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October 12, 1999

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Joseph B. Quatman to Family of Mary
"How does your Mary Garden grow?"
Fifty Years of the Mariological Society
We Recommend
Our Lady of Fatima Opera
Guadalupe Most Visited Place of Pilgrimage
Crèches International 2000 and Christmas Cards

[photo of Mr.
Quatman] Joseph B. Quatman to Family of Mary

Mr. Joseph B. Quatman, director of the Ephesus Foundation, spoke to the Marianist Affiliates at Bergamo Retreat Center in Dayton, Ohio on Saturday, October 9, 1999. He related the history of the discovery of the ancient ruins at Ephesus where the Mother of Jesus is thought to have spent her last years. On hand of slides, he showed the state of the ruins at the time his father saw them in the 1950s, the progress of restoration, and related the current status of the restored ruins as a place of pilgrimage and prayer.

[Mary's House] Besides the erection of statues of Our Lady of Ephesus (see Mary Page News for September 28) Mr. Quatman also shared his devotion to Our Lady in the work that has been done to promote devotion to Mary by making known an image which was painted based on experiences of prayer before an ancient and mutilated statue of Mary located behind the altar of the restored home.

To conclude the afternoon, Mr. Quatman showed a video entitled, Mary's House: All Are Invited, from Mary's Media Foundation, 1998, This video can also be borrowed from The Marian Library's video collection.

Mary's Home
at Ephesus

[Old Mary Statue] [Painting]
Statue of Mary behind altar in Mary's home Painting based on experiences at Ephesus by

"How does your Mary Garden Grow?"

Mary Page shares a spirited interaction with the founder of Mary's Gardens, Mr. John Stokes, who has spent many years researching the devotion of naming flowers and establishing gardens in Mary's honor. Mr. Stokes recently pointed out the following news feature to us:

[sunflower] Friends,
A lovely article, "How does your Mary Garden grow?" - about the Mary Garden of our colleague, Lauretta Santarossa of Toronto - has been published today by the (Canadian) "National Post" - fittingly for todays's feast of the Rosary, and the 4th anniversary of the announcement of our Mary's Gardens Internet website.

The article can be accessed on the National Post's website at the address: National Post

John Stokes
Mary's Gardens

An indication that Mary's Gardens touch hearts can be seen in the clipping below:

Fifty Years of the Mariological Society

The latest issue of Queen of All Hearts (September-October 1999) has an article by Thomas A. Thompson, S.M., on the history and development of the Mariological Society of America. Extra copies of the issue can be obtained at:

Montfort Publications
26 South Saxon Avenue
Bay Shore, NY 11706-8993
Tel 516-665-0726 or Fax 516-665-4349

We Recommend

Are you looking for a Marian periodical with a wide variety of interests and articles?

We recommend Queen of All Hearts. To give you a sample of an issue's contents, note the September-October '99 issue:


God's Gigantic Secret: Joy by Roman Ginn, O.C.S.O.
Discovering Mary in the Middle Ages – St. Bernard of Clairvaux by Deyanira Flores, S.T.D.
Early Church's Belief in Mary's Assumption by Paul E. Duggan, S.T.D.
Was Luther Devoted to Mary? by Charles Dickson, Ph.D.
All Shall Be Well by Donald Macdonald,
Mon tfort Spirituality: Call and Response to Happiness, Part II by J.P. Gaffney, S.M.M., S.T.D.


Blessed Maria Droste, R.G.S. and Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus by Sister M. Eileen Foley, R.G.S.
His Heart is the Heart of the Church by John Paul II
Coffee with the Lord at Eleven by Anne Antoshewski
New Need–New Grace by Mary T. McLaughlin
Fifty Years of the Mariological Society by Thomas A. Thompson, S.M.
Recent Publications on the Blessed Virgin Mary in English by Eamon R. Carroll, O.Carm.
Montfort Pilgrimage–Rome, Parish, Nevers, Lisieux, Lourdes

Plus: DEPARTMENTS (editorials, questions, spirituality), STORY (The Man With Stone Eyes by Darla K. Lindner), and POETRY (A Castle by Abbott Small)

Montfort Publications
26 South Saxon Avenue
Bay Shore, NY 11706-8993
Tel 516-665-0726 or Fax 516-665-4349

See also Marian Magazines

Our Lady of Fatima Opera

On October 17, 1999, a world premiere of the Our Lady of Fatima Opera composed by Stephen DeCesare will be performed at Holy Cross Church in Providence, Rhode Island. The opera will be performed in a concertized version with over 35 people in the cast and a 10 person orchestra.

To learn more about this opera see: Fatima Opera

If you have audio, you can hear a sample of the opera at:

From there scroll down to Our Lady of Fatima section.

