To share Mary with the broader public, the Marian Library provides guided tours for groups, a video loan program, interlibrary loan, reference services, conferences and workshops.

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Speakers Bureau

The Marian Library also sponsors a Speakers Bureau. Topics are presented by individuals or a team of faculty members. See more on the Speakers Bureau at:

A Speakers Bureau To Share Mary With You

Mariological Society of America

The Mariological Society of America (MSA) is a Catholic theological association dedicated to studying and making known the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the mystery of Christ and the Church and in the history of salvation. Through its annual meeting and it publication, Marian Studies, the Society seeks to promote original research in Marian doctrine and devotion.

The Mariological Society of America was founded by Fr. Juniper B. Carol, O.F.M., in October 1949. The charter members gathered for the first meeting in Washington, D.C., in January 1950. Since that time, the MSA has met annually in various cities throughout the United States.

In 1954, the Society was recognized as a corporation "organized exclusively for charitable, religious, educational and scientific purposes." Listed in the Official Catholic Directory as one of the national organizations of the United States Catholic Conference, it is recognized as a tax-exempt organization. Since 1979, the office of the executive secretary of the MSA has been located at the Marian Library of the University of Dayton.

 More information on the Mariological Society of America.


Contributions to the Marian Library are used to purchase Marian books, provide scholarships for students, develop new programs, conduct research, and support the Marian Library's publications. Our mission is to acquire every significant Marian book and the materials necessary to preserve the rich Catholic Marian heritage, while encouraging and sponsoring studies on the Virgin Mary that look to the future. By making a donation, remembering the Marian Library in your will, or establishing a scholarship in your name or in memory of a loved one, you will help ensure that the Marian Library will be able to assist those who wish to study the Church's Marian doctrine and tradition.

For a list of our 2003 donors, see: Friends of The Marian Library

Contributing to the Marian Library's Future

A recent fund-raising appeal from the University of Notre Dame Libraries stated, "On average, the cost to acquire, catalog and shelve one library book is about $80." For the Marian Library, the cost is even higher. The actual cost of the book is only a small part of the total costs. Researching information on the book, processing the order, cataloging, classifying, labeling, and shelving-- all add to the final cost. Rendering the Marian Library's collection into an online catalog is a costly undertaking.

The computer has replaced the card catalog at most public and college libraries. The advent of the online system simplified the cataloging process: if a book is already in a library in this country, catalogers search out the record from a national online system and make it part of their local online catalog. But specialized libraries face special challenges.

The Marian Library has many works not found in other libraries in this country: rare books, books from small religious publishers, books from monasteries, shrines, and many foreign publications. More than forty percent of its holdings are "unique," that is, not found in other libraries or in the national online system. Cataloging "unique" items is time-consuming and requires several skills: languages, religious history, knowledge of current cataloging rules, and proficiency in several computer programs.

To assure that records of its entire collection are available in an international accessible system, the Marian Library has contracted the services of the Online Computer Library Center, Inc. (OCLC), Dublin, Ohio. Each month a shipment of books or cards from the Marian Library is delivered for online cataloging. The Rare Books (published in 16th to the 18th centuries) and the Clugnet Collection were the first to be processed this way: more than eighty percent of these works was not found elsewhere and required "original" cataloging.

In the first eighteen months of the project, over 13,000 books were made available in the online system at a cost of $120,000. The project will continue for the next four years. The project is possible because of the assistance of the Marianist Foundation and contributions from many individuals. We are particularly grateful to Arthur W. Clinton, Jr., a 1953 graduate of the University of Dayton, who died in 1992, and remembered the Marian Library with a generous bequest in his will. These contributions, including a major one from the Marianist Province of Cincinnati, have allowed us to establish an endowment to acquire books, support the cataloging project, and provide others services (including the printing and mailing of this newsletter).

As part of the University of Dayton's fundraising campaign, we ask you to consider designating your contribution for the "Marian Library Endowment." In this way, we can continue this cataloging project, initiate a much-needed digitization project (for images and thousands of informational items), and provide and support programs on Marian devotion and scholarship.

The University of Dayton's Library Advancement Association invites you to
become a 2004 Friend of the Marian Library and IMRI.
Benefactor $500
Patron $250
Member $50
Any amount welcome.

Your contribution to the Marian Library Endowment supports the mission of the Marian Library and the International Marian Research Institute.


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