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March 31, 1999

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Helps for Passion Week
Helps for the Easter Season
New Feature: Marian Consecration Prayers
Easter Poem: To Our Queen and Mother
Web Sites for Catholic Families
New: Mariological Society Poland
International Marian Congress, Rome 2000
Teaching Children to Pray
Seven Sorrows, Seven Joys

Helps for Passion Week

Meditations on the Passion:

Helps for the Easter Season

Meditations for Easter Season

New Feature: Marian Prayers of Consecration

Mary Page begins a new feature as a subdirectory under Marian Prayers. You will find the prayers under:

Marian Prayers of Consecration

Easter Poem: To Our Queen and Mother

Queen of Heaven, sing thy gladness;
(Alleluia! Praise the Lord!)
Easter morn dispels all sadness,
Triumph now is thy reward.

He whom thou wert meet to carry
(Alleluia! Praise the Lord!)
In the tomb has ceased to tarry –
Walks to thee across the sward.

Pray for us to God, dear Mother,
(Alleluia! Praise the Lord!)
With thy Son, our Elder Brother,
Keep our hearts in full accord.

Joy be thine, O Virgin Mary,
Christ, whose words can never vary,
Shows His might o'er death abhorred!

[Source: Uncle Austin, Ave Maria, April 14, 1906, p. 472.]

Christ Appearing to the Virgin
Roger van der Weyden
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Web Sites for Catholic Families

Mary Page is in the news – again!

St. Anthony Messenger magazine for April 1999 recommends Mary Page among others for family learning opportunities. The article states:

Catholics can fire up their modems and prepare to enrich their faith by using the World Wide Web. From sites where teenagers can hear the latest Christian rock to armchair tours of Vatican museums, Catholic Web sites provide hours of education and entertainment for those interested in the faith. Catholic families benefit from having variety at their fingertips; they can spend an enjoyable evening using the computer together as they learn and interact with each other about their faith.
Mary Page thanks St. Anthony Messenger for including us!

New: Mariological Society in Poland

During the plenary session of the Polish episcopate in November 1998, the constitutions were approved to establish a Mariological Society in Poland. Among its first initiatives, the Polish society is planning a symposium to take place at the Mariological Congress, September 6-8, 2000. From September 22-25, an international congress will take place in Czestochowa.

International Mariological and Marian Congress, Rome 2000

In the past, an academic Mariological Conference followed by a Marian gathering of a more cultural and devotional nature, took place every four years. For the year 2000, both gatherings will be combined into one International Mariological–Marian Congress in Rome from Friday, August 15 through Sunday, August 24, 2000. Sessions are planned for eleven language areas: African, Anglo-American, Asia, Croatia, France, Italy, Latin America, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and German.

Teaching Children to Pray – Especially the Rosary

The Family Rosary, Inc. – Fr. Patrick Peyton's Apostolate – has a new publication entitled, Once Upon a Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious Time. This is an excellent new resource for teaching children how to pray the Rosary. There are activity sheets and lesson plans, material for catechetical use or for the home. Mary Page News editor recommends these materials. For more information e-mail them at:

Seven Sorrows, Seven Joys – Resurrection Event

Luke 24:1
On the first day of the week, at dawn, the women came to the tomb bringing the spices they had prepared.

O you Evangelists! Why do you not
agree in your accounts? Was something lost
when John, in haste, went running to the tomb?
Or were emotions mixed, and hearts so tossed
with grief and joy unspeakable, with fear
and love and inexplicable belief
that all the Gospels babble when they tell
of the rock rolled back, and light, and your relief
to see Him risen through the tears? And why
is nothing written of the woman who
was standing there beneath the cross? Did He
not go and show Himself to Mary too?
Or did she keep her secret all too well –
the Christ-encounter none but she could tell?

Seven Sorrows Seven Joys – Sonnets in Meditation on Mary's Life by Ann W. Astell with illustrations by Faith Astell Albert is a new publication of The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute. Fr. Johann G. Roten, S.M., Director of the Institute writes in the foreword:

Art and Spirituality is a series of brief monographs published by The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute. Its purpose is to promote personal meditation. In general, each issue is based on a focal image of religious character, preferably with a Marian theme.

Seven Sorrows, Seven Joys: Sonnets in Meditation on Mary's Life departs from this schema but pursues the same goal. In this second issue of Art and Spirituality both word and image are vehicles of meditation. They both illustrate the meaning of pondering, which is a spiritual form of moving the cradle to and fro. God's own Word is cradled in the heart of the believer. It begs to be rocked and rolled and cuddled to reveal its secrets and disclose the depth of its love. This is what artist and poet set out to achieve in this booklet. They represent two different voices singing the same tune, Mary's life. Following in the footsteps of Mary of Nazareth, the poet tries to intuit and recreate in sonnets filled with noble empathy the seven sorrows and seven joys of her pilgrimage of faith. The artist captures and frames the wealth of poetic imagery in weightless drawings, beckoning the reader to enter the mysteries of Mary. Though differing in artistic expression, the two artist-sisters are of one heart as they tell us: "Mary's human discipleship becomes ours, and ours becomes hers."

This booklet owes its existence to a God-human interest story. The story is about God, two sisters, call and response. God manifests his presence in one sister (the poet) as call, and in the other sister (the artist) as response. The result is a beautiful conversion story, pointing once more to the manifold ways of God's coming among us, ink drawings and sonnets included. This book can be obtained at The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute via our e-mail below or in postal form at:
The Marian Library / 300 College Park / Dayton, OH 45469-1390.

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