Pope Benedict XV


Pope Benedict XV

“The prayer of the Rosary is perfect,
because of the praises it offers,
the lessons it teaches,
the graces it obtains,
and the victories it achieves.”1

The Most Holy Rosary is a prayer that “is most adapted to fostering widely piety and every virtue.”2

“The Roman Pontiffs have let pass no occasion of commending the Rosary and have enriched it with Apostolic Indulgences.”3

“Finally, We wish this to be a special care of the Dominicans - the spread and frequent use of the Rosary among Christian people. We make this exhortation in these troublous times.”4

Fausto Appetente Die, Encyclical on St. Dominic (06/29/21)

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Also found in 101 Inspirational Stories of the Rosary, Sister Patricia Prostor, OSC, Franciscan Monastery of St Clare, Spokane, Washington. (rosary101.com)
2 Fausto Appetente Die, Encyclical, 11
3 Id., 11
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