July 2011



"The Church Is Not a Social, Philanthropic Organization" - Address to Italian Pilgrims: On Church, Education, Family to a group of pilgrims from the Italian Diocese of Altamura-Gravina-Acquaviva delle Fonti, July 2, 2011.

Dear friends, particular attention must be given to the way of considering education in Christian life, so that every person can follow an authentic path of faith, through the different ages of life; a path in which -- like the Virgin Mary -- the person receives profoundly the Word of God and puts it into practice, becoming a witness of the Gospel.
Dear brothers and sisters, let us entrust the journey of your diocesan community to Mary Most Holy, Mother of the Lord and Mother of the Church, our Mother. In her we contemplate what the Church is and is called to be. With her "yes" she gave Jesus to the world and now participates fully in the glory of God.

On the Yoke of Christ: "The Force of Truth ... Is What Can Ensure a Future Worthy of Man" Angelus Address, July 3, 2011

Dear friends, yesterday we celebrated the particular liturgical memorial of Mary Most Holy praising God for her Immaculate Heart. May the Virgin help us to "learn" from Jesus' true humility, to take up with determination his light yoke, to experience interior peace and become in turn capable of consoling our brothers and sisters who continue to work hard as they travel the path of life.

Jesus, Himself a Parable: "God Does Not Force Us to Believe in Him, But He Draws Us to Himself" Angelus Address, Castel Gandolfo, July 10, 2011

May the Virgin Mary help us by her example to be "good soil" where the seed of the word might bear fruit.

"A Witness to the Changing Face of Europe" - Condolence Message for Otto von Habsburg, July 11, 2011

Through the intercession of Mary, the mother of God, I offer an Apostolic Blessing to all family members and to all who mourn Archduke Otto, and who pray for his eternal salvation.

On Our Good and Great Father: "Where He Is Not, There Can Be No Good" Angelus Address, Castel Gandolfo, July 17, 2011

Let us turn with confidence to Mary, whom we invoked yesterday with the title of Most Holy Virgin of Mount Carmel, so that she will help us to follow Jesus faithfully, and thus live as true children of God.

[In Spanish, he said:]
I greet affectionately the Spanish-speaking pilgrims present at this Marian prayer, as well as those who join it through radio and television. Today's liturgy presents to us a God, kind and rich in clemency, who governs the world with wisdom and whose patience has no limit, giving the sinner the necessary time to open his heart to the divine Word, to learn how he behaves, he who can do all, and to reflect in our lives the greatness of his love and mercy. May we be helped in this by the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Happy Sunday.

[In Polish, he said:]
Yesterday, we celebrated the memorial of Mary, Mother of God of the Scapular (Our Lady of Mount Carmel).  The scapular is a particular sign of union with Jesus and Mary.  For those who wear it, it is a sign of filial abandonment to the protection of the Immaculate Virgin.  In our battle against evil, may Mary our Mother wrap us in her mantle.  I commend you to her protection and I bless you from my heart.

On Solomon's Heart: "The Capacity to Hear the Voice of Truth, to Be Docile to Its Instructions" Angelus Address, Castel Gandolfo, July 24, 2011

So, let us ask for the help of the Virgin Mary, Seat of Wisdom. Her "heart" is perfectly "docile" to the Lord's will.  Although she is a humble and simple person, Mary is a queen in the eyes of God, and as such we venerate her.   May the Holy Virgin help us also to form, with God's grace, a conscience always open to the truth and sensitive to justice, to serve the Kingdom of God. 

Pope Calls for Awakening "Christian Soul" in Education, July 26, 2011

Benedict XVI says the Teresian Association is a "good idea" and is asking Our Lady's blessing on their efforts to awaken "the Christian and human soul in the world of education."   This was the message in a papal note sent on behalf of the Pope by his secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, to the Teresian Association.  The association is celebrating its centennial this year and is gathered in plenary assembly through Thursday. ... The Holy Father's message spoke of the association as "an idea" that was born under the gaze of Our Lady of Covadonga, "a good idea to give a breath of renewal to an exacting Christian life and to a generous mission of evangelizing and humanizing the various social sectors."



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