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November 11, 1999

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NBC: Mary Mother of Jesus
IMRI Dissertation Published:
Cum Maria ad altare: Toward an Integration of Mariology and Ecclesiology

Biber's Rosary Sonatas
Lasting Visions
Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Articles on Mary
Marian Dimension of Priesthood
Our Prayer Corner – NEW PRAY-ERS
Rosaries Needed for Prisoners and Overseas Missions
Oriental Calendar – A Special Gift

NBC Special: Mary Mother of Jesus – The timeless story of hope, love and faith.

Cover] On Sunday, November 14 (9-11 p.m. ET) NBC will telecast a film entitled, "Mary, Mother of Jesus." The film presents the life of Jesus Christ from his mother's point of view. NBC calls Mary, icon and intercessor, a symbol of hope and inspiration, a woman for all ages and of diverse faiths.

The executive producers of the film and Bobby Shriver and Eunice Kennedy Shriver. The Shrivers consulted the faculty and staff of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute and made use of its resources. In preparation for the making of the film, 40 existing videos about Mary (or films which include her) were sent to the Shrivers from the library. The new film is unique in its presentation in so far as it is the first known film to see the salvation story from Mary's point of view.

Melina Kinnaman portrays the vibrant, strong, and dynamic young Mary. Pernilla August continues the tableaux as the mature Mary. David Threlfall depicts Joseph, giving to Joseph more personality, strength and character than he is usually portrayed. Toby Bailiff portrays the young Jesus and Christian Bale the adult Jesus of the Gospels.

The NBC Entertainment Publicity press kit states:

In a film first, "Mary, Mother of Jesus" tells the moving story of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, one of the most beloved figures in all of Christianity. An inspirational story of love, sacrifice and faith, the film both humanizes and celebrates Mary's pivotal role as the Mother of Jesus. While Mary's concerns for her child's welfare and her desire to protect Him are those of every mother, her remarkable faith is continually tested as she must endure Jesus' suffering and death, accepting His miraculous destiny and dedicating the rest of her life to the sharing of His message.

Images and information are available on the NBC Media Village website at

IMRI Dissertation Published: Cum Maria ad altare: Toward an Integration of Mariology and Ecclesiology

Rita Maria Isabell Naumann has recently published her dissertation completed at the International Marian Research Institute in Dayton, Ohio. The dissertation studies the interrelation between Mary and the Church in the Works of Father Joseph Kentenich with special attention given to his sermons at St. Michael's parish in Milwaukee, USA, from October 1964 to January 1965. Father Kentenich (1885-1968) is the founder of the International Schoenstatt Movement, a Marian apostolic movement of the Church.

The chapters of the book cover the following topics:

Biber's Rosary Sonatas

The Department of Music at the University of Dayton presented Biber's Rosary Sonatas: The Joyful Mysteries and other Marian Music on November 3, 1999. Rev. Thomas Buffer, Diocese of Columbus and currently pursuing a doctorate in Sacred Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome, presented the pre-concert lecutre: "The Strange Case of the Mysterious Sonatas of Heinrich Ignaz Franz von Biber.

Biber's rosary sonatas are "musical meditations on each of the fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary each of which uses a different tuning for the violin to produce different aural effects. They survive in a carefully prepared manuscript from 1676, dedicated to Biber's employer Archbishop Max Gandolf of Satzburg. The first sonta describes the scene from Luke 1:26-38 when the Archangel Gabriel descends with a flurry of wings to make his pronouncement; we hear Mary's astonishment, the angel's reply, and finally Mary's acceptance....

"Georg Böhm was born near Ohrdruf in Thuringia, Germany. Educated at Gotha and the University of Jena, he went to Hamburg in 1690, and Lüneburg in 1698, where he was organist at the Johanniskirche until his death in 1733. This Präludium is one of his most original works."

Lasting Visions

Mary Page is pleased to recommend the works of art in the Lasting Visions catalog for Christmas cards, gifts and Advent calendars. Tatiana Grant, Lu Bro, and Janet McKenzie – recent exhibitors at The Marian Library – are among the featured artists of the catalog.

Lasting Visions will imprint any message you choose on the inside of the note cards or on the back of the reflection cards. For more information call toll free 1-888-890-0005.

