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July 14, 1998

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Lost Letter of St. Bernadette
Weeping Virgin Mary Plaque - Dodge City, Kansas
Fire Destroys Revered Painting

Lost Letter of St. Bernadette

News reports are circulating that a researcher, Father Antoine LaGrande, a French priest, has discovered a long lost letter of St. Bernadette at the Vatican Library. The Marian Library/International Marian Research Institute has inquired at the Vatican Library concerning this matter. According to officials at the library and the registry of visitors who do research at the library, no one by the name of Father LaGrande nor any otherwise unknown patrons have done research at the library, which would indicate such a discovery.

Weeping Virgin Mary Plaque - Dodge City, Kansas

According to Catholic officials, DNA tests indicate that blood supposedly oozing from a Marian plaque in Dodge City, Kansas is likely the blood of the home owner where the suspected miracle took place. Reports state that samples taken from the woman are "virtually identical, according to DNA test results from the Analytical Genetic Testing Center in Denver...less than 1 in 795 million U.S. Americans could be the donor." To date, 10,000 persons have visited the statue.

Fire Destroys Revered Painting

Catholic World News reports that a revered 17th-century painting of the Virgin and Child was destroyed by fire in Mexico. To read the article visit the CWN site at:

Fire Destroys Painting

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