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December 21, 1999

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Our Christmas Greetings
Our Christmas Prayer
A Greeting From All of Us

Our Christmas Prayer


The Nativity
Henry C. Meier

Henry C. Meier anticipated our Christmas greeting and forwarded the watercolor jpg above as a gift to be used on our site. Mr. Meier retains copyright permission, 1999. The masterpiece is currently in the private collection of Mary O'Neill, who has also given permission for its use on Mary Page.

The Director and Staff of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute wishes you a Blessed Christmas. May the Light of the ages be your guide into the new millennium and Mary the star that shines on your way. Blessed Christmas Season!

Resources: Mary and the Christmas Season


Greet the New Millennium with a Rosary Prayed from the Heart!

9 pm - 12 mn.
Dec. 31, New Year's Eve
Celebrate 2000!

Mary Page received the following email which we pass on to our readers:

We would like to solicit your support for our project, "ROSARY FOR THE MILLENNIUM."It is a call to action for Roman Catholics all over the world to pray the rosary from the heart on New Year's Eve as a way of imploring our Blessed Mother's intercession in mitigating the effects of the millennium bug. Imagine, the rosary being prayed as the millennium crosses the timeline of each country.

In this regard, your support by way of disseminating information and encouraging your friends, relatives and members to send in their rosary pledges will be greatly appreciated.

We have received several pledges of support from local and international catholic organizations which we reached through email. Rosary time slot pledges (i.e., from 9pm to 9:15pm, 9:15-9:30 pm and so on) are received via email at and telephone nos. (632) 934-0437 and 645-4817.

We look forward to joining millions of the faithful around the world on their knees this New Year's Eve.

Maraming salamat po, or, thank you very much (as we say here in Manila, Philippines).

When you respond, kindly advise your parish, city and country, merely for purposes of geographical mapping.

To Jesus through Mary,
For His Watchful Servants Foundation, Inc.

Litany to Jesus in the Womb of Mary

Response to each invocation: Have mercy on us.

Jesus, knit so wonderfully in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, conceived by the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, uniquely human from the moment of conception in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, present at creation, created in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, word made flesh, taking on a human body in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, subject to human development in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, whose Precious Blood first flowed through tiny arteries and veins in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, hidden nine months in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, begotten by God, nourished by the substance and blood of His Most Holy Mother in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, leaping from eternity into time, in the womb of Mary
Jesus, revealing with His Father and the Holy Spirit all wisdom and knowledge to His Most Holy Mother, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, aware of His role as Redeemer in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Sanctifier of His Precursor from the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Eternal Word, Divine Child, embraced by the Father, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, raising His Mother to the heights of sanctification, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, everlasting delight of heaven, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, manifesting His Incarnation to His Holy Mother, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, adored and contemplated by His Mother in the sanctuary of her womb Jesus, before whom the angels prostrated themselves, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, in whom the very angels beheld the humanity of the Infant God and the union of the two natures of the Word in the virginal womb of Mary,
Jesus, whose Holy Limbs first budded in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, whose Godhead the world cannot contain, weighing only a few grams in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Divine Immensity, once meaning only tenths of an inch in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Sacrificial Lamb, Docile Infant in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, who was to suffer the agony and passion of death, accepting the human capacity for pain ad grief, in the womb of Mary,
Jesus, Lamb of God in the womb of Mary Spare us, O Lord.
Jesus, Holy Innocent in the womb of Mary Graciously hear us, O Lord.
Jesus, Son of God and Messiah in the womb of Mary Have mercy on us, O Lord.

Let us pray:

God, our creator, you formed us as women and men,
equal partners in the stewardship of your world:
joined forever as sisters and brothers,
yet within each of us lives a rich diversity of different gifts,
different hopes and different limitations.
In Jesus, your word born fully in our flesh,
you have seen and loved in us all that you have made us to be.
Though graced, we are limited and often weak.
But our weaknesses themselves are no obstacle to your passion for us.
Teach us to see in ourselves what you have seen in each of us from birth.
Teach us to know our gifts and limits.
Keep us confidently on the path of self-knowledge,
fullness of wisdom, and joy in being your children.
We ask this through Christ and the Holy Spirit, with you,
One God, forever and ever. Amen

The above litany was composed by Edward F Gabriele and is the closing prayer from Prayers for Peace and Justice. Act Justly, Love Tenderly, Walk Humbly. Every attempt was unsuccessfully made by Mary Page to locate the author and publication. Assistance in this regard would be appreciated.