Note: Original works of Tatiana Grant can be purchased through the Marian Library.

Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe Articles on Mary

Newspapers across the country at the very end of October and beginning of November reported ongoing articles in critique of the New York exhibit, "Sensation." In the United States the highlights in the news about Mary range from Halloween pranks, to vandalism of Marian statues, from the publication of the book, "Mary's Flowers: Gardens, Legends and Meditations", to the debut of the new NBC film, "Mary, Mother of Jesus." On an international level, Mary is thanked for peace in East Timor (The Columbus Dispatch and The Jakarta Post, November 1, 1999), and President Clinton's trip to Turkey included a visit to the historical site of Ephesus and the house of the Virgin Mary (Xinhua News Agency, November 2, 1999). In Nazareth, Israel plans to build a mosque near a Christian shrine brought protest from the Christian leaders there. Articles take opposing positions for and against this decision. The Christian sanctuaries will be closed on November 22 and 23 in the Holy Land to demonstrate opposition to the government's decision to permit the construction of the new building.

The San Antonio Express-News published an article by Elda Silva (October 31, 1999) on the Guadalupana Society's fostering of devotion to the rosary and the comfort and healing it brings to those who foster this prayer.

In summary of the articles on East Timor:

Headline: ASIA: Thousands join celebration in East Timor

...Thousands of East Timorese lined the streets of Dili to pay homage to the Virgin Mary and to freedom.

The procession of the Virgin Mary began outside the Motael chapel in the suburb of Villaverde and was to cover a flower-lined three kilometers route in two hours.

Peopel had walked many more kilometers to be part of the celebration, which was the first religious procession since the last Indonesian soldier left East Timor.

The procession, in honor of Our Lady of Fatima, included an address delivered by Bishop Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo who stood at the foot of the Marian statue and spoke in Tetum, in Portuguese, English and Indonesian on the theme of reconciliation.

Marian Dimension of Priesthood

On October 12, Professor William Thompson spoke on the challenge for the priesthood at the annual clergy day for priests and bishops of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This talk appears in full in Origins and included the following precious segment:

The Jubilee and the Priest

The Great Jubilee is obviously a Christological jubilee, deriving its meaning and impact from the incarnation of the Lord. It is a barometer, so to speak of our relationship with the Lord; Are we like the elder brother in the parable of the prodigal son or are we in celebratory mood? As barometer, the jubilee challenges us to renew our rooting in Jesus. We might think of it as an exercise of the church's "law of prayer" (lex orandi), a manifestation of the way in which spirituality is the grounding source of our Christian life and thinking (lex orandi est lex credendi).

The pope, trying to evoke a celebratory mood, writes that "every jubilee year is like an invitation to a wedding feast" (Incarnationis Mysterium, 4). Because of the close connection between the priest and Jesus, I think we might also think of the jubilee year along the lines of a priestly jubilee celebration. Jesus sacerdos: Jesus is the high priest, and all priesthood, whether presbyteral or that of the faithful as a whole, finds in him its source. So, we are celebrating a priestly jubilee as we celebrate the jubilee of the incarnation. I take it that priests know a thing or two about the jubilee celebrations!

The bringing to birth of Jesus, what we may name the Marian dimension of priesthood isn't that what all priests are called to assist in? Priests, wrote John Chrysostom, referring now to presbyters, "are responsible for our birth from God, that blessed second birth, our true emancipation, the adoption according to grace." [Six Books on the Priesthood, 3.5 (trans. Graham Neville [Crestwood: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1964], 73).]

Our Prayer Corner – A New Group Joins Us in Prayer

Are there times when you don't know where to turn to find someone to help you pray for your intentions? We invite you this week to submit your prayer intention to Mary Page, where they will be forwarded to the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin who will remember your intentions during adoration hours in the Schoenstatt Shrine located there.

Rosaries Needed for Prisoners and Overseas Missions

The following notice appeared in The Blue Letter, published by the Riehle Foundation in the service of Jesus and Mary.

We are almost out of rosaries for prisoners and overseas missions. We can use cord rosaries with dark color beads for prisoners and assorted colors for the missions. Any help that you can give us will be greatly appreciated.

