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December 1, 1998

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December 8:
Immaculate Conception
December 12:
Our Lady of Guadalupe
An Advent Meditation
Advent Calendar
Advent Poetry
Bro. Fackovec Scoured Europe
for Marian Books

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Since 1995, when Mary Page sent online, our site has been of service to thousands. In November of 1997, we set up a new front page. Since then, Mary Page has received over 75,000 visitors. The many e-mails received testify that this site has become a known and respected site for research on the Blessed Virgin Mary. We hope that Mary Page will continue to serve you in a wide variety of ways. Your suggestions for further research topics and articles are welcome. Please contact us at the address below.

December 8: Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception


Watercolor by Henry C. Meier
Proceeds for the sale of this image support Right to Life activities.

This feast is not the commemoration of Jesus' conception (as is sometimes thought) but of Mary's. Although Joachim and Anne are not named in the Bible, an ancient tradition holds that they were Mary's parents. Their feast is on July 26. We believe that Mary was conceived by her parents in the natural human way, but that she was conceived without original sin. This is a gift that God gave her in anticipation of her Son's redemption. When Pope Pius IX defined this belief in 1854, he explained that God's grace was given to her "in such a wonderful manner that she would always be free from every stain of sin." Mary is revered as patroness of the United States under this title. The national shrine of the Immaculate Conception is located in Washington D.C.
[Source:Catholic Update C0592]

For additional resources on the Immaculate Conception, see:

December 12: Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

In December of 1531 Our Lady appeared to an Aztec farmer named Juan Diego near a native Aztec shrine in Tepeyac, near present-day Mexico City, She told Juan to go to the bishop and ask that a church be built in that place. When the bishop demanded a sign, Mary instructed Juan to take with him the roses that were blooming there, even though it was December. Returning to the bishop's house, Juan removed his coarse cloak and found that the image of Our Lady was emblazoned upon it. The cloak with its image is still viewed today inside the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, by pilgrims from around the world. Our Lady of Guadalupe, who was declared "Patroness of the Americas"by Pope Pius XII in 1954, is widely revered throughout our hemisphere and receives special affection from Native American and Hispanic communities.
[Source:Catholic Update C0592]

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God Still Comes An Advent Meditation

God Still Comes, A Meditative Journey Through Advent, offers reflections on the following themes:

You will find the reflection at: God Still Comes

Mary Page Advent Calendar

Mary Page would like to journey through Advent with you! During the past two years, you were invited to join us as we explored the progressively unfolding wonder of the Incarnation day by day. The figures for this unique Advent calendar were created by Kevin Hanna, and the texts prepared by the staff of The Marian Library. Perhaps you would like to add it to your bookmarks and enjoy reading the calendar day by day. The calendar can be found at:

Advent Calendar:

Advent Poetry

In search of Advent Poetry? Mary Page has a collection which includes:

See them at: Advent Poetry

Bro. William Fackovec Scoured Europe for Marian Books

From August 21 - October 25 of this year, Bro. William Fackovec, SM scoured nine countries in Europe in search of books and more about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. The Marianist Brother, affectionately known to The Marian Library staff and students as Bro. Bill, searched the antiquarian bookshops of twenty cities in search of books old and new, postcards, engravings, slides and memorabilia that included the Blessed Virgin Mary. This was not the first visit of Bro. Bill to the bookshops of Europe. For this trip, he was able to reestablish contacts and establish new venues to provide materials for The Marian Library in several languages.

Among the treasures Bro. Bill discovered were early lithographs from the 1800s (Holland) and 17th century engravings (Holland, Paris, Vienna). In Florence, he was able to obtain the nine- volume Grimani Breviary, an excellent and important example of Medieval book illustration and binding. In a Munich art bookstore, he discovered a two-volume work on the art of Venice, which includes a variety of Marian masterpieces. In London he discovered a Bible printed in Paris 1729-1745. The two volumes contain two different Latin translations and there are copious notes by several commentators. This is one of only nine such copies in the United States. Bro. Bill also searched for miniature books for the special collection of a patron of The Marian Library. In Prague, he discovered an engraving of the Wedding Feast of Cana, an image less frequently depicted by artists. There he also discovered precious holy cards, that is, small devotional images. See both images below:

It was in Prague that Bro. Bill experienced both difficulties and amazing help in making connections. As a result of his adventures he is convinced, "Mary was teaching me a lesson. She can get you out of any situation whatsoever." Brother also experienced the assistance of his Marianist Brothers, and prior to the trip, an unexpected gift from a former student. Is he glad to be back? Yes, and many treasures for The Marian Library bear testimony to his mission to further Our Lady's work in The Marian Library.

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