February 2012



Feb. 2 - On the Prayer of Jesus in Gethsemane: "Nowhere Else in Sacred Scripture Do We Gain So Deep an Insight into the Inner Mystery of Jesus" – Translated extract of the Pope’s address at the General Audience (Feb. 1, 2012,

…It [to ask God to conform our wills to His] is a prayer that we must make daily, because it is not always easy to entrust ourselves to God’s will, to repeat the “yes” of Jesus, the “yes” of Mary.

Feb. 2 - Pope's Feb. 2 Homily for Day of Consecrated Life: "Old and New Testament Join Together in a Marvelous Way in Giving Thanks for the Gift of the Light" – Translated excerpts of the Vespers homily (Feb. 6, 2012,

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, forty days after Jesus' birth, shows us Mary and Joseph, who in obedience to the Mosaic Law travel to the temple of Jerusalem to offer the child, as the first born, to the Lord and ransom Him by a sacrifice (cf. Luke 2:22-24).
… The ritual gesture of Jesus' parents, which takes place in the form of the humble discretion that characterizes the Incarnation of the Son of God, is received in a unique way by the elderly Simeon and the prophetess Anna. By divine inspiration they recognize in that child the Messiah announced by the prophets. In the meeting between the venerable old Simeon and Mary, the young mother, the Old and the New Testament join together in a marvelous way in giving thanks for the gift of the Light, which shown in the darkness and prevented it from taking over:
… Thus in today's feast we celebrate the mystery of consecration: the consecration of Jesus, the consecration of Mary, the consecration of all those who place themselves in the following of Jesus for the love of the Kingdom of God.…

Feb. 5 - On the Paradox of Illness: "Jesus Christ Came to Conquer Evil at Its Root" – Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (Feb. 6, 2012,

… Dear friends, next Saturday, Feb. 11, the commemoration of the Blessed Virgin of Lourdes, is the World Day of the Sick. … And we invoke the intercession of the Madonna, especially for situations of great suffering and isolation. Mary, Health of the Sick, pray for us!

Feb. 12 - On Jesus, the 'Leper': "Every Barrier Between God and Human Impurity ... Is Torn Down" – Translated extract of the Angelus address (Feb. 13, 2012,

…Dear friends, let us turn in prayer to the Virgin Mary, whom we celebrated yesterday, remembering her appearances at Lourdes. Our Lady entrusted to St. Bernadette a message that is always relevant: the invitation to prayer and penance. Through His Mother it is always Jesus who comes to meet us, to free us from every sickness of body and soul.…

Feb. 13 - Pope's Message for World Day of Prayer for Vocations: "The Source of Every Perfect Gift Is God Who Is Love" – Translated conclusion (Feb. 13, 2012,

… May pastors and all the lay faithful always cooperate so that in the Church these "homes and schools of communion" may multiply, modelled on the Holy Family of Nazareth, the harmonious reflection on earth of the life of the Most Holy Trinity.…

Feb. 17 – Pope’s Sadness at the Fire in the Prison of Comayagua – Translated extract (Feb. 17, 2012, VIS).

… With these sentiments the Supreme Pontiff, while invoking the loving protect of Our Lady of Suyapa, affectionately imparts the comfort on an apostolic blessing as a sign of consolation and hope at this time of distress.…

Feb. 16 – Pope's Address to European, African Bishops: "May the Family Be at the Center of Your Attention as Pastors" – translated conclusion (Feb. 17, 2012,

… I entrust your spiritual proposals and your pastoral projects to the intercession of Mary, Star of Evangelization….

Feb. 18 – New Cardinals Must Love God, the Church, and Their Fellow Man – extract of translated homily (Feb. 18, 2012, VIS)

… On the ring which I will soon place on your finger, are represented Sts. Peter and Paul, and in the middle a star which evokes the Mother of God. … The example of the Virgin Mother will always be for you an invitation to follow her who was strong in faith and a humble servant of the Lord.….

Feb. 19 – Pope's Homily Sunday With New Cardinals: "The Petrine Ministry Is Therefore a Primacy of Love in the Eucharistic Sense" – Translated conclusion (Feb. 20, 2012,

… We now entrust your ecclesial service to the Virgin Mary, who was present among the apostolic community as they gathered in prayer, waiting for the Holy Spirit (cf. Acts 1:14). May she, Mother of the Incarnate Word, protect the Church’s path, support the work of the pastors by her intercession and take under her mantle the entire College of Cardinals.

Feb. 19 – On Peter's Mission: "To Feed the Flock of Christ, Keeping It United in Faith and Charity" – Translated conclusion of the Angelus address (Feb. 20, 2012,

… Dear friends, let us entrust the new cardinals to the maternal protection of Mary Most Holy, that she might always assist them in their ecclesial service and sustain them in trials. Mary, Mother of the Church, help me and those who tirelessly work with me for the unity of the People of God and to proclaim to all peoples the message of salvation, humbly and courageously accomplishing the service of truth in charity.

Feb. 20 – Unity in the Church Is a Divine Gift Which Must Be Defended – Translated conclusion (Feb. 20, 2012, VIS)

… I entrust you, dear brother cardinals, and the faithful accompanying you, to the protection of the Mother of God and of the Apostles Peter and Paul"..

Feb. 22 - Pope's Message for Lent 2012: "We Must Not Remain Silent Before Evil" – Translated conclusion (Feb. 7, 2012,

…As I offer my prayerful good wishes for a blessed and fruitful Lenten period, I entrust all of you to the intercession of the Mary Ever Virgin and cordially impart my Apostolic Blessing.

Feb. 22. – On the Forty Days of Lent: "Time Spent in the Desert Can Be Transformed into a Time of Grace" – An extract from his welcome to the English-speaking pilgrims at the general audience (Feb. 22, 2012,

I offer a special welcome to the faithful of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham on the occasion of their pilgrimage to the See of Peter.


--The Pope concludes his message by invoking the intercession of Our Lady of Aparecida, that the Lord may grant everyone, and especially the sick, "comfort and strength in accomplishing the duties specific to their individual, family or social condition, that these may become a source of health and progress in Brazil, making it fertile in sanctity, economically prosperous, even-handed in the distribution of wealth, joyful in public service, equitable in power and fraternal in development".
Pick up Zenit for full quote.

Feb. 24 - Pope's Address on Receiving Peter's Pence: "Charitable Service Becomes a Privileged Form of Evangelization" – Translated conclusion (Feb. 24, 2012,

… Dear friends, in renewing my appreciation for the service you render the Church, I entrust you, together with your families, to the maternal help of the Virgin Mary Salus Populi Romani and of the Saints your Protectors.…

Feb. 26 - On Temptation: "It Is with Patience and with True Humility That We Become Stronger Than Every Enemy" – Translated conclusion (Feb. 27, 2012,

… We supplicate Mary Most Holy with fervor that she accompany us on our Lenten path with her protection and help us to impress in our heart and in our life the words of Jesus Christ, to convert ourselves to Him.…



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