September 1 to September 25, 2005


Angelus Address, Castel Gandolfo September 18, 2005

Mary, present before the Cross at Calvary, is likewise present with the Church and as Mother of the Church in each of our Eucharistic celebrations. For this reason, no one better than her can teach us to understand and experience the Mass with faith and love, uniting ourselves to Christ's redeeming sacrifice. When we receive Holy Communion, we too, like Mary and united with her, embrace the wood that Jesus, with His love, transformed into an instrument of salvation, and we pronounce our 'Amen,' our 'yes' to Love that was crucified and rose again.

September 21, 2005:  Commentary on Psalm 131 (132) 11-18 - On the Transfer of the Ark of the Covenant

In this weekís catechesis, we consider the first part of Psalm One Hundred and Thirty-one. This Psalm celebrates King Davidís solemn transfer of the ark of the covenant, the sign of Godís presence among his People, to its resting-place in Jerusalem. Davidís promise to build a temple for the ark reminds us that the mystery of God is meant to have a central place in the life of every society. The ark and the temple are visible signs of Godís presence at every stage of our earthly pilgrimage, while every liturgical assembly celebrates the joyful encounter between God and humanity. The Psalm goes on to pray for Davidís anointed successors, which the Christian tradition has understood as a prophetic reference to Jesus Christ, the promised Messiah and King, the Incarnate Son of God, born of the Virgin Mary in the fullness of time for our salvation.

September 25, 2005:  Angelus Address, Castel Gandolfo

We will direct ourselves now to Mary, praying in a special way for all priests of the world so that they take from this Year of the Eucharist the fruit of renewed love for the sacrament that they celebrate.

May they, through the intercession of the Virgin Mother of God, be able to always live and give testimony to the mystery that has been placed in their hands for the salvation of the world.

Divine charity transformed the heart of the Virgin Mary before and more than that of all the saints. After the Annunciation, moved by the one she bore in her womb, the Mother of the Word incarnate went to visit and help her cousin Elizabeth. Let us pray so that every Christian, nourished by the Body and Blood of the Lord, will grow ever more in the love of God and in the generous service of his brothers.



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