Family Rosary

We recommend to you the Family Rosary site at: This site offers excellent material for seasonal reflection. We received permission to pass on to you this nativity reflection from Joseph's point of view:

Reflections on the Nativity
By Fr. Thomas Feeley, CSC,
National Director of The Family Rosary

What thoughts must have crossed Joseph's mind as he and Mary approached Bethlehem? He knew the time for the birth of the baby was near. He knew he had to find a quiet, safe shelter where Mary could have her baby in peace and in privacy. The inn or caravansary with all its noise and confusion was no place for them. He found a cave where shepherds might on occasion keep their sheep. It was the best he could do. He got fresh hay and they waited for the child to be born.

Joseph had been told that the child had been conceived by the Holy Spirit. He had been entrusted by God to care for Mary, his spouse, and the child. Most husbands have homes for their wives and the couple make careful preparations for the birth of their children. Entrusted with the child of the promises made to Israel and foretold by the prophets, he could only provide a shepherd's cave and some clean straw.

Would Joseph have been embarrassed? Would he have berated himself? Would he have wanted more comfortable accomodations? Or would he have seen God's providence at work? Would he not have been chosen to be foster father of the Son of God because he knew that the poor are truly blessed? After all, the birth of the Son of God was a time for deep reflection and quiet contemplation.

For profound thoughts simple surroundings are best. Great rooms and lavish appointments are for entertaining - for displaying one's wealth, refinement, elegance, wit, beauty and style. Great and elegantly appointed rooms are for excited chatter, light banter and clever remarks, but not for serious conversation. Certainly not for serious reflection and contemplation. For these activities we must distance oneself from our surroundings and enter into the silence of our own souls.

Joseph knew he was in the right place for the birth of the Son of God. The surroundings were utterly simple. They could hear the rustle of the straw as they made Mary comfortable. They could feel the fresh breeze blowing into the cave. They could see the fields outside in the soft glow of the moon and the stars in the night sky. Inside the flickering lamp cast moving shadows on the walls. The only distinct sounds were the words that Joseph and Mary spoke to each other as he tried to make her comfortable and she tried to reassure him. This place of utter simplicity was the best place to be at this sacred moment.

Joseph had no regrets. He and Mary knew the value of silence and simplicity. These were hallmarks of their life. Mary had waited in silence for God to make known the secret of her divine maternity. Joseph had waited in silence trying to figure out what he should do. He knew Mary so well he could never doubt her chastity and fidelity but he couldn't deny what he saw. God broke through their silence and all became clear. God would soon break the silence of the manger in the first cries of the baby, the Son of God, the Word made flesh.

In the silence and simplicity of this manger cave the great significance of this event was placed in stark relief. The God who created this vast universe and to whom everything good belongs had emptied himself and had taken a human nature. Now Mary and Joseph could look upon the face of God. For this was God's child... and Mary's. If ever there was a time for simplicity and silence it was now, at this moment when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. And Mary and Joseph knew it as they knelt in awe and gazed upon the face of God, Mary's child.

When the first cries of the newborn baby were heard, their hearts overflowed with joy. Their eyes and smiles said more than words could express. They examined the baby's little body, his face, his ears, his delicate fingers and tiny fingernails. Like parents of all times and places they admired the beauty of their newborn baby. And when the baby had been prepared, nursed and wrapped in swaddling clothes and laid on the manger straw they gazed in silence on their child and loved him. And they wondered. Yes, the simplicity and silence of the manger cave was the perfect place for the Christ child to be born.

He can be born in our hearts, too, only when they are stripped of all that is superfluous. Then we can be free to gaze in silence on the face of God made man and wonder at the love of God who so loved the world that he sent us his Son to show us the way to eternal life with him.

Marian Award Scouts Visit the Marian Library

[Marian Award Troop]

[Marian Award

During December, the Marian Library received many visitors who specially wished to visit the exhibits and tour the library. The photos here are from a Marian Award troop from Cincinnati which visited on December 1, 1999. The troop is viewing the Marian Library video, All Generations Will Call Her Blessed.

If you would like to borrow/purchase this video for your organization to learn of the identity and work of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute, please contact us via the following email address:

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