Two Ladies in blue dresses arrive, one from Czestochowa, one from Wilno. The face of one is black, the other pale. Through the centuries, they stand side by side under their azure stars, watching over the Polish nation.

  (Juliusz Slowacki, Beniowski) 

For several centuries, beginning with the marriage of Jadwiga and Jagiello in 1386, Poland and Lithuania were unified. Although now each is a separate country, through the centuries and to the present day, two Madonnas one of Wilno (Vilnius) and one of Czestochowa have remained a sign of unity between the two peoples. The Black Madonna of Czestochowa and the Mother of God of Wilno are the most beloved and honored images of Mary in Poland. In times of peace and times of war, these two Madonnas are entreated to intercede with Our Lord for daily and for national needs. In the foreground the artist connects the two Madonnas with a large crescent moon. 

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