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January 26, 1999

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Fr. Chaminade's Cause
Maipu Sanctuary in Chile
Lutheran Sisters of Mary
Catholic Traveler
Mary and the Trinity
Poem: O Gloriosa Virginum
Silk Screen by Bro. Barrish, S.M.

Fr. Chaminade, Founder of the Marianists – Definitive News for the Cause of Beatification

The Marianists around the world received word from their superior general that their founder, William Chaminade, is a step closer to the cause of beatification. A bulletin to the communities of the Marianists states:

This time I am able to give you definitive news without any kind of reservation. The Medical Council met last Thursday, January 14th, and approved the fact that Elena Otero was completely cured, as supported by the magnetic resonance of December of 1997. Therefore, they gave their favorable vote to the question that was before them: whether or not the complete and lasting cure of Elena Otero is scientifically unexplainable. ... The case was resolved very rapidly and left the Superiors of the Sacred Congregation quite at ease.

The National Marian Shrine of Maipu Chile Enters the Final Phase of Its Renovation

Read the article at Church News at the News Service of EWTN for 8 January 1999.

Lutheran Sisters of Mary

In 1998, a cloister with the title, Heart of Mary, was dedicated in Sweden.

Heliga Hjärtas Kloster

A letter from Germany to the editors of Mary Page states:

We read in our newspaper about the conference of the Mariological Society of America with the theme: The Virgin Mary in Art. I immediately thought of the dedication of the Heart of Mary Cloister last year and the statue of Mary at the entrance of the church. For the dedication of the cloister and chapel, the statue was given to the sisters – who were formerly Lutheran Daughters of Mary and are now Marian Benedictine Sisters– by those of the Daughters of Mary who remained Lutheran. One of them carved the statue.

Catholic Traveler

Approximately once a month the newspaper, National Catholic Register, includes a feature entitled, "Catholic Traveler." In the past, the issues include articles on Marian places of pilgrimage. The January 3-9, 1999 issue featured: "Miraculous Portrait in a Lithuanian Chapel." The author, Kevin Wright, asks, "What attracts 500,000 pilgrims a year to the humble sanctuary of Our Lady of the Dawn?"

The shrine is located in the capital city, Vilnius, and is known in the country as Gate of the Dawn. We invite you to see the newspaper for these fine articles. The miraculous image is pictured to the right.

Mary and the Trinity

One of the largest websites concerning the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mary Gardens site. Please see the fine article on:

Mary and the Trinity

Poem: O Gloriosa Virginum

In a letter of recognition and acknowledgment of The Marian Library Newsletter, Sister Agnes Cunningham, of Holy Heart of Mary Community, offered this following beautiful poem which she allowed us use "sometimes, somewhere." Sister writes: "It is a free translation- adaptation I did some years ago."

We thank Sister Agnes for her poetry and share its beauty with you.

O Virgin, glorious to our sight,
Your radiance shines by day, by night,
Clearer than stars that dance in light!

For God, Creator, came to rest
In littleness upon your breast,
And he was fed, and you were blest.

What Eve, in sadness, counted lost,
We hold, restored as gift. The cost
Is paid, the barrier crossed.

You bore a seed in human days
Whole life bears fruit in priceless ways:
Through open gates, we come to praise!

Silk Screen by Bro. Barrish, S.M.

Artist, Bro Barrish, of the Marianists produced this handpainted silk screen of royal blue on a golden background for his 1998 Christmas card.

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