Guadalupe Most Visited Place of Pilgrimage

According to Maria, a Swiss publication, the Mexican place of pilgrimage dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe is the most visited Marian pilgrimage place in the world. Yearly, 14 million people make their way to Guadalupe.

The second most visited site with 7.5 million is the place where Padre Pio lived and died, San Giovanni Rotondo in southern Italy. Third place goes to the Brazilian shrine of Our Lady of Aparecida with 7.3 million visitors annually. The following pilgrimage places each have ca 5 million pilgrims: Montmartre in Paris, Czestochowa in Poland, Lourdes in France, Lujan in Argentina, Fatima in Portugal and Padua, Italy. About 4.5 million yearly visit Santiago de Compostela in Spain and in Italy: Assisi, Pompei, and Loreto.

[This information was published in Maria Juni/Juli 1999, Vol 48:6 printed in Switzerland]

Crèches International 2000 and Christmas Cards

The Crèches International 2000 Committee of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute has preparations well underway for the annual exhibit of crèches from around the world. This year's exhibit will feature over a dozen items from the southwestern part of the United States.

This undertaking is a source of fund raising for the International Marian Research Institute. It also provides a special form of apostolic outreach by calling to mind the reason for the study of Mary, that is, the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

To celebrate the millennium, the institute is offering for the first time a selection of 7 Christmas/Note cards of nativity sets in settings from its Marian Library collection. The photographs were taken by Marian Library Assistant, Marjorie Yefchaf. See the collection below.

Christmas Cards – folded, blank inside
John Schnegg, Nativity, Canada Kahola Artisans, Nativity, Africa (Ivory Coast) Gustave Schneider, Creche Provencal, Switzerland
Angelita Gutierrez, Nativity, Mexico Sr. Caritas Müller, Nativity, Switzerland Ausa Artisans, Nativity, Egypt
Christmas Cards – not folded, blank back
Verena Hirt, Nativity, Switzerland

To Purchase; Folded cards with envelope can be purchased in packets (6 cards for $8) or individually ($1.50). Postcard edition (one view only) can be purchased for $1 per card with envelop. The cards are blank for individual message. To order or obtain for information email:

New Exhibit: A. Joseph Barrish, S.M.

A new and unusual exhibit is on display at the gallery of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute. Joseph Barrish is an Marianist Brother who has produced many and varied works of art. These works were commissioned for the publication of a book that is scheduled to appear in October 1999, Mary's Flowers: Gardens, Legends, and Meditations. The book was written by Vincenzina Krymow who did her research for the Mary legends at the Marian Library and Sr. M. Jean Frisk who assisted with the meditations.

The exhibit is temporarily an on and off display, since the gallery is partially under renovation. Nevertheless, the exhibit can already be viewed on Mary Page at:

Current Exhibit

Call for Papers: Mary and Pilgrimage

The Mariological Society of America will hold its annual meeting in Belleville, IL, at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, May 24-26, 2000. The theme of the meeting will be related to Mary and pilgrimage. The Society is issuing a "call for papers" on topics related to the meeting's theme: Mary's pilgrimage of faith, the Christian's pilgrimage of faith relating to Mary, the role of Marian shrines, the Marian "geography of faith." Those wishing to present a paper at the meeting (for publication in Marian Studies), should submit a precis by January 15, 2000, to the MSA Secretariat (at the Marian Library).

Major Upcoming Marian Events

Art Exhibits Available to Schools and Parishes

The Marian Library has ready-made exhibits which can be lent to parishes, schools and other institutions. The exhibit, Old Masters, is a collection of woodcuts from Schongauer, Drürer and others. See our online exhibit of Old Masters at:

A second exhibit appropriate to the Millennium is The Book of Revelation, contemporary religious art by Anton Mutter. The exhibit consists of five tableaus.

For more information about these travelilng exhibits, call The Marian Library at 937-229-4254. Artist Gloria Thomas has recently released a 21-piece art exhibit honoring the Jubilee Year. The works focus on the significant Christian contributions to the world since the time of Christ's birth 2000 years ago. The Lay Dominican Community of New Hope, KY, has produced exact laminated replicas of the artwork for easy shipping and distribution to parishes. For more information about this art exhibit, call Theo Sterns at the St. Martin de Porres Lay Dominican Community in New Hope, KY at 1-800-764-8444.

Jesus] Litany of the Infant Jesus

From time to time, treasures surface in the Marian Library that seem made for right now. One of our librarians recently discovered a litany in honor of the Infant Jesus. In the light of the millennium, it seems appropriate to offer Mary Page readers this precious litany. See our section on prayer at:

Mary Page Prayers: Litany of the Infant Jesus

At the same time, a collection of "holycards" of the Infant Jesus surfaced. The religious images show the Child Jesus according to the manifold ways devotion of children has been depicted.

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