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August 17, 1999

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NEW on Mary Page: Mary, Beloved of the Trinity
NEW: from ZENIT and EWTNews
Mary Garden – Do you have one?
Youth 2000
Construction at the Marian Library

NEW on Mary Page: Mary, Beloved of the Trinity

Mary Page has a new feature under meditations: a reflection of Mary under the title, Mary, Beloved of the Trinity. The purpose of this title is to invite us to appreciate Mary's role in accompanying us on our return to Trinity, while acknowledging her Son as our sole Mediator with the Father in the Spirit. Mary will be seen as she is: a creature preeminently loved by the Trinity for the sending of Jesus among us as man. In fact, our view of Mary will make clearer our own identity. Mary, Beloved of the Trinity will focus on our being in the family of the Beloved of the Trinity also.

To read more on this topic please see: Mary, Beloved of the Trinity.

NEW: from ZENIT and EWTNews

Zenit is a Church and Vatican news service that often features information about the Blessed Virgin Mary. Recent editions brought three articles of Marian interest:

August 15

August 16

Mary Garden – Do you have one?

Mary Gardens is a thriving website. The director, Mr. John Stokes, has devoted decades to research and development of flower gardens dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The gardens are planted with flowers (and herbs and trees) named in some fashion for Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Recently, Mr. Stokes forwarded a letter to us with the following thoughts. Perhaps some Mary Page readers would like to respond.

[A]s will be announced in a September "NEW" on the Mary Gardens website, the Internet website, "Garden Escape", at: has recently set up a procedure for ordering plants and seeds over the Internet, much as one can order books from

For the convenience of those accessing the Mary's Gardens website, I had set up, a year and a half ago, a list of 140 Flowers of Our Lady commercially available as plants by mail order, from one or more of four nurseries, as indicated, whose addresses were given. Now, Garden Escape has set up an Internet catalog of plants which can be ordered through them as a single source, which they obtain via daily FedEx shipments from a number of supplying, computer-communicating, nurseries (including 2 of the 4 of our list), and then combine for FedEx re-shipment to fill the order.

... Another marvellous resource on Internet is computer garden design program. FLOWERscape, which is simple to use - children call it "The Flower Game" - and is superb for creating virtual Mary Gardens, of the heart, for schools programs, etc.. It is available for $39.95 from the FLOWERscape website, with a wonderful demo, at:

Of the other associates/colleagues listed you are of course familar with Fr. Roten, who has posted a number of Mary Garden texts and graphics - including your "Garden Way of the Cross" to the Marian Library Mary Page, at: and has agreed to accept our historical Mary's Gardens archives at the Marian Library as repository.

... Vinzenzina Krymow [has written a] book, "Mary's Flowers in Legends, Gardens and Meditations", which mentions ... is scheduled for publication October 15th by the St. Anthony Messenger Press. Three illustrated Mary Garden tours by her - Cincinnati, Woods Hole and Annapolis - have been posted to the Marian Library Mary Page. To find them, go to the Mary Page and do a search for Krymow.

Lisa Creamer developed the materials on Patio Container Mary Gardens on the website [Mary Gardens], has designed and is supervising a Mary Garden planting at her parish, and is developing a Mary Garden Teacher's Guide for use in Catholic schools; Elizabeth Matatics is undertaking to organize the developmental materials of all my and other articles into a comprehensive whole, according to her own perceptive intellectual insights; Michael Holden has volunteered to undertake the massive task of indexing all the materials on the website and to proofread/correct them - to perfect the site, and in preparation for possible eventual hardcopy or CD-ROM publication; Rita Troshynski is exploring sources for quality Mary Garden statuary, including the possibility of making further reproduction of Ade Bethune's "Mary, Seat of Wisdom" and "St. Joseph, Garden Workman" statues which we produced back in the '60's (by a now commercially obsolete technololgy); and Paula Mucha is working to generate renewed interest in a parish grotto Mary Garden, St.Francis Garden and other gardens she other parishioners developed in the early '90's - including her putting up of the first parish Mary Garden website, "St. Cecilia's Grotto" at: with monthly photos, newsletters, prayers, historical photos, plans for the future, and "hot" links to the Mary's Gardens web page . . . a marvellous example of how the Internet can be used at the local level to foster participation in the parish gardens through the year.

For years I've longed to know how various Mary Gardens are coming along at various bloom times. How wonderful it would be if there were web sites providing photos etc. for Woods Hole, Annapolis, Portage, Cincinnati, Knock, etc.;

The flood of creativity and energy from our new generation of "under-40's" colleagues - thanks to the Internet - does my heart good; and I can envisage the development of an on-going, growing Internet Mary Garden community, with the Marian Library as an archival base.

Lisa and Paula have also undertaken the massive task of computer-transcribing 100's of long-hand letters and tapes of correspondence with Bonnie Roberson of Hagerman, Idaho; Jane McLaughlin of Woods Hole; Bro. Sean MacNamara of Ireland; and Nan Sears of Annapolis - exploring and developing many facets of Mary Gardening not found in articles or on the webpage.

Mary Page thanks Mr. Stokes for his initiative and for his warm love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Be sure to see the website at:

Mary Gardens

Youth 2000

We recommend the website: Youth 2000

The purpose of YOUTH 2OOO is three-fold:

The site discusses the historical origin of Marian liturgical feasts. Recently, the history of the origin of the doctrine of the Assumption was listed. The site also has a calendar of the saints of the month. Click on a saint and you will receive more information about the life of the saint. You will find the site at: YOUTH 2000 New York

Construction at the Marian Library

The Marian Library is pleased to announce that an additional room has been allotted to the library. The spacious room will be converted into a new reading room with a larger selection of reference materials located there. The current reading room will become a documentation of various types of Marian devotional materials, statues, and nativities. The conversion process also enhances the exhibit space of the gallery which will allow more works of art opportunity for display.

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