April 2012



Apr. 2 - Pope's Address to WYD Pilgrims:  "Christ needs you by his side to extend and build his Kingdom of charity" – Translated conclusion (Apr. 3, 2012,

…May Mary Most Holy, who remained silent at the foot of the cross with her Son and waited patiently for the fulfillment of his promises, be always for you Mother of mercy, life, sweetness and hope.…

Apr. 4 - On the Trip to Mexico and Cuba:  "When God is excluded, the world becomes a place inhospitable to man." – Translated extracts from the General Audience (Apr. 4, 2012,

…The bicentennial of the Independence of Mexico and of other Latin American countries, the twentieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Mexico and the Holy See, and the fourth centenary of the discovery of the image of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre in the Republic of Cuba served as the occasions for my pilgrimage.…

The final event of my Visit to Mexico, which also took place in Leon, was the celebration of Vespers in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Light with bishops of Mexico and representatives from the Episcopate of [Latin] America.…

The first Holy Mass that I had the joy of celebrating on Cuban soil was placed within the context of the fourth centenary of the discovery of the image of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre, Patroness of Cuba.…

Before leaving Santiago de Cuba, I went to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Charity in El Cobre, so dear to the Cuban people. The pilgrimage to the image of Our Lady of Charity gave rise to great spiritual enthusiasm in the families of the Island, representing a significant event in the New Evangelization and an occasion to rediscover the faith. I especially recommended to the Holy Virgin all those who suffer and young Cubans.…

 [The Holy Father then greeted the people in various languages. In English, he said:]

From Santiago de Cuba, I went as a pilgrim to the shrine of Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre and then to Havana, where I prayed for a rebirth of faith, openness to God’s love and respect for the truth about our human dignity and freedom revealed in Christ.…

Apr. 6 – The Mystery of the Passion Inspires Us to Continue in Hope – Translated conclusion of the pope's address after the Via Crucis (Apr. 6, 2012, VIS).

…Let us entrust ourselves to the Mother of Christ. May Mary, who accompanied her Son along His way of sorrows, who stood beneath the cross at the hour of His death, and who inspired the Church at its birth to live in God’s presence, lead our hearts and the hearts of every family through the vast 'mysterium passionis' towards the 'mysterium paschale,' towards that light which breaks forth from Christ’s resurrection and reveals the definitive victory of love, joy and life over evil, suffering and death.

Apr. 8 - Pontiff's Urbi et Orbi Greeting:  "With him I can hope for a life that is good, full and eternal." – Translated excerpt (Apr. 8, 2012,

…But that faith never completely failed: especially in the heart of the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ Mother, its flame burned even in the dark of night.…

Apr. 15 - On Encountering the Risen Christ:  "Let us welcome the gift of peace that the risen Jesus offers us." – (Apr. 16,

"…May Mary Most Holy, Mother of Mercy, obtain this for us."

Apr. 16 – Pope's Homily at Birthday Mass:  I know "his light is stronger than any darkness; that God's goodness is stronger than any evil." – Translated extracts (Apr. 17, 2012,

…But precisely this simple girl, who was pure and genuine in heart, who had a heart that sees, was able to see the Lord's Mother and, in her, the reflection of the beauty and goodness of God. Mary was able to show herself to this girl and through her to speak to the century and beyond the century itself.…

 And Mary indicated to her the source: she was able to discover the source, the living water, pure and uncontaminated; water that is life, water that gives purity and health. And through the centuries, now, this living water is a sign on Mary’s part, a sign that indicates where the sources of life are, where we can be purified, where we find what is uncontaminated.…

 From Mary, from the Mother of the Lord, from a pure heart, pure, genuine water also comes which gives life, the water than in this century – and in the centuries that might come – purifies and heals us.…

Apr. 18 -  On the Apostles' Response to Persecution:  "In the face of trial, they pray, they get in touch with God." – Translated extracts of the General Audience (Apr. 19, 2012,

…In the audience before Holy Week we reflected on the figure of the Blessed Virgin Mary, present in the midst of the apostles when they were awaiting the descent of the Holy Spirit.…

Apr. 18 - Papal Message to Biblical Commission:  "The Word of God is not confined to what is written." – Translated extract (Apr. 20, 2012,

…I entrust each one of you to the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary, who with the whole Church we invoke as Sedes Sapientiae.…

Apr. 18 - Papal Message to Tourism Conference:  "Traveling, which offers us the possibility of admiring the beauty of peoples, cultures, and nature, can lead to God." – Translated conclusion (Apr. 23, 2012,

…I entrust the fruits of this Congress to the powerful intercession of the Mary Most Holy under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe.…

Apr. 21 - Pope: Women Have Key Role in Building Up Church in America:  Considers Example of Two Women to Be Canonized – Conclusion of Audience with the Papal Foundation (Apr. 23, 2012,

…I commend you and your families to the loving intercession of Mary, Mother of the Church.…

Apr. 22 - On Recognizing the Risen Jesus:  "The Lord assures us of his real presence among us through the Word and the Eucharist." – Translated conclusion of the Regina Coeli address (Apr. 23, 2012,

…May the Mother of God help us to listen attentively to the Word of the Lord and to worthily participate at the Table of the Eucharistic Sacrifice, to become witnesses of the new humanity.…

Apr. 29 – Message of the Holy Father for the Forty-Ninth World Day of Prayer for Vocations (Apr. 30,

…May pastors and all the lay faithful always cooperate so that in the Church these "homes and schools of communion" may multiply, modeled on the Holy Family of Nazareth, the harmonious reflection on earth of the life of the Most Holy Trinity.…

Apr. 29 – Pope's Homily at Ordinations:  "When the weight of the cross is the most heavy, know that this is the most precious hour for you." – Translated conclusion (Apr. 30, 2012,

…May the Virgin Mary, "Salus Popoli Romani," always keep watch over each of you and your path.

Apr. 29 - On Vocations:  "The Lord always calls but often we do not hear him." – Translated conclusion of the Regina Coeli address (Apr. 30, 2012,

…May the Blessed Virgin Mary – model of free receptivity and obedience to the divine call, Mother of every vocation in the Church – obtain all of this for us.

Apr. 30 - Pontiff's Address to Social Sciences Academy:  "The notion of forgiveness needs to find its way into international discourse on conflict resolution." – Conclusion (Apr. 30, 2012,

…I commend your deliberations to the maternal guidance of Our Lady, Queen of Peace.



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