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May 6 - On the Vine and the Branches: "Remaining always united to Jesus, relying on Him, is indispensable" – Translated conclusions of the Regina Coeli address (May 7, 2012,

… Let us supplicate the Mother of God that we might remain firmly grafted onto Jesus and each of our actions have in Him its sole beginning and completion.

(Comments) … I wish you all a good Sunday and a good month of May, in the spiritual company of Our Lady.…

May 7 - Pope's Address to New Swiss Guards: "In order to show love to one's brethren, it is necessary to draw it from the furnace of divine charity" – Translated conclusion (May 7, 2012,

…May the Virgin Mary, whom we honor in a special way during the month of May, help you to experience ever more each day that profound communion with God, which for we who believe begins on earth and will be brought to completion in Heaven. …

May 9 - On St. Peter's Imprisonment and Miraculous Release: "True freedom is found in following Jesus" – Translation of the concluding remarks after the General Audience (May 9, 2012 ,

…The month of May recalls our devotion to the Mother of God; dear young people, do not disdain to recite the Rosary, which is a simple but efficacious prayer; dear sick, may the Virgin be your support in your suffering and a model in offering it to the Lord; and may you, dear newlyweds, learn to look to the Madonna as mother and as bride as you begin to build your life in common.

May 10 - Papal Address to Pontifical Spanish College of St. Joseph: "The specific formation of priests is always one of the main priorities of the Church" – Translated extract (Vatican City, May 10, 2012,

… Hence, encouraged by the virtues and the example of Saint John of Avila, I invite you to carry out your presbyterial ministry with the same apostolic zeal that characterized him, with his same austerity of life, as well as with the same filial affection that he had for the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of priests.

Under the dear name of "Mater clementissima," the students have been innumerable who have entrusted to her their vocation, their studies, their most noble exertions and projects, as well as their sadnesses and concerns. Do not fail to invoke her every day or tire of repeating her name with devotion. Listen to Saint John of Avila , when he exhorted priests to imitate her: "Let us look at ourselves, Fathers, from head to toe, soul and body, and we will see ourselves made similar to the Most Holy Virgin Mary, who with her words brought God to her womb … And the priest brings Him with the words of the consecration" (First Talk to Priests). The Mother of Christ is the model of that love that leads to giving one's life for the Kingdom of God, without expecting anything in return.

May the community of the Pontifical Spanish College of Rome, under the protection of Our Lady, be able to continue to fulfill its objectives of further reflection and actualization of ecclesiastical studies, in the climate of profound presbyterial communion and high scientific rigor that distinguishes it, in view of realizing, henceforth, the profound fraternity requested by Vatican Council II "by reason of the common sacred ordination and the common mission" (Lumen Gentium, 28).…

May 11 – Papal Address to Directors of the Pontifical Missionary Works: "Your work of missionary animation and formation is part of the soul of pastoral care" – Translated conclusion (May 11, 2012,

…May the Virgin Most Holy, Queen of the Missions accompany you and sustain your every effort in promoting missionary awareness and collaboration.…

May 13 - Pope's Address in Sansepolcro: "I invite young people to think big: have the courage to be daring!" – Translated extract and conclusion of homily (May 15, 2012,

… Among the treasures of your tradition is the pride in a Christian identity, testified to by many signs and by traditional devotions like the one to Our Lady of Comfort.…

…May the Holy Virgin, who is especially venerated during this month of May, keep watch over each of you and sustain the efforts for a better future. O Mary, Queen of Peace, hear our prayer: make us witnesses of your Son and tireless builders of justice and peace.

May 13 – On Our Lady of Comfort: "Mary Most Holy always wants to comfort her children in moments of great difficulty and suffering" – Translation of most of the Regina Coeli address in Arezzo, Italy (May 14, 2012,

At the conclusion of this eucharistic celebration, the time of the Marian prayer invites us all to go in spirit before the image of Our Lady of Comfort in the cathedral.

To read the entire article visit: On Our Lady of Comfort

May 11 - Pope's Thanksgiving After Anniversary Concert: "In you, Lord, I joyfully place my hope, make me love you as your Holy Mother" – Translated extracts (May 14, 2012,

… The Magnificat, which we heard, is Mary's song of praise and that of all the humble of heart, who recognize and acknowledge with joy and gratitude the action of God in their own life and in history; of God whose "style" is different from man's, because he sides with the least to give hope. …

With the two sacred pieces of Giuseppe Verdi that we heard, the register changes: we find ourselves before Mary's sorrow at the foot of the Cross: Stabat Mater dolorosa. The great Italian opera composer, who looked into and expressed the drama of so many personages in his works, here sketches that of the Virgin who looks at her Son on the Cross. …Suffice it to think of the aching sense of "mercy" with which the Sequence begins, to the dramatic "Pro peccatis suae gentes," to the whispered "dum emisit spiritum," to the choral invocations charged with emotion, but also of serenity, addressed to Mary "fons amoris," so that we can participate in her maternal grief and make our hearts burn with love for Christ, up to the last stanza, intense and potent prayer to God that the glory of Paradise may be given to the soul, ultimate aspiration of humanity.

