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November 11, 1997

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New Ways to Pray the Rosary
Mary Shines Out Radiantly in the Five New Blesseds
Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, Antipolo
Treasures Found Among the Many at the Marian Library

New Ways to Pray the Rosary

Below are two new publications on the Rosary devotion:

Mary Shines Out Radiantly in the Five New Blesseds On Sunday, October 12, 1997, the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, reported that five persons now called "Blessed" by the Roman Catholic Church each had special love for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pope John Paul II stated in his homily:

Together with the new blesseds, let us now turn our minds to the Blessed Virgin, Queen of all saints. Devotion to Mary shines out eloquently in these brothers and sisters, raised to the glory of the altars. They loved and venerated Our Lady with childlike affection. They turned to her throughout their lives, and especially in times of difficulty and trial, entrusting themselves and their activities to her motherly hands and heart.

May the Blessed us respond readily and faithfully to the vocation God addresses to each one of us, according to the diversity of gifts and charisms.

The "Blesseds" are:

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, Antipolo

The newsletter of the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Mary's Shrine, Volume 58, Fall/Winter 1997-98, included an article about the Solemn Dedication of the Oratory of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, Antipolo at the National Shrine. The prayer chapel was dedicated on June 7,

1997. The new shrine is located in the northeast corner of the Crypt Church. The new place of prayer represents over 300 years of devotion to Mary for the Filippino peoples.

The the pictuure shows Cardinal James Hickey blessing the statue of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage at the National Shrine in Washington.

The most prominent feature of the Oratory is an antique replica image of Our Lady of Antipolo, given by Socorro and Pacita Mota of the Philippines. The procession of the image from the Philippines to the National Shrine was initiated at the conclusion of the 1995 International World Youth Day in Manila at which Pope John Paul II presided. Following a farewell mass at Cardinal Jamie Sin's residence, the statue was accompanied by a delegation associated with the Antipolo Shrine Project across the Pacific and, once in the United States, it made numerous visites to parishes throughout the country during its celebrated pilgrimage to the National Shrine.

The blue mosaic tiled wall behind the statue of Our Lady of Antipolo is a reference to the perilous journeys of Spanish galleons during the sixteenth century who successfully completed voyages across the Pacific to Mexico while carrying the Antipolo madonna.

In establishing the Oratory of Our Lady of Antipolo, the Filippino people have made a significant contribution to the ministry of the National Shrine and provided a lasting testament fo their unique capacity to enliven the small and large concerns of everyday life with their deep and vibrant faith.

Treasures Found Among the Many at the Marian Library

The Marian Library is a place of study and research. It is also a treasure trove of the old and the new of all things Marian. Often, researchers look for the heritage of their peoples and expressions of their culture. One of the staff recently noted, "But this is also a place to search for prayer!" We share with you one poem-prayer that was discovered among the many:

An Irish Emigrant's Reverie

The fire upon the hearth is low,
And there is stillness in the place;
A childish treble breaks the gloom
And softly from the further room
comes, "Hail Mary, full of grace!"

And somehow with the little prayer
And sweet treble in my ears
My thoughts go back to distant years
And linger with a loved one there;
Again I hear the child's "Amen",
My mother's face comes back to me;
Crouched at her side I seem to be,
And mother holds my hand again.

O for an hour in that dear place.
O for the peace of that dear time,
O for the childlike trust sublime,
O for a glimpse of mother's face!
But as the shadows round me creep,
I do not seem to be alone:
Sweet magic of that treble tone.

Source: Mary in Song and in Prayer


Mary blessed,
Mary chosen,
Mary called,
Mary trusting,
Mary attentive,
Mary faithful,
Mary of the joyous reply!
Mary blissful:
the Son of God,
the fruit of your womb,
Jeus your child
is the happiness delivered by God
to all the children of the earth.
Mary, mother of bliss,
lead me to the Saviour.

Source: Gospel Prayers by C. Singer;
illustrator: C. Muller-van den Berghe,
Novalis ISBN 2-89088-543-9

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