Mail them to: The Riehle Foundation / PO Box 7 / Milford, OH 45150-0007

Oriental Calendar – A Special Gift

A recent visitor from Taipei brought The Marian Library a precious gift for the turn of the millennium, a wonderfully crafted calendar on bamboo. The calendar represents the Child Jesus and Mary, Queen of Peace, in gentle Chinese features.

For more informaton about the calendar write:

The Commissariate of The Holy Land in R.O.C.
8 Lane 96, Kumming St.
Taipei 108
Tel: (Country code 886)-2-23312105

Crèches International 2000 and Christmas Cards

The Crèches International 2000 Committee of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute has preparations well underway for the annual exhibit of crèches from around the world. This year's exhibit will feature over a dozen items from the southwestern part of the United States.

This undertaking provides a special form of apostolic outreach by calling to mind the reason for the study of Mary, that is, the Incarnation of Jesus Christ. It is also a source of fund raising for The Marian Library/ International Marian Research Institute.

To celebrate the millennium, the institute is offering for the first time a selection of 7 Christmas note cards of nativity sets in settings from its Marian Library collection. The photographs were taken by Marian Library Assistant, Marjorie Yefchaf. See the collection at:

Crèches International Christmas Note Cards

We Lend Exhibits

On occasion, The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute will lend exhibit materials and complete exhibits. If you are interested in Marian materials, the following six framed images (23 1/4 by 28 1/4 inches) are available:

The Book of Revelation: Contemporary Religious Art by Anton Mutter

Six themes characterize the series by Anton Mutter on the Book of Revelation:

  • The Lamb and the Book – From Alpha to Omega
  • I Know You
  • The Seals and the Trumpets
  • The Master of History
  • Christ's Second Coming
  • The Crystal Cube

Anton Mutter (1932-1992), a Swiss painter and sculpture, was a graduate of the prestigious Kunstakademie in Zurich, and a longtime art teacher at the Cantonal Teacher's Training Academny in Sion, Switzerland, a college run by the Marianists until 1987.

Mutter's artistic vein draws its inspiration from two complementary sources. He is deeply steeped in the attachment to his native Wallis, the alpine region of Switzerland that lies at the foot of the world famous Matterhorn. On canvas and with watercolors he untiringly explores the pristine beauty of snow peaks, glaciers and mountain lakes. His paintings and etchings are full of the frugal charm and tranquil simplicity of sunburnt chalets, meadows, goats and sheep. Of similar importance to his art is the second source, Mutter's strong and earthbound faith in the spiritual values and traditions of his homeland. Over the years it has found a varied artistic expression in stained glass windows, sculptures, chapels and churches.

In Mutter's painting and sculptures, nature and religion blend into one, into a poem of colors and forms in celebration of life. His art reflects the dialectics of birth, growth, death and rebirth as suggested by nature on the one hand, but also the unceasing combat between good and evil and the contrasts between time and eternity, as they are expressed in the spiritual reading of reality.

Anton Mutter's vast fresco of the Apocalypse reminds us of this synthesis of nature and religion. The vivid coloring, the dramatic dynamism and sensuous quality of the artistic expression take after nature, whereas religion punctuates the confrontation between the different realms of reality (heaven, earth, underworld), and the various phases of salvation history.

Saint John's Book of Revelation packs the whole of salvation history – from incarnation to eschatology – in the short time span of a few visions, using thereby a perplexing abundance of symbols, protagonists and events. There is no easy way to understand the hermetic message of this visionary.

Mutter did his best to penetrate Saint John's mind and his sometimes bewildering imagery. Over a period of more than ten years he studied and meditated the text of the Apocalypse, and ever so often attempted to graphically express bits and pieces of his insights. During this time he would each year gratify his friends with a Christmas car reproducing elements of the Apocalypse, for example, one of the horsemen, the lamb, the horrors of the underworld. Only in 1982/83, after a long apprenticeship in reading and interiorizing, did Mutter set out to paint the whole of the Apocalypse in six tableaux. In fact, the six tableaux are interconnected graphically as well as from the point of view of content and constitute a whole, just as the various chapters of a book form a totality. The first (representing the Lamb and Book) and last tableaux (featuring the Crystal Cube) represent the front and back cover of the book; they point out the origin and the fulfillment of salvation history. Tableaux Two (From Alpha to Omega), Three (The Seals and the Trumpets), Four (The Master of History) and Five (Christ's Second Coming) constitute the chapters of the book, or, from the point of view of content, the succession of actual events in salvation history.