… In you, Lord, I joyfully place my hope, make me love you as your Holy Mother, so that at the end of the journey my soul may be given the glory of Paradise….

May 18 – Mary of Nazareth: Woman of the Total "Here I Am" for God – Translated extract of comments on the movie (May 18, 2012, VIS).

…But the centre is Mary of Nazareth who possesses the wealth of a life that has been a "Here I am" for God. She is a mother who would have always wanted to keep her Son at her side, but she knows that He is God. Her faith and her love are so great that she can accept Him leaving to accomplish His mission. Her life is a constant "Here I am", said to God from the Annunciation until the Cross.…

May 18 - Papal Address to US Bishops: "The truth of Christ needs not only to be understood, articulated and defended, but to be proposed joyfully and confidently" – Conclusion (May 18, 2012,

…With great affection I commend you, and the clergy, religious and lay faithful entrusted to your pastoral care, to the loving intercession of Mary Immaculate, Patroness of the United States.…

May 19 - Papal Audience on the 'Logic of the Gift': "What happens in the family ... is a fundamental educational moment for learning how to live as a Christian" – Translated conclusion (May 21, 2012,

…I invoke on your behalf the maternal intercession of the Virgin Mary …

May 20 - On the Ascension: "In His humanity, He brought humanity with Him into the depths of the Father" – Translated extracts of the Regina Coeli address (May 21, 2012,

…We supplicate the Virgin Mary, that she help us to contemplate the heavenly goods that the Lord has promised us and to become ever more credible witnesses of the divine life.

(After the Regina Coeli) …Thursday, May 24 is a day dedicated to the liturgical memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary Help of Christians, venerated with great devotion at the shrine of Sheshan in Shanghai. …May Mary, faithful Virgin, sustain Chinese Catholics on their journey, make their prayer ever more intense and precious in the eyes of the Lord, and make the universal Church's affection for the Church in China grow along with her participation in her path. …

(In English) … Let us ask the Virgin Mary to obtain for us a deeper faith in her Son, so that we may live to the full the spiritual joy which he wills for us. …

May 23 - On the Holy Spirit's Prayer in Us: 'Abba! Father!': "God has inscribed Himself in our hearts" – Translated extract of the General Audience (May 23, 2012,

…A final note: we also learn to cry out "Abba! Father" with Mary, the Mother of the Son of God. The arrival of the fullness of time, of which St. Paul speaks in the Letter to the Galatians (cf. 4:4) occurs at the moment of Mary's "yes", of her full adherence to the Will of God: "Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord" (Luke 1:38).…

May 23 – May the Gift of the Holy Spirit Support the Faith of the Christian Community – Translated comment after the General Audience (May 23, 2012, VIS).

(in Polish) …Together with Mary and the Apostles, let us persevere in prayer.…"

May 26 – Papal Address to Renewal in the Spirit Movement: "Do Not Tire of Turning to Heaven" – Translated conclusion (May 30, 2012,

… I entrust you to Mary Most Holy, present in the cenacle at Pentecost. Persevere with her in prayer, walk with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, living and proclaiming the news of Christ.…

May 27 – On the Feast of Pentecost: "The Spirit of the risen Lord continues to make his voice heard" – Translated extract and conclusion of the Regina Caeli address (May 21, 2012,

… By this solemnity we are reminded and we relive the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and the other disciples, gathered together in prayer with the Virgin Mary in the cenacle (cf. Acts 2:1-11).

… Praying now together the Regina Caeli, we invoke the intercession of the Virgin Mary, that she obtain for the Church to be powerfully animated by the Holy Spirit, to bear witness to Christ with evangelical boldness and to open herself more and more to the fullness of the truth.

May 27 – Benedict XVI's Pentecost Homily: "Only With the Gift of God's Spirit Can There be Unity" – Translated conclusion (June 12, 2011,

…And they gather in prayer with Mary in the cenacle in expectation of the promised event (cf. Acts 1:14). Today the Church – recollected as she was at her birth with Mary – prays: "Veni Sancte Spiritus!" …

May 31 - Papal Address at Conclusion of the Marian Month of May: "Her Faith Invites Us to Look Beyond Appearances" – Translation (June 1, 2012,

I am always very happy to take part in this Marian vigil in the Vatican, a moment that, even with the presence of so many people, always has an intimate and familiar character. The month that the devotion of the faithful dedicates in an altogether particular way, to devotion to the Mother of God, closes with the liturgical feast that recalls the "second Joyful Mystery": Mary's visit to her cousin Elizabeth.…

To read the entire article visit: Her Faith Invites Us to Look Beyond Appearances



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