 10, 2012,

…Let us turn now in prayer to Mary Most Holy, whose birth we celebrated yesterday. Because of her singular relationship with the Incarnate Word, Mary is completely "open" to the love of the Lord, her heart is constantly listening to his Word. May her maternal intercession obtain for us the ability every day to experience, in faith, the miracle of "ephphatha," to live in communion with God and our brothers.

Sep. 10- Colombia: Sow the Gospel to Reap Reconciliation – Translated excerpt of an address to bishops on their ad limina visit (Sep. 10, 2012, VIS).

The history of Colombia is indelibly marked by … their devotion to the Virgin Mary …

Sep. 12- On Prayer in the Second Part of the Book of Revelation: "There are no superfluous, useless prayers; not one of them is lost" – Translated comment after the Angelus address (Sep. 12, 2012,

A final thought for young people, the sick and newlyweds. Today we celebrate the memorial of the Most Holy Name of Mary: dear young people, may you learn to love in the school of the Mother of Jesus; dear sick, in suffering may you ask help and comfort of Mary through the prayer of the Rosary; and may you, dear newlyweds, always know, like Our Lady, how to listen for the will of God for your family.

Sep. 14- Pope's Address Upon Signing Apostolic Exhortation on Mideast: It "can be read and understood in the light of this Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross" – Translated conclusion (Beirut, Lebanon, Sep. 14, 2012,

…Through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, the Theotókos, I invoke God's abundant gifts upon all of you with great affection!…

Sep. 14-Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Medio Oriente, On the Church in the Middle East: Communion and Witness (

15. … Jesus … gives them the Spirit of his Father as well as Mary, his Mother (Jn 14:26;16:7 and 19:27). These two gifts, different in level, can be a powerful source of help, one that merits greater attention on the part of all. … 20. … Mary, His Mother, likewise invites us to rediscover the Jewish roots of Christianity. … 23. The Catholic Church, in fidelity to the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, looks with esteem to Muslims, who … honour Mary, his Virgin Mother. … 100. The heart of Mary, Theotókos and Mother of the Church, was pierced (cf. Lk 2:34-35) on account of the "contradiction" brought by her divine Son, that is to say, because of the opposition and hostility to his mission of light which Christ himself had to face, and which the Church, his mystical Body, continues to experience. May Mary, whom the whole Church, in East and West alike, venerates with affection, grant us her maternal assistance. Mary All-Holy, who walked in our midst, will once again present our needs to her divine Son. She offers us her Son. Let us listen to her, for she opens our hearts to hope: "Do whatever he tells you" (Jn 2:5).

Sep. 15-Pope's Address to Lebanese Youth: "Look for relationships of genuine, uplifting friendship. Find ways to give meaning and depth to your lives" – Translated conclusion (Beirut, Lebanon, Sep. 15, 2012,

… In conclusion, let us turn to Mary, the Mother of the Lord, our Lady of Lebanon. From the heights of Mount Harissa she protects and accompanies you with a mother's love. She watches over all the Lebanese people and over the many pilgrims who come from all directions to entrust to her their joys and their sorrows! This evening, let us once more entrust to the Virgin Mary and to Blessed John Paul II, who came here before me, your own lives and the lives of all the young people of Lebanon and the countries of the region, particularly those suffering from violence or from loneliness, those in need of strength and consolation. May God bless you all! And now together, let us lift up our prayer to Mary: Hail Mary…

Sep. 16-On Violence and Conflict: "Why so much horror? Why so many dead?" – Translated excerpts of the Angelus address (Beirut, Lebanon, Sep. 16, 2012,

Let us now turn to Mary, Our Lady of Lebanon, around whom both Christians and Muslims gather. Let us ask her to intercede with her divine Son for you and, more particularly, for the people of Syria and the neighbouring countries, imploring the gift of peace.…

Mary, our Mother, understands our concern and our needs. Together with the Patriarchs and Bishops present, I place the Middle East under her maternal protection (cf. Propositio 44).

Sep. 16-Pope's Address at Ecumenical Meeting in Beirut: "Let us work without ceasing so that the love of Christ may lead us little by little into full communion with each other" – Translated extracts (Beirut, Lebanon, Sep. 16, 2012,

… For, as I wrote in the Apostolic Exhortation Ecclesia in Medio Oriente which I have the pleasure of consigning to you, "Jesus draws into unity those who believe in and love him; he gives them the Spirit of his Father as well as Mary, his mother" (n. 15).

I entrust each one of you and all the members of your Churches and ecclesial communities to the Virgin Mary. May she intercede with her Son for us, so that we may be delivered from every evil and from all forms of violence, and so that the Middle East may at last know a time of reconciliation and peace.…

Sep. 16-Papal Address Upon Concluding Lebanon Visit: "In these troubled times, the Arab world and indeed the entire world will have seen Christians and Muslims united in celebrating peace"-Translated excerpt (Beirut, Lebanon, Sep. 16, 2012,

… The Virgin Mary, venerated with devotion and tenderness by the faithful of the religious confessions here present, is a sure model for going forward in hope along the path of a lived and authentic brotherhood. Lebanon understood this well when, some time ago, she proclaimed March 25 as a holiday, thus allowing everyone to live more deeply their unity in serenity. May the Virgin Mary, whose ancient shrines are so numerous in your country, continue to accompany and inspire you! …

Sep. 19-On Pope Benedict XVI's Apostolic Journey to Lebanon: "Concord and reconciliation must be stronger than the forces of death" – Translated conclusion of the General Audience (Sep. 19, 2012,

… To the maternal intercession of Mary, who is venerated at so many and such ancient Lebanese shrines, I entrust the fruits of this pastoral visit, as well as the good intentions and just aspirations of the entire Middle East.

Sep. 23-On Being 'in Synch' with God: "God's logic is always 'other' with respect to ours"- Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (Sep. 24, 2012,

…And the Virgin Mary is perfectly in "synch" with God: let us invoke her with confidence so that she might teach us how to faithfully follow Jesus on the path of love and humility.

Sep. 29-Papal Farewell to Castel Gandolfo Staff: "The best way to remember each other is by prayer" – Translated conclusion (Castel Gandolfo, Oct. 1, 2012,

…To the Virgin Mary, whom we venerate in the month of October as Queen of the Holy Rosary, I entrust each of you, your families and friends. May she always accompany us with her loving gaze and guide our steps along the road of justice and truth.

Sep. 29- Benedict XVI Takes His Leave of Castelgandolfo -Translated extracts (Sep. 29, 2012, VIS).

…I am thinking of my imminent visit to Loreto by which I wish to recall the fiftieth anniversary of Blessed John XXIII's pilgrimage there during which he entrusted Vatican Council II to the Virgin; …

…May the Virgin Mary, the Church's Mother and ours, whom we trustingly invoke during the month of October with the daily recitation of the Rosary, protect you always.

Sep. 30-On the Good Done Outside the Church Community: "We must all be always able to appreciate and esteem each other"-Translated conclusion of the Angelus Address (Castel Gandolfo, Oct. 1, 2012,

… Dear friends, through the intercession of Mary Most Holy, let us pray that we might know how to rejoice in every good deed and initiative, without envy and jealousy, and to use earthly goods wisely in the continuous pursuit of eternal goods



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