To discuss the possibility of borrowing the exhibit, contact The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute via email below or telephone 937-229-4254.

Night of Peace in Bethlehem

We received the following letter which we in turn make available to you:

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

In order to mark the extraordinary anniversary of the 2000th Christmas, that most of the Churches will celebrate on 24th and 25th December 1999, the City of Bethlehem will welcome this year a great vigil of prayer and peace, in the great and magnificent place of the Shepherds' Field, at the very scene where the angels announced the coming of Christ.

Few days before the beginning of the year 2000, this "Night of Peace" will gather all Christians and all men of good will who would like to particularly pay homage to Christ and to renew their commitments of peace and fraternity before entering the III Millennium after Christ's birth.

We propose to all the Christian Churches to take an active part in this vigil of prayer and fraternity which would like to show to the world the universal and Christian dimension of this exceptional anniversary.

The civil authorities (Bethlehem 2000 project, the Town Council and the Governor of Bethlehem) told us their enthusiasm concerning this project which will witness delegations of all countries coming to bring before the crib, as the Magi did, the most beautiful presents and gifts produced in all the cultures and peoples in the world in order to celebrate the Holy Nativity of our Lord.

These offerings will then be placed in the Museum of Mary and in the Museum of the Nativity, that the towns of Nazareth and Bethlehem will create in their two cities, with the UNESCO, for the year 2000.

The "Night of Peace" will also be the occasion for the heads of state, the religious authorities and the civil personalities of all nations to address their wishes, on the spot or through the medium of TV, and to take commitments of peace for the III Millennium, which will alternate with songs, prayers and long moments of silence and adoration.

These testimonies, as well as the opening of the Holy Door by the Pope in Rome, the Midnight Mass in the Basilica of the Nativity and our entire vigil, will be shown on two giant screens in the Shepherds' field and should be broadcast worldwide on television in more than 40 countries.

In order to give a full meaning to this "Night of Peace", which will take place on the very scenes of Christ's birth, we wish representatives of all Christian Churches to be present. Because this very privileged moment and place are really the unique occasion to fraternally gather all the different Christian traditions in a common prayer.

There will be different parts in this vigil, so that the representatives of the Churches could address, one after the other, accompanied with faithful or choir, to all people gathered words of welcome and of peace, in order to pray and sing to the Lord according to the richness of their tradition, and to bring as offerings before the Crib, as the Magi did, documents or pieces of art which will represent the particular testimony of their church sensibility.

We are of course at your disposal to explain these projects further and to adjust all the details you will find necessary to guarantee the good progress of things, hoping to have the joy to see the involvement of your particular Church.

... We intensely pray to the Lord and his Mother so that they allow this fraternal meeting, "for the world to believe", and we assure you, dear brothers and sisters, of our very respectful sentiments and of our fervent prayers.

Signed: Edmond Fricoteaux and Olivier Notre-Dame de France

Call for Papers: Mary and Pilgrimage

The Mariological Society of America will hold its annual meeting in Belleville, IL, at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, May 24-26, 2000. The theme of the meeting will be related to Mary and pilgrimage. The Society is issuing a "call for papers" on topics related to the meeting's theme: Mary's pilgrimage of faith, the Christian's pilgrimage of faith relating to Mary, the role of Marian shrines, the Marian "geography of faith." Those wishing to present a paper at the meeting (for publication in Marian Studies), should submit a precis by January 15, 2000, to the MSA Secretariat (at the Marian Library).

Fifteenth International Mariological Congress – 2000

The International Pontifical Marian Academy (PAMI) announces that the Fifteenth International Mariological Congress will be held in Rome, September 15-24, 2000. The theme of the meeting is "The Mystery of the Trinity and Mary." For more information on PAMI and the Mariological congress, see The Marianum Pontifical Faculty of Theology.

Academic papers (abstracts) can be submitted for presentation at the congress through the President of the Mariological Society of America, Bertrand Buby, SM. Contact Fr. Buby at 937- 229-3286 for further information.

The conference's central location will be at the Italian Marian shrine, Santuario della Madonna del Divino Amore outside of Rome. To learn more about the shrine, see Divino Amore

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