Pope John Paul I


Pope John Paul I
(August 26September 28, 1978)

“MY ROSARY” ( Oct.7, 1973 )
Homily by Albino Cardinal Luciani

“The Rosary is an impoverished prayer? What then would be a 'rich prayer'? The Rosary is a procession of Paters, the prayer taught by Jesus; of Aves, the salutation of God to the Virgin by means of the Angel; of Glorias, the praise of the Most Holy Trinity.”1

“The crisis of the Rosary doesn’t come first. What comes first is the crisis in prayer in general today. People are all taken up in material interests; they think little about the soul...For the interior life, and for…the tender colloquy with God,…it is too tiring to find a few minutes of time. What a pity!”

“…The Rosary, a simple and easy prayer, helps me to be a child again, and I am not ashamed of it at all.”

The Rosaryeven if it should be shortened and adaptedrecited in the evening by the parents together with the children, is a form of family liturgy.

1 All the quotations on this page are from the homily “My Rosary”

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