Pope Pius XI


Pope Pius XI

“a powerful weapon to put the demons to flight” 1

“Kings and princes, however burdened with most urgent occupations and affairs, made it their duty to recite the Rosary.” 2

“Venerable Brethren, We have thought fit earnestly to exhort you, and through you, all the Faithful, to carry out this pious practice.” 3

“…We exhort them, citing Our own example, not to let even one day pass without saying the Rosary, no matter how burdened they may be with many cares and labors” 4

“We desire very earnestly…that the Holy ROSARY should be recited …both in the churches and in homes.” 5

The fathers and mothers of families particularly must give an example to their children, especially when, at sunset, they gather after the day's work, within the domestic walls, and recite the Holy Rosary on bended knees before the image of the Virgin.” 6

Ingravescentibus Malis Encyclical on the Rosary (09/29/37)
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