April 2010


On Easter Joy General Audience, April 7, 2010

... May the Virgin Mary sustain us with her protection and help us to taste fully the Easter joy, so that we will be able to take it in turn to all our brothers. Once again, Happy Easter to all!

Receive the Gift of Peace and Life-Regina Caeli Address, Castel Gandolfo, April 11, 2010

... We ask Mary, the Queen of the Apostles, to sustain the mission of the Church, and we invoke her exultant with joy.

He "Placed ... His Life Within the Commandment of Love" - Address After Cardinal Spidlik's Funeral Mass Before Administering the Rites of Ultima Commendatio and of Valedictio, April 20, 2010

... May the Virgin Mother of God accompany the soul of our venerated brother in the embrace of the Most Holy Trinity, where "with all the heart" he will eternally praise his infinite Love. Amen.

"The Plan of the Love of God Is Even Greater Than the Storms," On the Trip to Malta, General Audience, April 21, 2010

... Dear friends, this, in synthesis, has been the message I took to Malta. However, as I pointed out, I have received much from that Church, from those people blessed by God, who have been able to collaborate effectively with his grace. Through the intercession of the Apostle Paul, of St. Gorg Preca, priest and first Maltese saint, and of the Virgin Mary, whom the faithful of Malta and Gozo venerate with such devotion, may they be able to progress always in peace and in prosperity.

"The First Form of Witness That Awakens Vocations Is Prayer" - On the Forty-seventh World Day of Prayer for Vocations, Regina Caeli address, April 25, 2010

... I thank everyone who is present and those who with prayer and affection support my ministry as the Successor of Peter, and upon everyone I invoke the heavenly protection of the Virgin Mary, to whom we now turn in prayer.

[In Italian he said:]

... Blessed Angelo Paoli, who was from Lunigiana and lived between the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries, ... His apostolate drew strength from the Eucharist and from devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and from an intense life of penance as well. In the Year for Priests I gladly propose his example to all priests, in a special way to those who belong to religious institutes of the active life

[In English he said:]

... Confidently entrusting this petition to Mary, Queen of Heaven, I invoke upon you God's abundant blessings of peace and joy!

"Without Fear We Want to Set Out upon the Digital Sea" - Address on the Media and the Internet to Participants in a National Conference on "Digital Witnesses: Faces and Languages in the Cross-Media Age," April 24, 2010

...I entrust you to the protection of Mary Most Holy and the great saints of communication and bless you from my heart.

"The Gospel Is a Force That There Is No Reason to Fear" - Address to Belgian Ambassador, Charles Ghislain, April 24, 210

... Invoking the intercession of the Virgin Mary and St. Damien, I pray to the Lord to pour out his generous blessings upon you, upon your family and your coworkers, and also upon the Belgian people and their leaders.

Message to the Eighth European Migration Congress in Malaga Spain, April 28, 2010

The Pope invoked "the maternal protection of the Most Holy Virgin Mary" on the participants and imparted to them "the implored apostolic blessing."